Netbook vs. Notebook : Official Definitions by Intel - What Can You Do With Each?

For those who are still wondering about the difference between a netbook and a notebook:

Intel has released its official definition of what a netbook or notebook is -- ending disputes once and for all, at least as regards categorizing mobile computers run by the company's recently released chips: the Atom and the Core.

NOTE: Core i5 is Intel's follow-up to the highly successful Core Duo and Core 2 Duo laptop chips.

Here's a comparative chart courtesy of Intel:

Aside from difference in processors (Atom for netbooks, Core for notebooks), you can tell a notebook from a netbook with the performance that it can deliver. Notebooks are just far more powerful -- letting you do system-intensive tasks like watching HD movies, encoding music and editing videos.

What about size and weight difference?

Nope, you can't tell a netbook from a notebook based on its size or weight alone. There are full blown notebooks that are as light and even as small as netbooks.

Here are other Frequently Asked Questions, finally answered by Intel:

Can I replace my aging notebook with a netbook?
No. A netbook doesn't have the processing power and functionality you'd need to run many of the applications your current notebook supports, even if it's a few years old. The good news is that today's notebooks offer more bang for the buck than ever before. Make sure it’s powered by the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family, and your new notebook won’t just be faster; it will be smarter too.

How can I encourage my kids' emerging interest in computers without unleashing them on the PC I sometimes use for work?
Computers offer great opportunities for kids to learn and play. Consider the value and ease-of-use of a netbook, which will let kids explore the Internet without interfering with their parents' work. Or try an entry-level desktop, a practical investment in your family’s future.

Is there any way of knowing for sure if I'm looking at a netbook?
Yes, if the computer in question is powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor, it is a netbook. Notebooks, on the other hand, may use one of a variety of Intel® processors. Appearances can be misleading, too, with many full-featured notebooks now available in ultra-thin and light designs.

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  1. With an ION Chipset, HD videos,encoding and moderate gaming becomes more feasable....

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