Cheapest Android Phone = ZTE Smooth ?!

Entering the market in August 2010 with a sub-$150 price tag, here's ZTE Smooth - running on Google's Android 1.6 Operating System:

ZTE Smooth, which shamelessly dons the Palm Pre form, will run for $146 when it finally hits store shelves this year. So far, no other phone company has announced a cheaper Android phone.

Here are the specs:

Android 1.6 OS
QWERTY keyboard,
2.8 inch QVGA display,
FM radio,
Bluetooth 2.0,
UMTS connectivity

Hmm, $146. That's only roughly Php 6,700 with current conversion, before taxes. Totally cheap for an Android phone! I bet a lot of Pinoys would want to get their hands on this. But the question is, will ZTE even bother bringing to the Philippines and doing business here after the broadband brouhaha? Let's see.

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