How to Install Games on Samsung Corby S3653 S3650 S3653W B5310

This post is for all TP friends who've been emailing us on how to install java games on touchscreen Samsung Corby phones.

install games samsung corby

Here's how to install games on Samsung Corby S3650 S3653 S3653W B5310 in 8 Easy Steps:

Please proceed with caution. I suggest that you consult several guides on how to install games on Corby before performing TP procedure on your device -- just to be very sure that nothing will go wrong. TP can NOT be held responsible for any damage, either directly or indirectly, true or alleged, deriving from use of this procedure.

1. Download the .jar java game file/s on your computer

2. Download JadMaker software installer via this link.

3. Install JadMaker on your computer.

4. Read text file in JadMaker folder to learn how to convert jar file to jad. (Drag and drop a JAR file onto the window. JAD generated. That's it!)

5. Convert .jar java game files on your computer to jad

6. Sync your Corby phone to your computer or remove memory card of your phone and plug it to your computer.

7. Transfer BOTH .jar and jad java game files to your phone's memory card.

8. Navigate phone memory and click on the jad game file you want to install. Install and enjoy game.

That's it! I hope you find this helpful.

Please let others know if this process worked for your Corby by leaving a comment below. Thanks!