Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Ideas for HER ! - Less than Php 5,000 per Item !

This post is for the guy looking for quite affordable (less than Php 5,000) Valentine's Day gadget gift idea to make his girl smile.

Here are a few items TP would like to recommend:

1. Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation
cost: around Php 3,800

Victor Hugo once said,

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent."

TP Tip: Fill that iPod Shuffle with your theme songs and I bet she'll fall in love with you even more.

2. Samsung ES10 Digicam
cost: around Php 4,500

ES10 is probably the most affordable branded 8MP camera out in the market today -- offering the best bang for the buck, really. Get her one in her favorite color.

TP Tip: Make this gift more special! Before having it wrapped, shoot a video of yourself using the camera telling her how special she is to you and save the video on the memory card.

3. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
cost: around Php 4,900

Why not give her an all-in-one device?

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, the most affordable XpressMusic phone in Nokia's current line-up, comes with a 2MP camera and supports up to 2GB of music! Buy now and you just might get a mini-speaker for free!

TP Tip: 5130 comes in 3 colors: Red, Blue and Silver. Get the one in Red, that way she'll always remember that you gave her the phone on Valentine's Day.

4. Nike + iPod Sport Kit
cost: Php 1,490

If your girl loves working out and she already owns iPod Nano 5G and a new pair of Nike shoes, you might wanna get her a Nike-iPod Sport Kit?

Thanks to a unique partnership between Nike and Apple, your iPod nano, iPod touch (2nd generation), or iPhone 3GS becomes your coach. Your personal trainer. Your favourite workout companion.


Insert the wireless sensor inside the custom, built-in pocket beneath the insole of your Nike+ shoe, then plug the receiver into the Dock connector on your iPod nano. The iPod touch (2nd generation) and iPhone 3GS includes built-in support for the system — no receiver necessary.


Now start your workout. As your run or walk, the sensor sends information to your device, tracking your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. If you choose, real-time, spoken feedback can even alert you to milestones throughout your workout.

TP Tip: Don't let the gift wait for the dinner date. Slide it in her gym bag in the morning or dropby the gym and hand it to her there yourself.

There you go! I hope you find this helpful.

Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Ideas for HIM -- soon!

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