Globe iPhone4 Philippines Complete and Verified Pricing Details - Out Now!

Apple fans rejoice! Much-anticipated iPhone 4 is now officially available in the Philippines!

globe iphone4

And as earlier disclosed by TP, Globe Telecom is the official carrier of the iPhone in the country.

As yet, Black iPhone 4 is only variant available across the archipelago (but I reckon the white variant should be arriving soon). You may get your new iPhone bundled with either Globe prepaid kit or various postpaid plans. Should you decide to avail of the prepaid bundle (to avoid monthly plan payments), prepare to shell out Php 37,499 for the 16GB Black version and Php 43,699 for the 32GB Black version.

Here's the pricing schedule for various Globe plans that feature Black iPhone 4.

SKU LAP 250 -

Plan 499

PLUS My Super Plan
Plan 500 -

Plan 799
Plan 800 -

Plan 1199
Plan 1200 -

Plan 1798
iPhone 4 16GB 29,199 27,399 25,199 21,599
iPhone 4 32GB 34,599 32,899 30,599 26,999

SKU Plan 1799 -

Plan 2498
Plan 2499 -

Plan 3499
Plan 3500 -

Plan 4999
iPhone 4 16GB 9,899 8,399 FREE FREE
iPhone 4 32GB 15,399 13,799 6,399 FREE

Can't wait to get hold of your iPhone 4? (Learn more about Globe iPhone 4 postpaid bundles and) Order your unit now via this link.

I think actual Globe iPhone 4 pricing in the Philippines is very close to what has been predicted. Check out TechPinas' Globe iPhone 4 Price Scheme Speculation Based on iPhone Historical Initial Release Pricing Details entry that we wrote early last month.