HTC Legend - Specs, Price, Promo Video - Made for Legends

When it comes to sheer beauty and utter sharpness of hardware and construction, few phones can sit beside HTC Legend and not feel shy.

htc legend

Crafted from a singular solid block of aluminum (just like the most recent unibody Macbook Pro line) and flaunting a streamlined minimalist design identity, the handset exudes an aura not only of stunning durability but also of timeless understated elegance. Its mere form factor suggests that this phone is a Classic -- something that will still look hip and updated after years of regular use. Clearly, when HTC called it nothing less than a Legend, the company meant it.

Watch the Official HTC Legend promotional video to learn more about its construction:

htc legend
HTC Legend dons a stunning 3.2" AMOLED HVGA capacitive touchscreen display made of glass (below that you will find an optical joystick/trackpad lined by a narrow button that users can even press on) and a 5 MegaPixel autofocus camera at the back with LED flash.

Just like any true Legend, this handset is hardly all-form-no-substance. Aside from running the powerful and flexible Android 2.1 Eclair Operating System on its 600Mhz CPU, HTC Legend features a new HTC Sense experience which focuses on putting people at the center of their mobile experience by making phones work in a simpler, more natural way. The HTC Legend likewise simplifies the way users tend to and participate in their online social networks. This begins with Friend Stream, an HTC application that seamlessly aggregates all your social network communications including Facebook and Twitter into one organized update flow on the homescreen. Users can connect online via HTC Legend's reliable Wi-Fi, 3.5G broadband, EDGE or GPRS connectivity support.

HTC Legend is currently available in the Philippines with price tag of Php 31,700. I must admit that it's a bit on the expensive side but really, expensive is exactly how the phone feels in the hand and how any user would feel using it.

htc legend
I've been using this phone for a little more than 3 months now and I have to say it totally deserves the name that it's been given. It just looks and feels - well - Legendary.

Expect to read more about HTC Legend and other HTC phones on TP in the coming months. We'll post our full HTC Legend Comprehensive TP review soon.