Digg: How to Delete or Edit Submitted Article or Link

Ever wanted to completely delete or edit details of a story or link that you submitted to Digg and realized that you couldn't because the site does not offer an edit or delete option? This post is for you.

Let's set one thing straight: As per terms of use, Digg does not delete content.

However, site support can edit the title, description and category of submitted articles if you'd like.

In order to have a story edited, you’ll need to email Digg Support from the email address you used when registering from your Digg account and include:

1. The Digg URL of the story you want to edit, beginning with http://digg.com/...
2. The information you’d like edited (title, category or description)

Note: For security purposes, you must contact Digg via your registered Digg.com email address.

For more Digg.com information, please see Digg's FAQ at http://digg.com/faq

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