The Art of Hidden Camera

Gone are the days when hidden cameras and secret surveillance systems were solely at the disposal of detectives and some banks. Now, everyone can own a hidden camera.

Not only have hidden cams gotten a lot cheaper, manufacturers have also started to use even more everyday regular-looking objects to hide otherwise powerful surveillance systems, answering what's needed by a growing number of regular consumers.

Here are four examples of camera surveillance systems that are very well hidden:

1. iPod Shuffle inspired

Who would suspect that a very small regular-looking mp3 player that actually works as one also has a 1.3 MP camera and can shoot hours of VGA video?

2. The Pen

This 2010 version of the pen-camera classic can shoot 30 solid hours of Audio activated video!

Check out the lens right above the clip.

3. The Heat-Activated Teddy Bear Spy Cam

Curious about how your nanny treats your baby when you're not at home? Why not get your baby this regular looking Teddy Bear that hides a camera that can shoot 20 hours of video and see for yourself if your nanny is worth the trust?

Featuring PIR motion activation system, the hidden cam on this Teddy can sense body heat up to 30 ft. away and shoots video as soon as it finds itself near humans. So no more false alarms that set the camera off and drain the battery. Also with body heat activation, there is virtually no battery drain because the camera will ONLY record the action.

4. The Watch

Sure to make Jack Bauer drool, this 2010 update to the classic detective watch can shoot up to 15 hours of video/audio. Watch the demo video:

Learn more about these Hidden Camera systems via the link.

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