Samsung Full HD 3D LED TV Review : Samsung 40-Inch C7000 Series Comprehensive Review

TechPinas was able to get a hold of Samsung’s newest offering in terms of home entertainment, the Samsung Full HD 3D LED TV.

samsung 3d led tv

The first in the market to deliver such a product, Samsung Philippines enhances the Filipino couch potatoes' viewing experience by adding new depth and dimension to the normal television.

We tried out the 40" Samsung C7000 LED backlit television for a couple of weeks. Along with some specs, here's what we have to say:

1. Functionality and Design

The Samsung C7000 Series 3D LED TV is equipped with the latest 3D HyperReal Engine and 200Hz Motion Plus Technology that enhance color, contrast, and overall quality of pictures in motion to bring true–to-life 3D images. These cutting-edge technologies also help prevent viewer-dizziness, allowing them to enjoy 3D experience in the most comfortable way possible. Even the pair of 3D Active glasses that go with the TV comes with advanced features; Most notable of which is Active Shutter Type, letting users enjoy 1,920 x 1,080 resolution full HD 3D videos.

samsung 3d led tv
At 1 inch thick (without the stand) with silver-metallic and glass exterior, Samsung C7000 3D LED TV is just like a post-modern painting hanging on your wall. It comes with a stand so that even if you don’t care to mount it on a wall, it could be placed well on top of a counter or table. With the stand, it is still only 12 inches thick -- making it one of, if not 'the', most space-saving LED TVs out there.

We were amazed when we saw the model come out of the box. We must admit that it's extremely svelte and slim profile initially fueled doubts as to whether the LED TV could deliver what it promised. These doubts, however, where cast aside when we turned it on. And true to its claim, we weren't let down by the awe-inspiring visuals that it displayed. Even without switching on 3D mode, the colors were - for the lack of a better word - amazing and the images just so clear and sharp. But the magic really happens when one activates the 3D mode; Put on the 3D glasses (be sure to turn it on), dim the lights, lay back comfortably, and watch as the images literally pop right out of the screen.

Another good thing about the C7000 series is that, even if you are watching from a 2D source, it automatically converts the images to 3D. The best images, nevertheless, come from pre-converted images and those originally shot in 3D.

2. Other features:

The other main feature of the Samsung C7000 Series 3D LED TV is the internet@TV. This expanded content service provide access to a range of downloadable widgets across a growing number of categories from more than 30 websites such as Youtube, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, AccuWeather, USA Today, Getty Images, among others.

What this means is that you could connect your TV to the net! You can hook up to the internet either via LAN or via Wifi with the Samsung Wireless LAN Adaptor. Once connected, you can watch videos directly from Youtube, log on to your Facebook and Twitter account, and even make video calls through Skype right in front of your TV!

We think this is really cool even if we could not yet maximize the use of this feature due to the rather limited content widget selections. Despite that, we thoroughly enjoyed Youtube, Twitter, and FB applications. We could really see this taking off in the future as the number of available applications increase.

We are also raving about the All Share system incorporated in the Samsung C7000 Series 3D LED TV. Through this system, one could hook up laptops and mobile phones to the TV wirelessly. Moreover, a USB port at the back of the TV and the plug-and-play feature allows users to watch videos directly from an external hard drive and USB stick. Talk about enjoying the contents of your devices in one screen --- in full HD to boot!

3. Sound

As much as we admire the stunning visuals the Samsung 3D LED TV offer, we can't really say the same thing about its built-in audio system. With the top-notch visual stimulation the viewer is experiencing, the sound that goes with it pales in comparison. It's actually not that bad, just something you would expect from a run-of-the-mill TV set. Nonetheless, this noticeable limitation merely took a bit of the enjoyment in using this great TV away. Also, we're well aware that sound quality from the set could easily be augmented by plugging in a separate, powerful audio system and digital amps.

4. Price

samsung 3d led tv

For the Series 7000, the 40" model will set you back Php 169,000 while the 46" is priced at Php 199,900. That's admittedly steep for the average Filipino household but if you have the means to buy this bad boy, we say, go for it! And with your spare change, buy yourself a good Samsung speaker system too. I'm sure that given Samsung C7000 Series' extemely slim profile, you will always find some room for it in your home.

This review was written by Ms. Martha Jenny Tong - a dear friend of TechPinas - and was edited rather slightly by yours truly.