Rhian Ramos Finds HTC Smart Phone Fun, Affordable and Complete

Wondering which phone the lovely and talented Miss Rhian Ramos is using?

rhian ramos

Well, wonder no more. Rhian is using HTC Smart --

htc smart

"It’s such a fun and lively smartphone!" she shares. "Although it appeals to a broad range of people, HTC Smart is designed especially for the young and young-at-heart. Its affordability [matched with its] easy-to-use features [gives users] the chance to experience what a smartphone is truly capable of. It’s not only for texting, it's also for Internet… it's complete."

Although HTC Smart comes with a plethora of amazing features, one application that Rhian seems to thoroughly enjoy using is Friend Stream. This app allows users to easily interact with friends and loved ones in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

"I like Twitter [...]. I appreciate how fast reactions and replies come. When I’m home, I spend an hour or two on my laptop, but when I’m out and about, I’m still online via my phone [...]," enthuses Rhian. "[...] I wanna be able to tweet about something as it is happening [because] that’s more interesting. Thanks to my HTC Smart, I can go online anytime and anywhere."

rhian ramos
Play your favorite music tracks on your HTC Smart; Rhian loves listening to songs of her favorite bands like the Rakes and Incubus

Rhian also likes the fact that she can personalize or customize her HTC Smart -- such as showing a virtual full QWERTY keyboard when on its side, and a virtual alpha-numeric keypad when the phone is held upright. Likewise, Rhian can also easily change her HTC Smart's theme to suit her mood using the phone's Scenes feature. Scenes automatically changes apps viewable on the phone's screen depending on the theme and organizes contacts into specific social circles.

"I like how HTC Smart is very personalized. It makes me feel like my phone adjusts to me. It adjusts to my texting style, the layout I want. HTC Smart prioritizes what's important to me."

Now, isn't that Smart?

Learn more about HTC Smart via the link.

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