Globe iPhone 4 Launch at Makati Shangrila and New World Hotel - Procedure, Requirements and Reminders

Last September 24, Globe launched the iPhone 4 to its corporate subscribers. Today (September 26, 2010), the company will be launching the device publicly or to all who reserved their phones online and got their email confirmation and SMS stubs.

globe iphone 4 launch

There are two Globe iPhone 4 public launch* venues; Makati Shangrila and New World Hotel. If you reserved your phone via Globe website, the email confirmation and SMS stub should include the venue where you are scheduled to pick up your new phone.

*Note that only those with the official stubs sent by Globe Telecom will be accommodated on this particular launch day.

For those who are scheduled to get their iPhones today, you might want to read this guide first as it contains the complete launch procedure, list of requirements and other reminders (courtesy of Globe Telecom) --

Globe iPhone 4 Launch Reminders
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