iPod Nano 2010 Philippines : Price, Specs - New Nano 6th Gen Comprehensive Details

This post collates all relevant info about the iPod Nano 6G in the Philippines.

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First, watch the official promotional video:

Specifications Guide:

The 2010 iPod Nano, which features Apple's Multi-Touch interface lets users access songs, albums, artists and playlists with a mere tap or swipe of the finger on the 1.5-inch 240 x 240 pixels capacitive touchscreen display. Holding down a finger on the screen returns the user to the Home pane -- while two fingers can be used to easily rotate the screen if the Nano is clipped onto clothing. To modify the Home screen, users just have to touch and hold an icon 'til it jiggles and then drag it to the desired location.

iPod Nano 6th Generation also features Shake to Shuffle. This gives music lovers the ability to shake the iPod to shuffle to a new song in the music library.

With built-in FM radio, the new Nano allows users to listen to their favorite stations. This feature even supports live pause, which lets users pause and resume radio without missing a beat.

Flaunting a new design that's nearly half the weight and size of its predecessor, the new iPod nano is an ideal workout companion. Clip iPod Nano 6G onto your workout attire, play your favorite track and start your workout. Nano 2010 even has a built-in pedometer that makes it easy to track your steps and likewise supports Nike + iPod.

Philippine Pricing and Release Details:

Apple Online Store Philippines is now ready to take 2010 iPod Nano orders -- albeit shipping takes around 10 to 15 business days.

iPod Nano 6th Generation comes in a variety of colors, including Blue, Orange, Grey, Green and Pink. There's a Red one, which is exclusively available via the Apple Store (Apple will donate a portion of profit to Africa relief for every Red Nano 2010 sold).

Philippine pricing details are as follows: Php 7,990 for the 8GB version and Php 9,790 for the 16GB version.