Mosquito Bite Fight: Mosquito Repellent Gadget Helps Fight Dengue?! Out in Sulit!

Dengue cases rose from 33,201 last year to a whopping 62,503 this year given the same 8-month period (covering January to July).

No other time in Philippines' recent history have dengue cases been this high.

Amidst outbreak concerns, an electronic gadget that supposedly helps repel dengue-carrying mosquitoes suddenly surfaced --

I first saw it in a Bandila feature last September 1:

mosquito repellent
Credit: Bandila, ABS-CBN

and saw it again in Sulit yesterday:

mosquito repellent
Mosquito Multi-Frequency Repellent costs Php 550 in Sulit

How does it work?

The gadget supposedly/reportedly adopts multi-frequency vibration waves to effectively repel different species of mosquitoes, while doing no harm to the human body. As yet though, we can't find any scientific proof/papers to back this up.

How to use it?

User must must wear the gadget and make sure that it's not covered by clothing or anything that will block or weaken vibration waves coming from it.

Is TechPinas recommending this gadget?

NO. But we're open to giving it a try.

Have you tried using this gadget? What can you say about it?