Make Money Blogging Tips and Tools

So, you've seen the list of the 30 richest bloggers in the world and you now feel inspired to make serious money from your blog?

This post is for you.

Here are a few programs, tips and tools that you can make use of in monetizing your blog.

Blog Reviews

One of the most popular ways to earn via blog is by posting blog reviews that serve as advertisement for third party products and services. For this, usually, it is the advertisers who get in touch with bloggers requesting reviews. What's the process? Products and services are delivered and served to the blogger, then the blogger gets a sum after publishing his or her review.

We also have websites and programs on the internet that collate review opportunities that bloggers can join for free. These sites act as the 'middleman' in transactions between publishers and advertisers, getting a relatively small portion of the advertising fee. What's good about joining these sites is that, since they do the tough job of looking for advertisers for your blog, you can focus on more important things like building your PageRank.

Here are some of the most popular blog review programs on the net right now:

1. SponsoredReviews
2. ReviewMe
3. PayPerPost

TIP: Focus on building your PageRank. The amount of money you can charge writing reviews should be directly proportional to your blog's PageRank. Hence, the higher your PageRank, the more money you can charge. How to increase your PageRank? Create quality content consistently.

Calculate your blog's PR here.

Pay Per Click Advertising Programs (PPC)

If your blog is already getting decent daily traffic, why not make money from it the-easy-way via Pay Per Click Advertising? Basically, PPC is all about putting content-relevant clickable ads on strategic locations on your blog, earning you cash with every click from your readers.

Excited to implement this on your blog? All you have to do is to join a PPC program, put ad units on your site, optimize the units and monitor your earnings.

Here are the top Pay Per Click programs that you can join for free:

1. Google Adsense
2. Chitika Premium
3. Adrite

Cost per click from these programs range from as low as $0.01 to as high as $50.

TIP: Three factors that determine the amount of money you can earn from PPC programs, especially Adsense, are:

1. Your blog's traffic

Simply put, the more people visit your blog, the more potential ad clickers you have.

2. Your blog's niche topic

Like Publishers, Advertisers also fall into specific niches. And if you happen to be in a niche where Advertisers pay more, then it should be easier to make money.

3. Your PageRank

Even if you're in a niche where Advertisers tend invest more in their ads, if your blog is not highly-relevant to the topic, it'd be highly-unlikely for PPC programs to serve you high-paying ads.

MORE: Read this TechPinas post on how to Optimize Google Adsense for maximum earnings.

In-Text Advertising

In-Text advertising inserts text link ads within the content of your blog, usually in the form of underlined or double-underlined links. Upon hover of the mouse, a floating bubble opens with content from an advertiser. When clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears. Just like CPC advertising, you earn with every link clicked.

TIP: In my opinion, the best and highest paying In-Text Advertising Network right now is Infolinks. I'll review this program soon and publish my earnings after 3 months of membership on the site.

Other popular In-Text Advertising networks include:

1. Kontera
2. Vibrant Media

Cost per Mille (CPM) Advertising

CPM is largely similar to CPC advertising. Only this time, instead of the number of ad clicks, earnings are based on the number of ad views - per mille or per THOUSAND, to be exact. This makes it even more attractive to bloggers, because CPM ad units rarely - if at all - need any complex optimization.

Rates vary from one CPM network to another.

This type of advertising program is particularly good for blogs of high-traffic but whose readers are not too interested in clicking ads.

Some of the most popular CPM advertising networks that you can apply for are:

1. Tribal Fusion
2. Casale Media
3. Burst Media
4. Value Click Media

NOTE: International CPM Ad Networks are generally harder to get into than CPC Ad Networks.

TIP: Here are SouthEast Asia CPM ad networks that might want to consider joining:

1. Nuffnang
2. AdMax Network
3. Advertlets
4. BlogBank

Affiliate Network

Being a part of an Affiliate program entails selling other people's or any company's products and/or services online, usually via one's blog, website or social networking page (i.e. Twitter, Facebook).

In blogs, affiliate activities come in the form of links, widgets and banners that direct to the seller's page. Note that unlike CPC and CPM programs, affiliate banner views and clicks don't make the publisher any money as earnings come only from sales commissions.

Interested in being an affiliate? Join any of these popular sites that collate almost all available affiliate programs:

1. Commission Junction
2. Clickbank
3. Plimus

TIP: When selling affiliate products, choose the ones that are related to your blog's niche. For example, if you own a blog about graphic design, you might want to software from Adobe like Photoshop or Adoble Illustrator.

There you go. :) I hope you find this helpful if you're just starting to plan on monetizing your blog.

I'll be updating this entry regularly to add more fresh ways to make money from blogging. Please keep tuning in.

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  1. The best method that I like the most is writing sponsored reviews. As a newbie to blogging, I think this is the best way to test the waters on how to make money blogging on the internet. Like building a house, laying out the foundation by learning the basics first is what will prepare you for the ultimate success in the end.

  2. Hi Admin,

    Great list of make money online campaign in this post. Thanks a lot. Go Pinoy bloggers!


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