Slow Broadband : Congress Investigation on Substandard Broadband Internet Services Sought

Telecommunications companies better shape up.

Last week, youth solon and Kabataan partylist representative Raymond Palatino filed a resolution requesting a Congress probe on the quality of broadband internet services delivered by commercial providers.

Congressman Palatino claimed that while telecommunication companies charge exorbitant rates for broadband internet services, their consumers continue to complain of problems, which include limited broadband services coverage and internet speeds not reflective of marketing claims.

Quoting the Kabataan Partylist Representative,

"Most of the promos, packages and features being advertised by broadband providers are deceptive. Thousands of Filipino internet users complain of substandard services, slow internet speed, limited coverage, unfair fees and hidden charges,


The government should be stricter in monitoring whether services are complying to standards. Corporations should be made to own up to what they promote and not leave consumers hanging after they purchase their products. Government should work harder to protect consumer rights and welfare."

Visit Kabataan Partylist official website, read full stipulations of House Resolution 407 and pledge your support via this link.