BlackBerry Internet Service : BlackBerry BBM and Push Technology Explained

Thanks to Therese of Virtusio PR (PR Agency of RIM - maker of BlackBerry - in the Philippines) for sharing this article with TechPinas.

While BlackBerry® devices are becoming more popular in the Philippines, there are still many people who don't get to maximize their BB handsets' features and end up simply using their smartphones for SMS or calls. There are those who still hesitate to subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service or BIS, seeing it as prohibitively expensive or beyond one's budget.

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However, what many people do not know is that BlackBerry devices with BIS can be one’s most reliable ally to constantly be connected with family and friends, made possible by the push technology pioneered by Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind BlackBerry.

What is push technology?

RIM’s push technology is designed to deliver or “push” messages and information to BlackBerry
smartphones in seconds. This helps ensure that the information on users’ BlackBerry smartphones are automatically updated with the information on their computer.

E-mail, calendar entries, contacts, tasks and memos are all kept up-to-date.

Unique data compression capacity

What makes RIM’s push technology truly cost-effective is its unique data compression capacity. RIM’s server software and hosted services optimize data before sending to BlackBerry smartphones, making it one of the most efficient smartphones out there.

It is designed to provide quick delivery times, longer battery life and lower data size especially when roaming. Many users can end up consuming less data for the same messages than they would on other smartphones.

RIM’s push technology has been applied to the BlackBerry’s email service, as well as messaging and social media applications such as Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk ™, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, as well as the one-of-a-kind BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™).

Savings on your data plan

What does this mean for BlackBerry users?

Users on BlackBerry get charged according to the amount of data consumed, not according to the time spent connected. Data compression made possible by RIM’s push technology can help drive down charges on one’s phone bill.

To take advantage of this proprietary feature, it would be best to set-up one’s e-mail as soon as one’s BIS has been activated. As many as ten personal and e-mail addresses can be accommodated on BlackBerry, and an additional one specifically for BlackBerry. Meanwhile, common messaging and social media applications can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World, now available in the Philippines.

BlackBerry Messenger: Cheaper than SMS?

A popular pre-installed messaging application on the smartphone is BlackBerry Messenger. BBM is an instant messaging app just for BlackBerry smartphone owners. With a chat-style layout and unlimited characters, BBM makes it easy to share with the people who matter.

Many have found that messaging on BBM costs less than communicating on SMS, especially while
overseas. For many Filipinos, this feature is especially useful, as many have relatives and friends abroad. Thus, just as it is an exclusive club for BlackBerry users, BBM is a more efficient and cost-effective way of staying connected.

Enhancing Relationships with BlackBerry

Being on BlackBerry is considered a status symbol in the Philippines, denoting success and prestige in business. Due to its optimized messaging capacity, being on BlackBerry can be considered as a move towards being more involved in the life of family and friends, as well as being able to share with them what’s going on in one's day.