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Something amazing happens.

んで手にクナイもってカリンの目の前にたって 今サスケ君を刺せばすべて終わる~
If Sakura deals the final blow to Karin, Sasuke will replace her on his team. So she stands before Karin with a kunai. If she takes out Sasuke now though, she could end everything~
見たいな事考えていたら 後ろからサスケが千鳥でサクラの後頭部めがけて突き刺そう
としていた所 案山子登場でサクラを助け 本気の殺意…地に落ちたなサスケ
Sasuke uses Chidori from behind and aims for the head, trying to stab her. Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. He intended to kill her...Sasuke has fallen.
Some conversational exachanges occur.
カカシ お前を殺したくない~
Kakashi: I don't want to kill you.
サスケ ハッいつでも俺を殺せるような事をいってくれるな先生
俺はいつでもお前を殺したいとウズウズしてる カカシ~
Sasuke: Ha, you always talk as if you could kill me sensei. But it's I that has been itching to kill you, Kakashi.
And some more after that, he says at the end..
カカシ いまになって三代目の事がわかった気がする オロチ丸が落ちていってもかわいくて
Kakashi: I now understand what the 3rd meant. In the way Orochimaru has fallen, I'm afraid I've no choice...
サスケ んじゃてめえは三代目の二の舞になるだよ!!
Sasuke: Fine, so then you will follow in the 3rd's footsteps then!!

で終わり (サクラはカカシにいわれ カリンを治療しここからすぐに立ち去れといわれどっかい ってた)
It ends there (Kakashi tells Sakura to get away as she's treating Karin.)

カカシ サクラお前一人でサスケを殺し一人で背負い込むなんてするな
Kakashi: Sakura, don't be burdened into thinking you have to take out Sasuke alone. That is my duty. Don't be obsessed with revenge like Sasuke.
サスケ イタチを~… 父を母を~ 一族を~全部戻してくれたらこんな事やめてやる!!
Sasuke: father and mother...the clan...if you can bring them all back, then I'll stop!!
カカシ いい加減なことばっかいってる先生でごめんなサクラ…(死亡フラグ?)
サクラこの子を頼む敵の事情に詳しいはず今なら間に合う治療してここは俺に任せてくれ ~
Kakashi: Sorry Sakura for being nothing but irresponsible...(is this a sign he might die?) Sakura, I'm leaving this kid [Karin] to you. You probably know the enemies circumstances well. You have time to treat her and get away. Leave this to me.

Sakura didn't commit suicide after all.
Sasuke VS Kakashi.
Will Naruto make an appearance too?


Another Confirmed Spoiler Translation:

If Sakura finishes Karin off, Sasuke will take her in as her replacement.
Well, she is standing in front of Karin with a kunai in her hand. If I stab Sasuke-kun now, all will be over.
As she is thinking something like that, behind her, Sasuke aims a Chidori to the back of Sakura's head and is about to about to pierce her.
At that moment, Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. "Real intent to kill... You really sunk low, didn't you Sasuke"

Then some arguing back and forth

Kakashi: "I don't want to kill you"
Sasuke: "Heh, you're always saying things about killing me, sensei. I'm itching to kill you, though, Kakashi."
Well, after this is the conclusion
Kakashi: "I now understand how the Sandaime must have felt. Even though Orochimaru sunk so low, he still couldn't help but care..."
Sasuke: "Well, then you're making the same mistake he did!!"
It ends with this. (Sakura is telling Kakashi that she's giving Karin medical treatment so they can leave immediately after this)


No.483 『覚悟完了』
真剣な眼差しでサクラが歩み寄る 。
アオリ : 遂に桜咲く…!

Better translation (NEW) :

Translation of spoiler:
Sasuke looks puzzled from Sakuras proposal
Sakura: I want to help you Sasuke
A serious eye contact but Sakura comprimises
Sakura: Is even if my today purpose crushes the leaf,
“… If [sasuke] you hope for it, I ….
But sasuke shakes head
Sasuke: “… The road where I will walk in the future is sura’s useless road … It is not possible to become a demon in you. ”
Sakura puts her fist in Karin’s face and it lowers.
Karin’s face collapses, and blood scatters to the face of Sakura.
It is not heard, and however, the sakura drops it this time and drops a throw of the face aiming about Karin who became blood-stained when the splinter of the collapsed pillar is lifted to overhead high.
The skull collapses with terrific impact because of the blow, and it scatters to surroundings with the brains that belonged to Karin before like the tomato to which vast blood and the eyeball gone out collapse.
The sakura looked up, and the face that had floated a ghostly smile was turned.
「I can do unabashedly even by such a thing for [sasuke] you. I think this to be proof of my resolution. 」
… It is passing. ”
It ends obviously because of the improvement of [sasuke] that the face has a cramp because of doing too much.
[Aori]: [Sakurasa] ..turning over.. … finally.


Very very rough translation:

★ Bale
Complete No.483 『prepared for』
Sasukee confounded by the unexpected suggestion of cherry.
“I’m with … it’s because you mean?”
“You want the help of Sasuke!”
Sakura is a serious compromise in the eyes.
“Even though you can kill a tree … now my purpose?”
“… I wish it was you … Sasuke!”
But Sasuke shaking his head from side to side.
“No way … that way I walk is now on the road of bloodshed Ja … You do can not become a demon”
─ ─ Guchatsu!
“Oh Oh noes!”
Karin sit down cherry fist in the face of a sudden.
Karin’s face collapse, a variety of cherry fly in the face of the liquid.
“… Hey Hey you, what …”
Sakura, however, that without listening, this time high and many pieces of broken pillars and lift your head,
Karin hurl towards his bloodied face it.
─ ─ Gosutsu!
Tremendous impact crushing blow to the skull was of an old Karin
A mass of blood and fluid in brain gray and the eye came out
Flying around like a punctured tomatoes.
Give cherry face, smile and face toward the devastation.
“I Sasuke for you if I can calm even in these things! I think my testimony prepared for this!”
“… I passed your …”
Sasuke end up with a cramp in the face obviously overkill.
Aori: blooming cherry finally …!

Hmm... it seems like Sasuke asked Sakura to kill Karin to test her loyalty. And Sakura obliged by giving Karin a powerful punch in the face.

In the meantime, check out these FRESH predictions:

Written By: Sensei-Q

Naruto 483: ‘True Intentions’

-‘Sakura joins Sasuke! How will he react?’-

(Sasuke Scene)
Sakura: I…I’m leaving Konoha. I’m coming with you.
*Sasuke stares at Sakura, then turns to Karin and then turns back again to Sakura*
Sakura: Is that your enemy? What did she do to you? *pointing to the dying Karin*
Sasuke: …(‘’You’ve used your ocular powers too much’’)…
Sakura: !!!
*Sasuke charges even more chakra into his chidori and slowly points it to Sakura*
Sakura: (I need to hold on! Can’t go back now…)
Sasuke: -Chidori Kouken-
*The spear extends towards Sakura’s face until just 4 inches left between the spear’s tip and Sakura’s eye*
Sakura: What are you doing? I’m joining you. I am not your enemy.
Sasuke: hmph...
*Activates Sharingan-Deactivates Sharingan*
Sakura: (..?..)
Sasuke: ..Come with me then.
*Sasuke turns around and Sakura starts to follow him*
Sakura: (Good..he trusts m-
*A chidori spear suddenly streams up out of the ground beneath her,
wich cut some of her hair off*
Sakura: ?!?!
Sasuke: You thought it would be that easy? You
can't hide your true intentions before these eyes..
Sakura: How did you-! (Flashback to when he activated/deactivated his Sharingan)
Sasuke: Get lost or you might end up like her *points to a deadlooking Karin*.
Sakura: You're smarter than I thought.. But I've already made my decision.
I can't go back. I'm going to stop you right here and now!

(Yamato Scene)
*Yamato wakes up*
Yamato: What?! (He escaped through that hole!)
*Makes a wooden finger and tips the ground*
Yamato: (..Damn it!)

(Kakashi Scene)
*Sakura grabs a kunai and prepares for attack*
Kakashi: Hold it right there.
Sakura: (Shit!)
Kakashi: Sakura, you are in big trouble..
Sasuke: Tsk, another troublesome person joins the scene..
*Kakashi closes his eye and thinks of Naruto*
Sakura: ! (That expression... I've never seen it before!)
Kakashi: Sakura, I am very disappointed in you. I did not expect this from someone like you..
You-*Points to Sasuke*-on the other hand, disgust me.
Sakura: (Wh-what?)
Sasuke: Like I ca-
Kakashi: -Because of people like you, the Uchiha was a 'cursed clan'.
Sasuke: Don't you dare speak of the Uchiha like that.
Kakashi: You, are even lower than trash. You are evil.
Sakura: (I've never seen this side of Kakashi before..!)
Sasuke: ...
Kakashi: Your chakra is as cold as that expression on your face.
The only reason I'm here is to return Sakura. I have nothing to do with you anymore.. You did not
listen to what I said to you the last time we spoke.
*Reveals Sharingan*
Sakura: (Sensei, you..)
Kakashi: In Sakura I see Naruto I see my Master..and for some reason, in you, I saw
the person who gave me this Sharingan. The friend who sacrificed himself to save me..
Sasuke: Hmph, I don't care. 'Bonds' make Shinobi weak.
Naruto: NOT TRUE. Open your eyes for once.
Sakura: (It's too late for me now..)
Kakashi: (Where's Tenzou?!)
Naruto: *Sennin-Mode* Allow me to explain why..
Sasuke: *Activates Sharingan* (So this is what defeated the Rinnegan user..)

'Naruto has reached the scene! And he disagreed against Sasuke's statement..?'

Naruto 484 - 'Because I Know'

Latest KISHI Interview:
Kishimoto Jump Interview: SPOILERS FOR 2010!!


Written by: AnimationMaster101

Naruto 483: "Sakura's Decision,The Battle Begins!"
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Naruto 484: The End Draws Near

(Sasuke & Sakura Scene)

Sasuke: What reason do you have to join me?
Sakura: Because....
Sasuke: ...
Sakura: I Love You!
Sasuke: (In Surprise He Activates his sharingan) Don't do this you'll end up just like Karin a sacrfice to achieve my goal of hatred.
Sakura: (One tear runs down her cheek) Is this all you've become?
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Sakura: A wanted crimial hated and wanted to be killed by everyone! I came here on a mission and I will complete it!

(Naruto & Kakashi Scene)

Kakashi: Naruto what are you doing here!?
Naruto : I can't just lay around while Sakura is off somewhere about to get herself killed!
Kakashi: (Stops on tree branch) Naruto please go back to Yamato.
Naruto : But!
Kakashi: Not another word unless you wanna be killed. With your low chakra level Sasuke can take you out in an instint.
Naruto : (Remebers the Team 7 photo shatter) Sorry Kakashi-Sensei....

(Madara Scene)

Madara: Thinking that Danzo planned this far ahead....
Danzo : Hehhheeh....
Madara: !!!!!
Danzo : That's right I'm still alive! (Danzo's injuries are healed!)
Madara: How did you survive?
Danzo : Your little pupil was't smart enough to examine my entire body.
Madara: You had another sharingan hidden?!
Danzo : I had 2 sharingans hidden inside my heart! Enough with the talk now you and I will fight for the final sharingan

(Yamato Scene)

Yamato : Enough rest Naruto it's time to go back to Konoha. Naruto? Naruto!
Sai Clone: (half melted clone) Naruto has escaped and has gone to fight Sasuke alone
Yamato : Damn It! Wait? How about Kakashi-Senpai?
Sai Clone: Naruto.... has taken Kakashi out
Yamato : What has Team 7 become?

(Sasuke & Sakura Scene)

Sakura: (rushes at Sasuke with a Chakra Enhanced Punch)
Sasuke: (Dodges her punch takes out his sword tries to pierce her but misses and cuts off a lock of her hair)
Sakura: (Starts to do handsigns)
Sasuke: (Moves 10 feet back)
Sakura: Earth Release Antlion Technique!
Sasuke: Oh no! (Is Sucked till he is right in front of Sakura)
Sakura: Die Sasuke Uchiha!!!!!
Sasuke: (Activates Mangekyo Sharingan) Amaterasu!
??????: Stop!
Sakura: (Look at the trees) Naruto....
Naruto: (Looks how Team 7 went from friends to enemies and begins to cry)
Sasuke: Lets...
Sakura: End...
Naruto: This!
Sasuke: (Charges with a chidori)
Sakura: (Charges with a chakra enhanced punch)
Naruto: (Charges with a rasengan)

Madara V.S Danzo & Naruto V.S Sasuke V.S Sakura a battle to the death!? Naruto's idea for peace can no longer be achieved?! The Manga Reaches it's climax!

Naruto 484 "The End Draws Near"

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Naruto 484: The End Draws Near


Written By: R.E.K.

Naruto 483: Overcome Fear

Sasuke scene
Sasuke: well well well if it ant Sakura Chan, are going to try and stop me now that I became a criminal?
Sakura: Sasuke Kun, I won't really on Naruto kun any more, I cam here to bring you back to the village by force.
Sasuke: You haven't changed at all, you're always annoying, I'll start by killing you first and then I'll go after Konoha.

Sakura: But why didn't you had your revenge on your brother?
Sasuke: You know nothing about me, I'm no more the Sasuke you knew in time. Enough talk, lets fight...
Sasuke though weak after two battle turns his MS on and tries to cast a Genjutsu on Sakura but it failed.

Sasuke: How can you outstands my Genjutsu?
Sakura: I have change too, I was the student of the Legendary Tithe Hokage and on top of that kakashi Sensei had the good idea to teache me how to release from any Genjustu.
Sasuke: Puff

Yamato Sceen
Yamato: Naruto wake up we have orders to return to the village, that's the six Hokage's orders.
Naruto: Yamato Taicho, Sakura doesn't to whom she will be fighting, oh yeah Captain Yamato, well I still haven told any one about it. When we had a mission long time ago in search of Sasuke

Yamato: What was it you want to tell us?
Naruto: In the forest I encountered Itachi, he wanted to tell me something, as usual I was so enve on him to what he did to his little brother, he caste a Genjutsu on me to calm me so he could have a chat with me, than suddenly he gave me something I can't describe it, I saw one off the craws entering my mouth, I felt like a little burn and after that he had to go, he was in a hurry.

Yamato:!!! in thoughts( did he use a justu that gives him the ability to put his stamina in Naruto like a Sealing Jutsu?)

Kakashi Scene
Kakashi in thoughts (I'm to late Sakura used on her own team a sleeping gas bomb, so she is welling to put her life on the line, what a troublesome child.)

Kakashi: Kiba, Lee, Sai wake up.
Kiba, Lee, Sai: OOOOOH!
Sai: Sorry Kakashi Sensei, I failed to stop her.
Lee, Kiba: What happened? Where is Sakura? Dam Sai it's all your fault.

Kakashi: Stop it you too, Kiba can you pique up her sent?
Kiba: Sure, Akamaru lets do it
Akamaru: Woof Woof.

Back to Sasuke
Sakura uses her left arm to punch up the ground, but it was easy for Sasuke to evade it...
Sakura: Sasuke Kun!

Sasuke charges his hand with Chidori to pierce her vital parts that finish her.
Madara enters the scene and watches the fight.

Madara in thoughts (Konoha Kuniochi, Hmm! did they began hunting us? no. I see, She's from the Haruno Clan, at the way she fights, her teacher was none other than Tsunade Senju the Grand-Daughter of Hashirama Senju an other pesky, wait a minute what is she heding under her cloak???)

Madara: Sasuke watch out she's Medic Nin, she is going to paralyze you.
Sasuke: ???

Sakura in thoughts (that mask guy is unmasking my plot, Dam it.)
Sasuke: Well, Well, Well, not bad Sakura you have evolve from when we where Team7, but you are still weaker than Naruto or should I Sai the Dam Fox.

The End

Naruto 484: Conclusion


Written by: Masataka

Naruto 483: Deja Vu

(Sasuke & Sakura)
Sakura: i've become a missing nin of Konoha, alone i am useless, but aiding you in your path of revenge, i can become part of something much bigger.

Sasuke, while staring straight at Sakura uses his chidori spear on Karin just missing, thinking: shit my chakra levels are too low, how could i have missed)
his vision blurs.

Sakura gasps, and a bead of sweat trickles down her cheek. (thinking:What is he doing, he could have killed her, it looks like i have no choice.)
Sasuke: I have no use for dead weight shinobi, becoming obstacles to my revenge. What makes you any different from her.
Sakura:(still in shock) I am no longer the Sakura you once knew, having studied under lady Tsunade i am possibly the best medical nin in the land of fire. Please just let me help you.. (thinking: i must wait my moment...)

Sasuke takes a step towards Sakura, and falls to one knee. Spitting up blood and holding his eyes. his vision becomes even worse.

Sasuke: (thinking: shit where is madara, i've over used the mangekyou)
Sakura rushes to his aid, thinking: his chakra is diminished and he seems to be having problems seeing, now might be my only chance.

It appears that Sakura is healing Sasuke
Sakura: (thinking: just like that time, i will not fail)
Flashback to Tsunade healing Orochimaru's arms, (chapter 163)

Karin: Sasuke get away from her, she is trying to kill you.
Sakura: Shit, how could i be so careless, to think she was medical nin, i was so close. (thinking: i'll have to settle this the old fashioned way)

Sakura, focuses her chakra and aims a punch at Sasuke's face.
Sasuke just avoids the blow, and backs up creating some distance between Sakura and himself, a wound appears on his right cheek (thinking: shit when did she..)

Sakura: I have to do this, for the sake of konoha, thinking: for naruto.
Gets into a fighting pose.

Sasuke: Irritating as always.
draws his sword.


Written by: Tobi-Rama

Naruto 483: Substitute

(sasuke & sakura scene)
Madara: I see a substitute for Karin.
Sasuke: Sakura I dont need your love games for my revenge!
Sakura: Im not here for that i want to be your comrade.
Madara: How shall I know this isnt the plot of the leaf.
Sakura: Tsunade-sama is close to...
Madara: Dont mention that accursed grandchild, and from now on its not Tsunade-sama its Madara-sama.
Sasuke: Madara shut up! Sakura:Anything to join the group.

(Scene change)
yamato: Naruto its time to leave. (yamato finds naruto asleep and picks him up)
yamato: Its time to leave sleepy head.(yamato starts to move through the forest with naruto on his back)

(scene change)
naruto: finally reached kakashi-Sensei
Kakashi: Naruto...why are you here
naruto: Sensei sakura has reached sasuke
kakashi: Speed up. (They both speed up)

(Scene changes)
sasuke: Anything?
sakura: What do you mean Sasuke?
Sasuke: Im gonna see how much sakura has changed since team 7.
Sakura: I see i'll make sure i'm worthy enough! (suddenly a kunai hits the ground near Sasuke)
???: UCHIHA SASUKE your revenge game is over now!
Sasuke: Its just beginning. ???: not unless i end it!(who has come to stop sasuke's trail and will sakura join sasuke's revenge express

Next time: Duel


Written by: Itasuke

Naruto 483: Encounter!

(Sasuke & Sakura Scene)
Sasuke: ?!
Sakura: As I said, I'll leave Konoha, and follow you!
Sasuke: Why would you do that?
Sakura: It's because...
Sasuke: ...
Sakura: I want to. That's all.
Sasuke: Hmph, good enough. Alright I'm heading towards our base, let's go.
Sasuke: ...( it...the Akatsuki base?)...Right.

(Kakashi Scene)
Kakashi: (Sakura...she must be there by now. Sasuke, just don't hurt her...) Ok, I'm almost there...
???: Kakashi-Sensei!
Kakashi: Naruto? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Yamato?
Naruto: Um, Sensei, let's focus on what's important now. We--(continues on talking)
Kakashi: -Sigh- (Oh boy)...Um Naruto, Naruto slow down...
Naruto: And then we-- ...What, shouldn't we make a plan?
Kakashi: We should, but it'll be a plan coming from me.
Naruto: Ok, let's hear it.

(Yamato Scene)
Yamato: Oh Naruto come on! -Uncovers Naruto- Let's leave already!
Naruto: Ok Ok! -Stands up-
-Naruto is walking and was about to fall in the hole-
Yamato: Look out! Wood Style Jutsu! -hits Naruto away to keep him away from falling-
Naruto: Gah! -poof-
Yamato: What?! A Shadow-Clone?! This is bad! -Starts rushing outside-

(Sasuke & Sakura Scene)
-They are both walking-
Sasuke: ...
Sakura: ...
Sasuke: ...
Sakura: -Sigh- ...So...
Sasuke: -Looks at her- ...?
-Naruto lands-
Naruto: Wait up Sasuke!!
Sasuke: -Turns around- ...What do YOU want?
Naruto: This time...I'll knock you out if I had to, to bring you back to your senses!!
Sasuke: Isn't that what you told me before? but you Failed.
Naruto: ...!
Sakura: (Darn it, Naruto, you're ruining my plan!! And now Sasuke will even suspect that I might have been trying to stall him until Naruto arrives...There's one way to make Sasuke trust me...)
Naruto: Sakura?! I'm glad you're ok...come over here!
Sakura: No...Naruto...
Naruto: Huh...?
Sakura: -Throws away the cloak- If you want to fight Sasuke...then you'll have to get through me first!!
Naruto: What?!
Sasuke: ?!
Naruto: This is crazy! Sakura come on!
Sakura: You always take me lightly, do you? Well, let me show you how serious I am!
Kakashi *While hiding behind a pillar*: (...Sakura is not a fool, she's too smart to leave Konoha behind, whatever the reason is, I know that it's gonna be good. I better wait and see...)
Sakura: Ready or not...Here I come!!! -Gets in fighting stance-
Naruto will be fighting Sakura?! Where will this battle lead to?!
Next Time: Fading Memories!


Written by: State of Naruto

Naruto 483: A Friend Now Your Pain

starts off where it left

Sakura:(thinking) Sasuke reaps of madness and insanity, making my move want be easy
Sasuke: ha, the funny thing is you are leaving, I'm going back to the place where it all started..

Sakura: ?? what does that mean exactly.
Sasuke: I'm not running from konoha anymore !!!
Sakura: (surprise/disbelief expression) really ?? so the path of revenge you follow leads you back than ??

Sasuke: thats right, the road I travel leads me back to the Leaf, back too the start with a new goal in mind, the path leads back home. you see ??
Sasuke: (with a deep dark senseless look on his face) my mayhem as only just began.
we have nothing in common are ambitions are different, you are vanishing im returning and, the fact i dont have any feelings for you or anyone in Konoha, we have no business with each other

Sakura: im here too assits you Sasuke, if your journey heads to Konoha so be it.

Sasuke: like im going to believe that, Sakura, Sakura, same old pink haired little fooless girl, always falling behind, so you decided too take the lead and kill me.. i don't even need my Sharingan to see that. its was only a matter of time before the leaf decided on killing me..
Sasuke's (insane look returns even worst than before) O well, looks like a have two to kill here now. Sasuke uses *chidori sharp spear*
(the spear hits Sakura right between the eye's.. POOF Sakura instantly disappears a replacement technique ..
(the real Sakura concealed herself upside down under the bridge)

Sasuke: coming here Sakura, you most have known you were coming to your own death to come out so we can get it over with

Sakura:(hided under bridge)(Sakura begins to get cool feet) only now (realizing) she made this decision on emotions along, no concrete plan to kill Sasuke, (her thoughts begins to exploded has she thinks about a possibly of escape from this nightmare she created),
Sakura: (terrified) i have got to get out of here (her body numbs over she is unable to move. (than the thought of Naruto and Kakashi sensei comes to mind),
Sakura: i cant live like this any longer always following them around, i just cant, i'd rather die here and now, i dont have a plan or the ability but i have the will too kill Sasuke, im not running not matter what. now lets see, my plan to given Sasuke trust was a failure in everyway, just as i thought, Sasuke couldn't tell the replacement from the real thing, most likely hes low on chakra, completely unable to use Sharingan, in his state i'd say he only has two more low level ninjutsu's left than all hes ninjutsu and genjutsu will be useless to him, but its still taijutsu, good thing Sai, Lee, and Kabi, are not here so if i fail only i will be killed.

not good Sai clone is gone now and so is my (Being cut off by)
Naruto: Kakashi Sensei !!!!!!!!!!!
Kakashi: !! Naruto i knew you would follow me, but that that fast (thinking) what incredible speed
Naruto: no time to talk Sensei, i senses Sakura's Chakra, around 1 KM north from here
Kakashi: you senses ?? so that how you trace me than.
Naruto: yeah.. shes not along two other's chakra are in that same place
Kakashi: can u identifie the other two, could one be Sasuke
Naruto: one is to weak i cant tell if its Sasuke or not, The other one is ...
Kakashi: the other one is what ??
Naruto: anyway Sakura maybe in trouble, lets just hurry.


Sakura: (reappears) on the Bridge behind Sasuke
Sasuke: finally come out of hiding ???
Sakura: (thinking) hmm, he never saw my power, i should have the element of surprise (smashing the ground, creating a wave of earth headed straight for Sasuke)
Sasuke (shocked) at Sakura's power (jumps into the air) (dogging) the moving earth
Sakura (uses a smoke bomb to disappear) than reappearing in the shy above Sasuke
Sakura: agagagag (punching) with all her energy (the blow connects with Sasuke)sending him flying back to the ground, boof a piece of wood flys out
Sakura: (Landing) replacement .
Sasuke (reappears) ha. it ends now, (meeting) Sakura with his sword throw the the gut
Sakura: your right i see its still some sense in that head of yours
a seal release from Sakura's body travles throw Sasuke's sword into his body without him knowing the seal numbs over his body leaving him completely paralyzing him
Sakura:for this seal to work it most be a connection the connection is this sword of users Sasuke (Sakura than unconcealed a bomb in her hand)
Sasuke (with a shocked frightened look) you idiot suicide is all you are doing !!!!!!!!!
Sakura: your right Sasuke it ends now

Kakashi&Naruto (arrives)

Sakura's plan to kill Sasuke is suicide bombing.. CAN Kakashi and Naruto stop this madness ?? next time..
484: Love To The Death


Written by: Numinous

Naruto 483: Too Late

(Kakashi Scene)
(Kakashi arrives to Sai, Kiba and Lee’s location)
Kakashi: (thinking) So it was true, she used a sleeping powder bomb on them. (approaches them and wakes them up)
Kiba: (opens his eyes slowly) Kakashi-sensei? (gets up quickly, as the others rise up) Sai, you…!
Kakashi: Knock it off, guys.
Lee: But…
Sai: We need to find Sakura.
Kakashi: Right. Kiba, can you pick up her scent?
Kiba: She seems to be where I spotted Sasuke, although is already feign…
Kakashi: As I feared. Let’s go, lead the way Kiba.
Kiba: Alright, let’s go, Akamaru!
Akamaru: Woof! (Kiba rides Akamaru and the group moves on)

(Bridge Scene)
Sasuke: You’re as annoying as you were, back when I left Konoha…
Sakura: But I changed, Sasuke-kun! I don’t care about Konoha anymore, I realized that my place isn’t there, it’s with you, helping you with your revenge.
Sasuke: Hmpf. (turns his back on her)
Sakura: You have to believe me!
Sasuke: Do you even know what my goal is?
Sakura: No, bu-
Sasuke: I’ll destroy Konoha. (Sakura is shocked) I’m not the Sasuke you knew once. Now, or you make yourself useful or you’ll end up like her. (turns to Sakura and points to Karin)
Sakura: (looks at Karin, who as one eye opened; thinking) What’ve you done, Sasuke…? (speaking) I’m a medical nin, I can heal both of you.
Sasuke: She has no use for me anymore, leave her there. It’s better for her to die.
Karin: (thinking) Sasuke… how could you…
Sasuke: So unless you want to be disposed of, don’t get in my way, Sakura.
Sakura: Y-yes. (Madara reappears in a vortex)
Madara: What is the meaning of this?! She’s still alive and… a Konoha nin?!
Sasuke: I’m not the kind of being bossed around. Karin is totally oblivious to our plans, and Sakura will perform the same role.
Madara: (steps forwards Sakura) So your name is Sakura… first, get rid of that hideous thing on your hair.
Sakura: T-the headband? (she unties the headband and throws it to the floor) Happy?!
Madara: Quite. Second… (gets behind her and puts his face above her left shoulder) If you’re thinking you can trick us to whatever trap you and your Konoha buddies orchestrated, I’ll get rid of you. And trust me, it won’t be pretty. (a drop of sweat slides through Sakura’s face)
Sakura: I came here alone just to help Sasuke-kun.
Madara: Good girl. (steps away from her and gets closer to Sasuke) Danzou damaged Shisui’s eyes, a terrible loss.
Sasuke: That doesn’t concern me. Let’s go Sakura. (steps away)
Madara: The light of your eyes is fading away, Sasuke, and you fought two intensive battles in a row. Besides, I bet one of the Kage’s team will arrive anytime soon, after Danzou, but since you’re here, they’ll hunt you down. I don’t think you’re in any condition to fool the sensor nins.
Sasuke: I’ll only go with you to get a chance to rest.
Madara: I knew you’d come. But first… (expels Torune and Fuu from the vortex, and disappears with Sasuke and Sakura in another vortex)

(Yamato Scene)
(Yamato wakes up)
Yamato: Well, time to go back, Naruto.
Naruto: (gets up) Yes, let’s go.
Yamato: (thinking) Something’s wrong with him… (uses Mokuton on Naruto to knock him down, he disappears in a cloud of smoke) As I thought… Naruto, you knucklhead… (exits the room)

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: Yamato-taichou knows that I got away. I must haste!

(Bridge Scene)
(Ao is picking Fuu up by his collar, Choujuurou is holding his blade near Torune’s neck and Mei is aiding Karin to get up)
Ao: (yelling to Fuu) Speak, you bastard! Where’s Danzou and the two Uchiha?
Fuu: I only know Danzou-sama is dead because Uchiha Madara captured his corpse into the dimension we were in and released it seconds later. I don’t know anything more.
Mei: We should go to the nearest town, this kunoichi needs medical attention.
(Kakashi, Kiba, Lee and Sai arrive)
Kakashi: (thinking) What the hell happened here?
Kiba: The scent trail ends here.
Sai: We’re too late.
Kakashi: I’m too late… again. (thinking) Another student of mine, gone. Why this keeps happening?
Chouujurou: Hey, isn’t that…
Ao: (drops Fuu and turns to Kakashi) The Copy Ninja, Hatake Kakashi.
Kakashi: I see my reputation precedes me. (speaks to Mei) Mizukage-dono, do you know what happened here?
Mei: (holding Karin) Not really, when me and my guards arrived only this two Konoha nin were here. They say that Danzou of Konoha is dead. Probably either Uchiha Madara or Uchiha Sasuke killed him.
Kiba: What?! Uchiha Madara? Are you nuts?
Kakashi: He’s that masked Akatsuki.
Kiba: What?! I fought Uchiha Madara? No way!
Kakashi: Hmmm, did someone actually Uchiha Sasuke leaving.
Torune: It was for a few seconds, but we saw Uchiha Madara leaving with him and a pink-haired kunoichi.
Lee: They kidnapped Sakura!
Sai: (spots something shiny near them) I don’t think so. (walks towards it and picks it up) It’s her headband. (gives it to Kakashi)
Kakashi: That means…
Ao: Someone’s coming.
Naruto: (appears abruptly in the bridge) Kakashi-sensei!
Ao: (thinking) What an huge chakra… he must be the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki.
Naruto: Where’s Sakura-chan?
Kakashi: She… (shows the headband to Naruto) She left Konoha to go with Sasuke. (Naruto is shocked)

Next Chapter: Strangeness

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