Intel 2011 Processor : Sandy Bridge Architecture - Microprocessor Plus Graphics, Full Press Release

The 2011 update to Intel's highly-successful Core series processors will feature what's called 'Sandy Bridge' architecture, which basically combines a microprocessor and graphics on a single chip.

intel sandy bridge

Sandy Bridge chips, which will be hitting the market in Q1 2011 for new laptops and desktops, are built on the same 32nm process as the current batch of Core processors, namely Core i3, i5, and i7. However, unlike their predecessors, the updated chips will also include a brand new 'ring' architecture, allowing the graphics processor to share resources such as cache with the processor core, for improved performance, and an enhanced version of Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Turbo Boost automatically reallocates processor cores and graphics resources on chip to accelerate overall performance.

Read Intel's full press release on Sandy Bridge:

Intel Sandy Bridge - 2011 Processor Feature