Facebook Phone : Costs Less Than $100? FB Phone, Out Soon?!

First, Twitter Peek. Then, Google Nexus One. Now, Facebook Phone?!

According to Bloomberg's reliable sources, Facebook is currently working with phone manufacturer INQ Mobile Ltd to create two smartphones that may eventually be carried by AT&T. One of these phones is expected to come replete with full QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen, while the other would resemble the iPhone, only donning a full touchscreen on its front panel.

facebook phone
Will One of the Facebook Phones end up looking like INQ Chat 3G? (Credit: INQ Mobile)

One Bloomberg insider followed up that the two handsets, which will feature apps dedicated to Facebook, are slated for Q1 2011 release in Europe and Q2 2011 in the U.S. AT&T, on the other hand, hasn't made a deal with Facebook and is still considering whether to actually carry the phone in the said territories, another insider disclosed.

The rumored price of supposed Facebook Phone is less than $100 after carrier subsidies.

What does the Facebook CEO have to say about the Facebook Phone rumor?

In a sit-down interview with TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook CEO - was quoted saying;

facebook phone

Not denying nor confirming the case, obviously.

Facebook App vs. Facebook Phone : What's the difference?

On iPhone or Android and Blackberry phones that merely support Facebook app, you have to log-in to multiple accounts like your email account, your Twitter account, your Facebook account, etc. to experience or navigate them. Facebook phone aims to cut the hassle of jumping from one account to another by offering all these services in just your Facebook account. In effect, the user will get his/her mails, calendar info, instant messages and social networking notifications in just one account. Reminds me of what Google aims to achieve (or is doing), really.