GlobalTestMarket = Scam ?!

In my more than 2 years of membership on, a get-paid-to-answer-a-survey site, I've NEVER for once received a paid survey for which I was qualified to join.

21 surveys and counting

This is what I always get after answering a separate pre-screening survey that GTM emails me before they supposedly send the paid one:

That's the odd/fishy part actually. Pre-screening, based on the personal details that I disclosed during the registration process, should have been done prior to sending me anything. Honestly, their pre-screening surveys are often so detailed, they look as if they're already what their clients paid for me to answer.

How about you? Have you been paid by GTM? What can you say about this program?
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  1. I have been a member of GlobalTestMarket since 2007 and I have completed more than 50 of their surveys for which you are awarded points (ranging from 5-60). I think the key is to complete all your profile surveys to increase the chances of being qualified for the paid surveys.

    However, after completing all of those paid surveys for which I was deemed qualified for, I have never been paid by GTM yet!!! The minimum points needed to redeem and get paid is 1000 points, which is equal to only $50. But I'm close to getting my first 1k points.

    Worth it to join? I'd say no. It's been almost four years and I have not been paid anything!

  2. I think they are more scammy than the other paid survey sites I've dealt with for some length of time. I feel as you do, that they are using you in a sense and not paying you for it. They ask many questions about a product or service and then tell you that you are not qualified or that the've met their quota. They send the answers to the company that you've answered, pocket the money and give you nothing. You can easily do this for years and not get paid anything. I'm so close to the 1000 points and see their game, that I've started clicking on any race to see if I'm accepted. So far so good.

  3. Thanks a lot for this post, ive started global test for just a week. i dont want to waste my time.

  4. thank you for this post. i just got an email from them and was about to join.

  5. I got paid :)  after I accumulated 1000 points in approximately 18 paycheck was P1,987.00...yay!


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