Download iTunes 10 for Windows and Mac : Key Features of New iTunes

iTunes 10 is out!

Key Features of iTunes 10:


Ping, simply put, is the Facebook for music lovers. Via Ping, you can learn more about the music preference of your friends and be updated on the latest projects of your favorite artists. Check out what they have been up to and even listen to 30-second clips of tracks they like. Also, be in-the-know on the latest happenings in the music scene; Check which bands are on tour or which artists are releasing singles. With Ping, clearly, a bustling community of the world's passionate music lovers is but a click away.

Rent TV Show Episodes for just $ 0.99

The new iTunes features thousands of the hottest commercial-free TV show episodes available for rent for only 99 cents each. Watch TV shows on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, the new Apple TV, or Mac or even PC -- anytime you want. You get 30 days from the moment you rent a TV show episode to start watching, and up to 48 hours to finish it.

Pair iTunes with AirPlay

Together with AirPlay, iTunes 10 makes it easy to play your favorite tracks anywhere in your house -- free from wires. AirPlay is a wireless technology that's built-in to your iPod accessories, speakers and AV receivers — making it possible to enjoy an iTunes Library in every room.

Easy Sync

iTunes 10 provides better ways to sync media from a computer to your iPod, iPad or iPhone. A new capacity bar tells exactly how much space you have left on your device -- in real time. Managing apps, on the other hand, is made a lot easier since you can now do it right in iTunes. Access the App Store on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, then connect to your Mac or PC and go to iTunes library to arrange your apps.

Thoroughly convinced?

Download the iTunes 10 via this link.