iPod Nano 6G : iWatch Full Transformation - Wrist-Watch Strap for iPod Nano

Since Apple is taking too long to announce any plan to release something similar to it, the guys at Incipio have taken it upon themselves to create the one thing iPod Nano 6G owners have been waiting for --

A strap that effectively transforms iPod Nano 6G to what Apple fans are now calling The iWatch:


Incipio has taken a whole new design path with a wrist-worn carrying solution for the 2010 iPod Nano refresh. Probably the most practical carrying solution produced for any iPod, LINQ is an everyday accessory that can be worn effortlessly but always boldly --

ipod nano watch

The LINQ design, Incipio explains, sprung from the logical link between the idea of iPod Nano 6G existing simultaneously as a timepiece or wristwatch and a media player. The accessory is made of Incipio's award winning Next Generation Polymer material secured to the wrist with an interchangeable Velcro strap. The iPod Nano is secured firmly in place by this plastic case that wraps neatly around the device and has a hole that aligns perfectly with the gadget's audio jack.

LINQ should be available for purchase by the start of October with retail price of $24.99.

Learn more about Incipio's LINQ via this link.