Intel Atom N550 vs. N450 : 7Zip Benchmarks, Dual Core vs. Single Core PineTrail Fight

How does the first dual core Atom chip for netbooks compare against its single core sibling?

Dual core Intel Atom N550 stands on the shoulders of Intel Atom N450 and the many innovations that the latter introduced in the netbook scene. With the Intel Atom N550, netbook users can enjoy internet access and web-browsing on the go with a more responsive experience in the same compact form factor, great battery life and DDR3 memory support as the single-core Intel Atom N450.

As a clear update to its predecessor, one can expect N550 to be a lot better than N450. But exactly by how much?

Let's turn to 7Zip benchmark results of systems running on either chips --

The Benchmark command in 7-Zip File Manager measures compressing and decompressing speeds and shows rating values of any system what on which it will be run.

Given initial settings of 8MB for Dictionary Size and 4 Threads for Number of CPU Threads, it's clear that a system (a netbook, obviously) running on Intel Atom N550 performs twice more efficient in compressing and decompressing files. Hence, in this department, I believe it'd safe to conclude that N550 trounces N450.

We're still waiting for PassMark benchmark test results of Intel Atom N550. I'll update this post once we get it.