BlackPad : Blackberry iPad Killer - To Be Announced Next Week?!

According to WSJ, Research in Motion (RIM) - BB Maker - could very well unveil its much-rumored slate as early as next week at a developer conference in San Francisco.

Although no one from RIM has disclosed the exact name of the slate, insiders are already calling it the BlackPad --

blackberry ipad, blackpad
An artist rendition of the BlackPad (if that's what it's gonna be called.)

Rumors have it that the supposed Blackberry iPad Killer will come replete with a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, one or two cameras, a new operating system built by QNS Software Systems (in lieu of BlackBerry 6) and a Marvell-made processor. As for connectivity, it's said that BlackPad will support both Wifi and Bluetooth (There should be a 3G variant, I believe).

Upon release, BlackPad is expected to face major competition -- not just from Apple's well-received iPad but also from two Android slates; The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the LG Optimus Tablet.

While waiting for BlackPad's official announcement, you might wanna answer this poll --

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