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Naruto was told to rest under Yamato's watch, but he manages to sneak away and go towards Kakashi.

Outwitted by Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Neji have been put to sleep.

Madara collects Danzō's corpse (so he can obtain Shisui's eyes)
(It appears to be a fruitless effort, since Danzō smashed Shisui's eyes while he was on the verge of death, making recovery impossible)
Madara: "Finish the girl off, she knows too much"
Sasuke: "When did become your comrade? I have no reason to follow your orders"
Madara leaves. Sasuke approaches Karin, while Karin reminisces.
Karin hails from the same village of Konoha. Back when they had to collect the scrolls of Heaven and Earth, Karin lost her comrades and was attacked by a bear, but she was saved.
Boy Sasuke: Is that a Scroll of Earth? Well, bye~ (smiling face)
Current Sasuke: (face dies away) Well, bye~
Karin: I just wanted to see his face one more time...
Just when he wants to finish Karin off, Sakura appears
Sasuke: "Sakura...? How did you find me?"
Sakura: (This is the current Sasuke-kun. He changed so much...)
"I'm going to accompany you Sasuke-kun, so I'm running from konoha as well!!"

The End

EDIT NOTE: The poster corrected himself to say he meant Kiba, not Neji.




From Shounensuki

Naruto was told to rest under Yamato's watch, but he manages to sneak away and go towards Kakashi.

Outwitted by Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Neji Kiba have been put to sleep.

Madara collects Danzō's corpse (so he can obtain Shisui's eyes)
(It appears to be a fruitless effort, since Danzō smashed Shisui's eyes while he was on the verge of death, making recovery impossible)
Madara: "Finish the girl off, she knows too much"
Sasuke: "When did become your comrade? I have no reason to follow your orders"
Madara leaves. Sasuke approaches Karin, while Karin reminisces.
Karin hails from the same village of Konoha. Back when they had to collect the scrolls of Heaven and Earth, Karin lost her comrades and was attacked by a bear, but she was saved.
Boy Sasuke: Is that a Scroll of Earth? Well, bye~ (smiling face)
Current Sasuke: (face dies away) Well, bye~
Karin: I just wanted to see his face one more time...
Just when he wants to finish Karin off, Sakura appears
Sasuke: "Sakura...? How did you find me?"
Sakura: (This is the current Sasuke-kun. He changed so much...)
"I'm going to accompany you Sasuke-kun, so I'm running from konoha as well!!"

The End

EDIT NOTE: The poster corrected himself to say he meant Kiba, not Neji.


In the meantime, here are the Naruto Manga 482 fan predictions:

Written by: N.V.O. aka Itasuke

Naruto 482: Sakura Vs. Sai!

(Team Sakura Scene)
Sakura: I'm serious. Step aside, Sai.
Sai: No. I'm sorry, I won't let you pass.
Kiba: Let's get Him!! Wolf-Fang-Over-Fang! -Kiba and Akamaru start twirling in the air and are aiming towards Sai-
Sai: ?! He's fast...-Opens a scroll and starts drawing-
Rock Lee: Too slow! Leaf-Whirlwind! -Lee kicks Sai sending him 2 meters towards a tree-
Sai: Gah...! -Stands up-...Now...-Does the Tiger Hand sign-
Sakura: He's gonna summon--
Sai: Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll! -Summons beasts out of the scroll-
Sakura: Stand behind me, guys! ... -The beasts are approaching Sakura- Chew on this!! -Punches the beasts in one hit making them shatter-
Sai: !! ...*Sigh*...(I must hold them off until Kakashi-Sensei gets here...I don't stand a chance against the three of them together).

(Kakashi & Ink Clone Sai Scene)
Sai: Kakashi-Sensei...Things are getting really bad. I won't last long against the three of them.
Kakashi: ...Just try to distract them until we get closer.
Sai: ...I don't think I can, but I'll try.

(Sasuke & Madara Scene)
Sasuke: Let's go. -Lands on the ground, walking away-
Karin: S...Sa-suke...
Madara: I'm impressed, you're still alive.
Karin: Why...*Coughs up blood*...Sasuke why...?!
Sasuke: I...Karin, you're useless now, you won't be able to help me anymore.
Karin: But I did!! I risked...*Coughs up blood* my life pl-- Gah!!
Sasuke: ...!!
Madara *While stepping one foot on Karin's back*: Enough of this. (Hmph, foolish girl. The last thing I need is to bring Sasuke back to his senses, and decrease the dark within his heart...) Sasuke, let's go.
Sasuke: ...

(Team Sakura Vs. Sai Scene)
Sai: *Pant*...*Pant*...(If this keeps up....)
Sakura: I got you NOW!
Sai: ?!
-Sakura uses Chakra Scalpel on both of Sai's legs and arms as they are paralyzed and he's not able to move anymore-
Sakura: Sai, I really don't want to beat you up. So this should be enough to keep you in place. Ok, back to plan. I'm going alone.
Kiba - Lee: ?!
Kiba: No you won't! Why won't yo--
Sakura: Because I'm the one that should complete this task, not you guys! ...I must stop this insanity at once.
Kiba: about we prove to you how strong we are Then you'll see how much you're gonna need us!
Sakura: W-What do you mean...?
Kiba: Let's have a fight!
Rock Lee: ...I rather let Sakura go, than fight her...
Kiba: Lee are you idiot or what?! She might get killed!!
Rock Lee *With a sad look on his face*: ...
Kiba: Grr...Fine, it'll just be you and me!
Sakura: ...Ok, but if win, I'll pass on alone.
Kiba: Yeah, but if we win, you'll let us go along.
Akamaru: Woof!
Sakura: -Gets in fighting stance- Deal.


Sasuke and Madara are heading towards Konoha, while Team Sakura are having arguments. Will Kakashi get there in time?!
Next Time: Encounter!


Written by: Sannyasin

Naruto 482 Prediction

Sasuke scene
As Madara and Sasuke begin to move out they see Karin trying to stand up.

Madara: This is your call Sasuke. Save her or let her die?
Sasuke: She is useful but I don’t need weak teammates. Let’s go
Karin: So this is all I am? I’ve been used all my life, Orochimaru and now Sasuke…
Karin faints and both Uchiha begin to walk

Sakura scene
Sakura: Sai get out of my way or I won’t hold back
Sai: Go ahead and try to hit me, I’m fairly strong…

Sakura concentrates some chakra on her fist and rushes towards Sai but moments before hitting the blow, Kakashi and the real Sai arrive and Sakura stops.
Kakashi: Stop this nuisance right now!

The ink-clone vanishes

Kiba: So it was a bunshin…
Sakura: Sai you traitor!
Kakashi: Sai is not traitor, he did everything under my orders so I’m responsible for his actions.
Sakura: Kakashi-sensei…

Kakashi: Anyway I know you’ve learned Sasuke’s location so here is the plan.
Myself, Sai and Lee will chase him. Sakura and Kiba will be following us in case we need any help. Before that put this communicators so we can talk at distance.

Lee: Yosh! It’s my time to show progress
Kiba: Heh! Akamaru and I have also trained
Sakura: Sasuke…this time I won’t fail!
Kakashi: Ok! Move out!

Sasuke scene:
Madara: Someone’s approaching us fast, I think it’s Konoha ninjas
Sasuke: Those fools. Why do they keep coming?

Chapter ends


by: Mist Shinobi

Naruto 482: Sakura's Pain

(Starts off with Sakura and Sai scene)
Sakura: I wont repeat myself Sai, move-out of the way, I can do this on my own.

Lee: ...Sakura...

Sai: You shouldnt be doing this, none of you are a match for Sasuke, you'll be going to your deaths.

Kiba: Are you with us or not?!

Sakura: Kiba,Lee stay out of this. This is my business and mine alone!

*Sai thinks to himself* This isnt good, shes willing to fight me in order to get to Sasuke.
*Sai paints in his scroll*

Sakura: Dont think you can hold me back!
*Sakura charges toward Sai*

Sai: Sakura, dont make me have to hurt you, youre being reckless.
*A Sai ink clone catches Sakura behind her back, holding her in a submission*

Kiba: What do you think youre doing?!

*Sai's ink snakes capture Kiba and strangle him to the tree branch*

Sai: Lee, I hope you don't interfer.

Lee: Sakura, I think Sai is right, what youre doing here is wrong.

Sakura: No! I cant let Naruto do everything all the time!
*Sakura breaks tears*

Sakura: I dont want to be a burden to him anymore, and Sasuke hurts him too, everyone depends on him too much!

Sai:....What is this feeling....

Kakashi: Thats enough now.

Lee: Kakashi!

Kakashi: Thats enough Sakura, Naruto wouldnt want this from you.


Kakashi: Not only is this too dangerous, none of you had permission from the hokage to set-out on this mission.

Sai: Danzo won't be happy about this......!

Kakashi: Whats wrong Sai?

Sai(with blank face expression): Danzo has been killed.....

Kakashi: Hm, Akatsuki probably got him, are you alright with this Sai?

Sai: I dont know, Danzo never really showed any emotion towards me whatsoever, but still.....

Kakashi:.....Its time we head back, Yamato is waiting for me. And Sakura should tell Naruto the truth after he recovers. I need to inform the village that im the hokage as well. Many things to go through now....

Naruto 483: Kakashi, the New Hokage!


by: Sage_Naruto

Naruto 482: Uninvited Guest

(Sakura and Team Scene)

Sakura : ..*glaring at sai*
Sai :…..i am sorry sakura I cannot let you do this….for the sake of team 7..
Sakura : What are you talking about sai?
Sai : It was my fault that you even set off on this mission…I do not know what kind of relationship the original team 7 shared ..but now I am part of the team too…and I cannot let you do something so stupid because of me..
Sakura : ….Sai your right…*looks down so no one can see her face*
Sai : !!

Sakura punches the ground causing kiba,lee and sai to fly back with the debris…..suddenly there is a huge puff of smoke coming out from within the crater which spreads rapidly throughout the area…

Kiba : *half closing his eyes because of the smoke* cough cough…I lost her scent..
Akamaru : WOOF WOOF
Sai : this is not good …the smoke is clogging kiba’s nose so he cant track her..Sakura had prepared for this..
Lee : *cough* …I- I cannot see her…
Mysterious Voice: Wind style: Blowing vortex!
There is a a strong vortex of wind that comes in and blows of the smoke..
Kakashi : *landing on a tree with his sharingan activated. Sai’s ink clone is also there* No…I was too late again..
Kiba : !!
Lee: !!
Sai : …………..

(Sakura Scene)

Sakura is jumping though the trees rapidly. Her feet are glowing with chakra.

Sakura: *pant* I am almost there…Sasuke…

(Sasuke Scene)

Madara is examining Danzo’s face
Madara: Heh…That old rat was always a little too cautious about his secrets…
Madara: Come on Sasuke, we have to go..It seems are friend here had planted a seal on his eye that renders it useless if it is ever removed from his body….i need time to figure out how to disable that seal..
Sasuke:……*closes his eyes and looks up at the sky*
Sasuke : (thinking) one down…2 more to go…I will finish this ..Brother..
Sasuke : *opens his eyes* Ok lets go…
Madara : *stands up holding danzo on one hand* What about the girl?
Sasuke :*looks back at the dead Karin* hmph what about her? She is dead…..she served her purpose…
Madara : ……….
*suddenly zetsu appears from the ground*
Madara: Do u have it all?
Zetsu(black half) : Yes…
Zetsu (white half) : that was one hell of a fight!
Madara : That’s one more obstacle down…we are so close now…
Sasuke: ARGHH!!!*falls to his knees*
Sasuke: *pant* *pant* I- (opens his eyes but everything is really blurry) my eyes! What-
Madara: We have to go…you’ve overused your eyes too much…
Sasuke: …..ughn..
Zetsu : oh and madara, there is a group approaching here from the west…It seems that the Mizukage and her bodywas following danzo…
Madara :…we will have to deal with them later
Madara : (thinking) the kage summit…
Madara : We will have to deal with them later….let get going..

Suddenly three Kunai’s fly at Madara just as he is about to morph with Sasuke and danzo. The Kunais go right thourgh him though.

Madara:!! Looks like we have some guests…

Sakura: ARGHHH
She punches the ground with incredible strength…Zetsu goes underground while Madara jumps to a higher ground..

Madara sees Sakura as the smoke clears
Madara : Konoha….
Madara : heh Sasuke looks like your friends are here…
Sasuke : …*holding his right eye*..they just never quit..

Sakura is standing in the center of the crater looking up at Sasuke and Madara
Sakura : Sasuke….

by: The Special One

Naruto 482: Stop Sakura!

(The Scene kicks off on Sasuke and Madara’s location; they are still overlooking the grim scene. Madara looks over at Sasuke.)

Madara: First things first… Let’s take care of your condition… Without the girl your recovery will be much slower; we should get a move on…

Sasuke: The usual method?

(Madara palms the right side of his mask where the eye hole is…)

Madara: Today I’ve overused my dojutsu, I need time to recover my chakra…

Madara (in thought): Shisui’s eye most likely has been sealed to prevent it from being stolen.

Sasuke: Tsk, so even the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan has its limits…

Madara: We’re going back to HQ, try to keep up…

(The Scene switches over to Team Sakura’s location… Sakura and Sai are staring each other down.)

Sakura: I’ll punch you like before if you continue to stand in my way… (Lee gets excited and prepares to leap forward however, Kiba jumps off Akamaru and stops Lee by placing his hand on Lee’s shoulder.)

Kiba: No man, this is between Team 7… Frankly I’m with Sai on this one… This isn’t a good idea on the whole, especially if we have to deal with both of them, I mean damn we couldn’t even land a hand on the other guy… We just have to have faith that Sai can cool her down, we simply didn’t think this all the way through… (Lee bows his head down, meanwhile Sai continues to obstruct in Sakura’s intentions. Sakura rushes north a bit however, Sai follows her and using his agility manages to cut her off and get back in front of her.)

Sai: If you can’t outrun me, there’s no way you can keep up with Sasuke’s speed… (Sakura remembers Sasuke’s blinding speed when they first met in the beginning of Part II… The Scene switches back to reality.)

Sakura: SHUT UP! (Sakura charges at Sai and prepares to punch Sai however, he slips his head… He quickly moves his body to Sakura’s right side, before Sakura can withdraw her punch, Sai hooks her right arm and then positions his body in back while still clinging onto her arm… He then hooks her left arm, successfully putting her in a submission hold.

Sai: Your blows are deadly, but your taijutsu is also below his… (Sakura grunts… She leans forward while Sai struggles to keep her restrained… She then smashes the back of her head up against Sai’s face, giving Sai a bloody nose… Sai then lets her go as he falls to his knees. Sakura looks back and then takes off running… Sai rubs his nose with both hands… Immediately Kiba (on top of Akamaru) and Lee rushes to Sai’s aid.)


Kiba: I didn’t think it would have gotten so bad. That’s it, we’re bringing Sakura back… She can’t get too far on her own…

Sai: It’s my fault… I couldn’t seriously fight her, not her…

Lee: Because of Naruto?

Sai:…. (Kiba shakes his head in annoyance.)

Kiba: Huh women… C’mon, let’s get to gettin… (The scene switches over Sakura’s location. She is continuously running to her destination… She pants heavily… She keeps running and running. She soon trips over a root that sticks out of the ground…)

Sakura: Huh, huh, huh… I’ll NEVER MAKE IT! (She gets up and rushes off again… She soon hears a Kiba’s loud voice in back.)

Kiba: SAKURA! GET BACK HERE! (She continues to run however, she stops as Kakashi and the Sai Clone lands right in front of her.)

Sakura (in thought): Kakashi sensei, and Sai? What the hell? (She reluctantly looks in back and spots Kiba, Lee, and Sai…)

Sakura: So Sai, you’re a dirty trickster… (Kakashi places his hand on Sai clone’s shoulder.)

Kakashi: I’ll handle it from here Sai, good work (the ink clone disperses)… Sakura, you will stop this nonsense at once! (Sakura has the” I eat shit face on.” Kakashi glances in the distances and notices that Sai has a little blood on his face.) Injuring a teammate and putting yourself in danger like this, I’m disappointed to even call you a Chuunin hell, this is not even Genin behavior…


Kakashi: What will you hope to gain by throwing your life away? Did Tsunade train you to become this reckless? Did you really think about how Naruto, your family, or even your fellow villagers would feel if you up ended up dying?


Kakashi: Exactly, you didn’t think about that… You’re only thinking about yourself… Have you sunken so low that in order to escape reality and ease the burden on yourself, you’d have to die? Is that what you’re after?

Sakura:…How dare you… (Sakura tries to bypass Kakashi however, Kakashi grabs her arm.) OUCH! LET ME GO KAKASHI!

Kakashi: If you step any further you will become a missing nin and be targeted by the village of Konoha… As the current Hokage of Konoha, I strongly recommend you to cease your actions and return to the village quietly… (Sakura is shocked by what she hears. )

Sakura: You…. What?

(Time goes by… Days, weeks? We’re unsure… We just know it has been a bit since the Kage Summit… In the a decently structured small building, Kakashi can be seen sitting at desk without wearing his vest… He is fumbling through paperwork… Soon Shikamaru and Shizune barges in carrying loads of papers…)

Kakashi: More? (Shizune and Shikamaru nods their head as they nonchalantly toss the stacks of papers on Kakashi’s already piled desk… Kakashi sighs and buries his face in the piles of paper… The Scene switches over to Kumogakure… Outside the door to the Raikage’s office, the female attendant is carrying a huge scroll with Konoha’s symbol on it.)

Attendant: Lord Raikage! The stat charts of the shinobi from Konoha have just been sent in from the Hokage. You asked for them, so I have them right here! (Raikage yells from beyond the door.)


Attendant: But sir, you have to look at all of them anyway, and besides, that’s your job!

Raikage: WHAAAT!

Attendant: Me and my big mouth…

Next Time: The Raikage is already evaluating the skills of the shinobi from the hidden villages… The 4th shinobi war is underway….


by: jeanericuser

Naruto 482: Crossroads

Sakura is looking at Sai with a very angry look on her face. Sai stands unmoved by look on Sakura's face as she looks him right in the eyes.
Sakura: "Step asside Sai or I will have to hurt you."
Kiba: "Sakura what are you doing?"
Sakura: "Shut up Kiba! Step asside Sai or I will have to hurt you."
Sai: "Kakashi will be here soon. He will decide what happens."
Sakura: "Not this time. I will not be denied!"
Sakura charges head long and tries to punch Sai but the second she hits him the clone splatters ink onto the ground.
Sakura thinking: "A clone. Now where is he hiding now."
Sai drops down and looks at Sakura with a serious expression on his face.
Sai: "I can not let you throw away your life like this. Stop now before I am forced to defend myself."
Sakura: "Than lets see what you actually can do."
Sakura charges head long and punches the clone causing it to disentigrate. Three ink lions drop down from the trees and charge at Sakura. Sakura jumps in the air just before the ink lions can attack her and with one hit destroys all
three lions with a series of punches that leave a crater in the ground. Sakura turns to look around after after climbing out of the crater still covered in ink.
Sakura: "Is that all you got. I would never have thought you to be such a weakling that you would be afraid to fight me in person."
Sai: "I know what you are capable of but it appears you do not know what I am capable of."
A series of black jelly like masses fall to the ground around Sakura.
Sakura: "Is that all you got!?"
Sakura looks around as Kiba and Lee watch with surprised looks on their faces. Suddenly the black masses all fly together at the same time and stick to sakura. Sakura swats the massive off as they splatter around on the trees. The masses then suddenly all seem to suddenly shoot at Sakura at the exact same moment covering her head to toe in a large cacoon. Sakura
struggles to move as the masses seemingly pin her to the ground on her knees. The ink from the lions then moves over to join the mass creating a heavier mass that send sakura falling over laying on the ground.
Sakura thinking: "Its too heavy. Can't move. Damn you Sai! Damn it!"
Sakura falls over as the masses cover her entire body leaving only her head visable from the mass covering her. Sai jumps down and walks over to Sakura who is laying on the ground still with an enraged look on her face.
Sakura: "Is this the best you can do? Covering me with a heavy mass of ink."
Sai: "You are fortunate I am allowing you to see this jutsu and live to tell. It normally is used as a means of execution instead of live capture and I have used it on many occasions without failure so you are fortunate I do not use it to smother you to death right here right now."
Sakura is suddenly shocked as she considers the ramifications of what Sai just said.
Sakura thinking: "Damn it!"

Madara is examining the body of Danzo while Sasuke is examining Karin. Madara removes the bandages revealing the surgical scars from attaching the arm and the seal on Danzo's body.
Madara thinking: "So this is the price you made yourself pay for our power eh Danzo? You certainly have done your homework well. It is a pity that none of this can be salvaged."
Sasuke is looking over Karin's body when he finds a diary on Karin's body.
Sasuke thinking: "What is this?"
Sasuke begins to read the diary and then grimaces as he closes the diary and tosses it asside.
Sasuke thinking: "So that is what I was to you. Some childish infatuation. How pathetic."
Madara teleports in Fuu and Torune who seem visably shaken at being teleported in.
Madara: "Your boss is now dead. He deserves a proper burial. Return him to Konoha and bring along this message to whomever replaces Danzo as hokage. The sooner you hand over the kyubi the sooner the attrocities will end. Go now and leave my sight before I decide to have you killed as well."
Fuu goes over and picks up Danzo's body. Fuu and Torune then run off while Madara turns to Sasuke. Zetsu appears from out of the ground with a twisted smile on his face.
Zetsu: "Well that is one less loose end to worry about. We had best leave soon. Danzo was being tracked by two other groups and one of them is approaching us."
Madara: "Sasuke are you ready to leave?"
Sasuke: "Yes. There is nothing further I need here."
Madara: "And Karin?"
Sasuke: "Leave her. She is of little value to us now. Team Hawk is now officially disbanded. Their usefulness is at an end."
Karin's face is shown with a tear running down her cheek as she lays there dead.

Down in a sewer deep below the ground five shadowy figures wearing jonin anbu black ops masks are all meeting together in a small dimly lit room. As small whispers fill the room one of them suddenly claps his hands loudly together as the others suddenly stop to look. The figure walks towards a section seperate from everyone else.
Figure1: "I have just received confirmation from our tracking seals. Danzo is dead."
Figure2: "How do we know this isn't a test to test our loyalty."
Figure3: "If it was a test it wouldn't be like this. No those seals are something Danzo would not break. Danzo is indeed dead."
Figure4: "Is there any confirmation on who killed him?"
Figure1: "I can only speculate but my guess is akatsuki."
Figure5: "What do we do now? Danzo was responcible for leadership with no one designated as his second in command."
Figure1: "I think Danzo would have wanted me to succeed him."
Figure2: "You?! Danzo would rather have disbanded Root itself rather than allow you to replace him as leader."
Figure1: "Than what would you have us do?"
Figure2: "Let us wait and bide our time. We have little information of what is going on right now. It is best that we wait and gather information as it become available."
Figure3: "I agree. Anyone opposed?"
Silence fills the room and then figure 1 nods his head.
Figure3: "We shall gather any and all information right now as it come available."
Figure5: "What about current opperations? We still have several people in the field right now on various missions."
Figure1: "Recall all members of Root. I think it is also time that a general election be held within root to determine who shall be the next leader of Root. Agreed?"
All of the figures: "Agreed."
Figures1: "Then let us all return to the surface and gather all our people together."
As the figures all leave, the first figure removes his mask to reveal Ibiki.
Ibiki thinking: "Finally my plans can begin after years of waiting."

Naruto 483: Rebirth of the Root


by: saiyanman

Naruto 482: As darkness reigns

[Scene shows Sasuke and Madara standing away from Danzou’s corpse]

Madara: Looks like I missed a valuable Sharingan…I won’t be surprised if he meant to seal it as well in that last ditch attempt. Pity…

Sasuke: [Looks at Karin’s corpse on the ground] Now that he’s done with, Konoha is next. I will see it burn.

Madara: Ruthless as always I see. Sure, if you don’t recklessly kill yourself that is…

Sasuke: [Gives a cold look to Madara] Are you questioning my strength?

Madara: Now, now Sasuke…proper thinking now, foolish anger later.

Sasuke: Cut the smart crap.

Madara: Very well [Looks over at Danzou’s body] I must say your strength is…..admirable but at the same time, if you continue fighting like this, then I’m afraid nothing will save you later on.

Sasuke: Meaning? [Looks at his katana]

Madara: You refused to take Itachi’s eyes for……..ahh noble reasons. The way you spent yourself today using all the Sharingan’s techniques are dangerous…..even for you.

Sasuke: That’s it? [Smirks] I expected something more ridiculous.

Madara: What is not ridiculous is that your eyes are going faster into eternal darkness. Faster than any Uchiha I’ve known since my birth. So fast it’s actually funny.

[Sasuke’s face is shown to be expressionless now]

Madara: If you were to take-

Sasuke: [lifts a hand] We’ve been through this Madara. I’m not agreeing to that deal of yours. I cannot……will not……see what Itachi wanted to see.

Madara: [closeup of Sharingan] I see. In that case, before clearing up shall we…invite our new guests over here?

[Scene switches to Sakura and the others]

[Sakura and Sai are standing a little apart from each other while the others watch on]

Kiba: I can’t believe you Sakura! We agreed to help you and you try to cast us aside like this?

Sakura: I’m sorry Kiba but-

Sai: Sakura I understand that you didn’t want Naruto to know about this but how did you think of taking on Sasuke alone?

Sakura: I-I..cannot answer that Sai. I have to do this alone.

Lee: [comes in between Sakura and Sai] I won’t allow this! We must not fight among ourselves! Youth forbids it! Sakura-san, you will not leave us here!

Sakura: …..

Sai: Are you thinking of killing him or letting him kill you? Being killed will not make a difference Sakura.

Sakura: I can’t fail this…time. Guys...I’m sorry but I have to do this alone. It has to be me.

Lee: [feels saddened] Then we have no choice but to restrain you ourselves Sakura-san.

Sakura: So be it. I can….will do this myself.

Voice: Little fighters! Amusing entertainment I see.

Kiba: Heads up guys! That Tobi guy’s scent is suddenly a whole lot closer to us!!

Sakura: ! [turns around]

[Scene switches to Kakashi hurrying through the forest with Sai]

Kakashi: I suddenly have a bad feeling about this…

Sai: !

Kakashi: What has happened Sai? We will be there soon.

Sai: They have found them..

[Scene switches back to Sakura]

[Sakura turns slowly and watches as Madara and Sasuke descend from spiraling dimensional rip in the air onto a large tree branch in the forest]

Madara: How…fortunate eh Sasuke? You get to play with Konoha sooner.

[Looks at kiba and the others]

Madara: You must be from the Inuzuka clan. Sharp nose you’ve got there.

Sakura: [thinking] What happened? Where’s Danzou? I thought Kiba detected his scent here as well.

Sasuke: [in a bored voice] First Danzou and now this. I can’t stand this anymore…I'll make sure that I dispose of you all for sure this time.

[Sakura snaps and hurries forward ignoring her team’s exclaim of shocks. Madara phases through Sakura’s fist and the tree crumbles from the first impact. Sasuke calmly drops to the ground at the same time Sakura regains her balance in front of him. Madara is seen standing at a distance observing Sakura’s team rather than the fight.]

Sasuke: This won’t take long. I have no intention to waste my time with you weaklings…!

[Sasuke dodges Sakura’s punch at the last second and looks at her to see that her face is suddenly much calmer now]

Sakura: Don’t underestimate us.

[Sakura runs forward again as Sasuke stands inviting the punch. In an instant Sasuke closes and opens both his eyes. The world suddenly changes around Sakura as everyone disappears except Sasuke]

Sasuke: [in a booming voice which echoes all around] What do you know about me…Sakura? You think you can defeat me with your puny hatred?

Sakura: [doesn’t say anything and closes her eyes] I won’t defeat you with hatred. I will defeat you with…

Sasuke: !

[Scene switches to Kakashi]

Sai: We better hurry!

Kakashi: What’s wrong?

Sai: Sakura and Sasuke haven’t moved since her first attack. Sasuke must have used his most potent genjutsu on her.

Kakashi: We’re almost there now.

Sai: !

Kakashi: [looks at sai] ?

Sai: She….did it!

[Scene switches to Sakura and Sasuke]

[Sasuke is seen holding his eyes in a little pain]

Sasuke: You-

Madara: [thinks] As I thought…his eyes are strained enough for now.

Sakura: I have learned to overcome such minor things Sasuke-kun [she smiles] Let’s start with the real fight shall we?

Madara: [looks at Sakura and thinks] Most impressive girl. I’ve not seen anyone repelling Tsukiyomi this fast.

[Scene switches back to Kakashi]

Kakashi: It was always meant to happen one day Sai.

Sai: This fight you mean?

Kakashi: Not the fight. Sakura. She was always a genjutsu type to begin with. I suppose she worked out the major things by herself and has improved to a whole new level now.

[Kakashi exposes his Sharingan eye and looks as if he’s smiling grimly]

Kakashi: Besides…we have reached them now.

[Kakashi and Sai descend a little away from the others who appear a little shocked and Sasuke’s face shows an angry expression. Sai's bunshin disperses.]

Kakashi: Yo! [raises his hand]

Kakashi arrives at the scene!! How will Sasuke react to this?


by: Siverblade

Naruto 482

Chapter opens up. Three figures leap from a nearby tree.

Tobi: We have Company.

Kiba: ....Sasuke is covered in blood and LOOK a corpse.

Sakura gazes at the bloodied Sasuke.

Lee: ....

Sasuke: Long time no see Lee and Kiba.

Tobi: Sasuke you...

Sasuke: I got it. They're just weaklings. *He looks over to Kiba*
Why are you here? Oh wait..

Sakura: Sasuke I'm going to bring you back to Konoha.

Sasuke: I was about to go there and burn it down. But time to die.

Sakura: !!!! *This Sasuke is not the same..*

*Sasuke moves in a flicker. He appears in front of Lee.*

Sasuke: This is for humiliating me three years ago.

*Sasuke throws a Punch, but Lee blocks using both of his arms. Sasuke uses Chidori Nagashi and sends Lee spiraling backwards.*


Sasuke quickly shifts his gaze over to Kiba and uses Tsukyomi on him and Akamaru.

Kiba and Akamaru is down.

Sasuke: It's just me and you Sakura.

Sakura: YOU BASTARD!!!! IM GOING TO BRING YOU BACK TO KONOHA!!! *Sakura drives her fist into the terrain below causing a massive uproar of earth to sprout. However, Sasuke dodges this by springing himself a couple of feet from the ground and stabs Sakura with a Chidori blade from above.*

Sakura: .......*cough*..what happened to you Sasuke....

*Sakura is on her knees.... coughing up blood.*

Sasuke lands onto the shattered terrain with his Chidori blade going through Sakura's stomach.*

Sakura: Sasuke.... I have something to tell you..

Sasuke: .....

Sakura: Sasuke-kun i love you...


*Sasuke intensifies the Chidori, lightning bolts are erupting from his body.*


-Sasuke is shown with an evil face.-

-- Scene switch to unknown Person --

Three figures are shown in the darkness speaking to each other.

Mysterious person - This figure represents an old man.

Mysterious person: Danzou has finally kicked the bucket.

Underling 1 - A figure with a horn and long hair.
Underling 2 - A bald figure.

Underling 1: Madara has declared war with us.
Mysterious Person: Yes. For those two troublesome Jinchuuriki.
Underling 2: The 8 and 9 tails right?

Mysterious Person: Yes. However, the 9 tailed host is very powerful. He defeated a Rinnen'gan user.

Underling 1: May i kill him sir?
Underling 2: Let's have Jin do it for US.

Mysterious Person: WHY YES!

- Scene switch -

A figure is shown meditating stance from behind. He wields a huge axe. From the front he has a scar across his eye and is wearing a (Iwa)Rock forehead protector.

Jin: Uzumaki Naruto. Shall be captured.

Next time: Uprising Darkness


by: Icon

Naruto 482

(can kakashi make it in time to stop sakura. or will she just walk into her own death)

Sakura tells sai to get out of her way or she will have to use force. sai said he will not let them go past this point because they don't know what they are walking into he also said that they are not strong enough to handle sasuke and the akatsuki guy alone. lee and kiba are angry because sai don't think they are strong enough. lee said to himself with an angry face (he doesn't think we are strong enough hmm this guy thinks he alone can stop us . well if he thinks i have just been sitting around watching everybody get stronger and not pushing myself he has another thing coming)

kiba then says i have become stronger last time i was on a mission with naruto i embarrassed myself but now i am 10 times stronger naruto is not the only one who.. suddenly sai looked at lee lee moved so fast sai couldn't keep up suddenly he appeared right in front of sai with a dash and kicked sai right in the air he then opened his 2nd gate and as soon as sai was falling to the ground lee jumped and kicked sai up again and keep kicking him up in the air and moved so quickly sai looked up while he was being kick and lee was above him lee hit sai with primary lotus sai hit the ground so hard the area was covered with dust. the dust cleared but sai was a clone. sai is in a trees watching and said to himself (this is going to be harder than i thought) suddenly sai glimpse kiba coming at him with fang over fang sai said damn no time to make a move kiba got sai with fang over fang sending sai up in the air and them slamming him in the ground.

while he was still being attacked with fang over fang kiba said to himself no i didn't get him as soon as I was about to slam him in the ground he managed to summon a bird from that scroll and got away from my attack damn him. sakura said lee kiba he won't let us pass as long as he can fight that is the kind of person sai is so i'll take care of him he is my teammate. lee said we understand sakura. sai who is in a tree says to himself (well it seem they won't listen to me its not like i am really fighting them as if they was my enemy but it seems like I have no choice i will do what is necessary) sakura is still in front of kiba and lee then suddenly a ink snake is wrapping her up from the ankle up.

sakura got this angry look on her face. with her gloves on she just gripped the ink snake and crushed it. she then notice the summoning came from the north and slammed her fist in the ground messing up the area sai jumps up to avoid getting caught in the crumbling of the ground he landed and as soon as he did sakura is coming at him with her hand filled with her chakra in her hands. sai said damn it if i am hit with that i am done for i cant react suddenly as she was a pin away from hitting sai in the face with her justu a hand grabbed sakura.

Sakura was surprised and said what? kakashi what are you doing here kakashi sensei. kakashi said to sakura( sakura i know you feel that you always rely on naruto too much but sometimes naruto does things because he wants to not because of his promise to you. if you feel that killing sasuke will cause the world to be extinguished from darkness and by doing that you feel you will cause naruto and the world less suffering then you are wrong. sakura replies with sadness on her face shut up kakashi i have to do this. kakashi then says do you think you can take sasuke on at your level you will just be walking into your own death. sasuke is not the same as before and as far as we know he is being pushed to do things he might not even do on his own free will.

naruto knows the truth about what you are planing. sakura with an angry look on her face starts heading in sasuke's direction. kakashi said to sakura if you are sure you want to do this i'll take you there myself. sakura is surprised. kakashi then says everyone come close to me. kakashi activate his mangekyou sharingan kakashi says i haven't master this properly i hope this works (everybody disappears. Kakashi can now teleport).

Sasuke says to madara its time we get ready for kohana. madara says but sasuke are you not overusing your eye just a bit are you sure you don't want to take itachi's eyes? sasuke says no i don't need them the pain in my eye will go away. madara says to himself hmm pain? i see so it has began sooner or later you will have itachi's eyes.

suddenly a crater opens up in the ground beside danzou. kakashi lee kiba sai and sakura appear kakashi say i see my teleportation worked so what do we have here.
( it ends with kakashi and the rest of the team is looking right at sasuke and madara and sasuke)

next issue Naruto Manga 483: Into the darkness


by: State of Naruto

Naruto 482: Revenge Express Next Stop

Sasuke: One down two to go, next's stop konoha. If we go now we will have the element of surprise

Madara: Element of surprise ?? The leaf is protecting itself on war time situation now or have you forgotten it was just attacked by Pain. No attack will be a surprise. The leaf will be expecting any attack.

Sasuke: With your teleporting that's no problem. Just get me the to location of the other two.

Madara: Hehe, I wouldn't be in hurry to use your power again if I were you.

Sasuke: !!?! The image of Madara becomes highly invisible (not completely) Sasuke's shraingan disappears, (leaving only dreadful pain Sasuke drops to the ground) sh*it the pain is worst than last time.

Madara: (using sarcasm) Well, well, well behold Sasuke - the pain of over using the mangekyou sharingan. Painful is it ?? I know how you feel believe me I know ... haha

Sasuke: Go to hell you think this is funny ??

Madara: But in all seriousness Sasuke, you need to rise up, the shadows are moving closer everytime you use the mangekyou sharingan. Oh yeah your medical attention is dead now. We are in no shape for a conflict at the moment.

Madara using spacetime the typhoon absorb Sasuke
Madara: The eye of Shisui is no more thanks to that sealing Justu damn it Danzo a perfectly good eye wasted

(Madara disappearing)

(Team Sakura) & (Team Kakashi)
Sakura: Sai Im warning you for the last time out of the way!

Kakashi: What kind of trouble Sai ??
Sai Clone: Sakura was planning on using sleep bombs to knock us out but I stopped her. But the trouble is I am the only one standing in her way of getting to Sasuke and she wants me gone.

Kakashi: That is bad!
Yamato: oo boy things just got worst

Kiba: Sh*it I just lost Sasuke. Must be Tobi's spacetime jutsu!!!!
Lee: What ??? Can you find the trace everywhere ??
Kiba: Tobi must have teleported Sasuke somewhere far away

Kiba & Lee thinking Sakura ..

Sakura: Falls to the ground in disbelief totally speechless
Sai: I don't know what you were thinking Sakura but its a good thing Sasuke is gone now fight him would just be a suicide mission

Sakura: gaahagaagagag: !!!!!!!!!! punching the ground creating a earthquakes

Kakashi, Yamato and Sai's Clone all can feel the power of this earthquake still miles away
Kakashi: what going on an earthquake !!!!!
Sai's clone its sakura not nature at work !!!!
Yamato: what the hell did you say to her
Kakashi: Sai you unleashed something special in Sakura
Sai's clone: Just hurry or I will end in up like Naruto or worst

Sakura: gagagag SAI its all your fault I will never forgive you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Root underground base

Root member's: The seal from my Danzo disappeared !!!
Root member's: what?? The seal is released!!!!

(Around 100 Root member stand in disbelief)
One of the Root member's: Is Danzo dead (a state of confusion erupts from this simple question) A 100 root members begins screaming out statements at the same time about what they think happen to Danzo.

Other two elder appear

The Elder stop this nonsense, The story of Danzon has ended !!!!!

Root members: how exactly do you know
Elders: How, you say ?? You are not the only ones with a seal connected to Danzo,( they unconcealed a special two ring design seal)

Once the village decides on the elders, they are giving this seal linking us forever to death. This same seal had three rings. The missing one is Danzo's, the exact same thing that happen to your seals. Its confirmed Danzo's life has concluded. Danzo was not sick he had to have been killed.

Now that's over, a long time ago Danzo nominated us to lead root if something should happen to him, we are the New Leaders of Root.

Root members: Who the hell do you people think you are ??
Root members: Wow they just come out of nowhere and then bow!!! They are the leaders what an idiot!

Elders: We are smart than we look fools. You all are average level ninja who would just die in a altercation against a strong ninja like the one that killed Danzo

Root member: Who the hell killed him in the first place ??

Elders: We have an idea who the killer is but we don't know exactly. We will confirmed that piece of informant sooner or later.

You want revenge on the killer but you need powerful jutsu's and abilities for that, work with us and we can give you that power.

Root members: What is this power exactly ??

Elders: Sharingans. Danzo was obsessed with them ever since the death of Kagami Uchiha. Kagami was a comrade of Danzo's but after watching him die right before his eyes Danzo stood over Kagami lifeless body for minutes only beholding Kagami's still perfectly fine sharingan. The next day the black ops, found Kagami eyeless dead body, so began Danzo's obsession with removing sharaingan from Uchiha members. That was many years ago he most have hundreds by now.
"We are the only ones to know this. Now all we need is the location of the sharingans. We believe he concealed them in this very base. But that's where are information ends. Now that your seals are gone you are free to speak on Danzo. You must have something helpful. Danzo's life work could be right around the corner"

Does Danzo's life work still live on find out next time


by: Hyperjudge

Naruto 482 : Reunion of Old Friends

(Sasuke scene)
Sasuke : We head for Konoha.

Madara : First I collect Shisui's eye.

As Madara comes close to Danzo, we see that the eye is closed. The body vanishes in smoke.

Madara : (Thinks) What a waste of a good eye.

Sasuke : That bastard. He'll - (Pain strike Sasuke, and he falls on his knees, holding his head in terrible pain)

Madara : You have no choice, Sasuke. You have to use your brother's eyes before it is too late.

Sasuke : No. I said... I would never use... the eyes of... my brother.

(Sakura scene)
Sakura : Get out of my way, Sai.

Sai : As I said, I promised Kakashi-sensei I wouldn't let you pass, whatever the cost.

Sakura : Formation Alpha, guys !

Kiba, Lee : Hai ! (Kiba and Akamaru get in formation to attack, Lee runs behind Sai)

Kiba : Double Fang Hurricane!

Lee : Konoha's Tornado !

The attack hits Sai, who vanishes in ink.

Sakura : (Thinks) Ink clone. So he's coming with Kakashi. I have to hurry. (Throw the sleeping bomb at Lee, Kiba and Akamaru. They instantly fall asleep) No time for explanation.

(Kakashi scene)
Sai : Sensei, Sakura killed my clone. She really heads for Sasuke alone.

Kakashi : We aren't far from there, are-we? Let's speed up more. (Thinks: Sakura, don't do that.)

(Sasuke scene)
Sasuke is in pain still, Madara is standing next to him.

Madara : So what do you plan to do, now ? Run in Konoha, attrack as much attention that you can, and then overuse your eyes? You are born as an Uchiha, you are gifted at birth. And yet, you are throwing this gift away. You first need to heal, or else only death awaits you there. You cannot simply run in there.

Sasuke : Shut... up Madara. I will have my revenge, even if it costs me my life ! I'll make them pay for the sacrifice my - (Madara raise his hand to signal him to shut up)

Madara : Konoha nin, 7o'clock. Alone. (Thinks: This is the med that was with naruto in their team, she could be valuable in healing him)

Sasuke gets on his feet, and Madara warps them next to Sakura. Sasuke instantly falls on his knees, his pain returning.

Sakura : Sasuke !

Madara : Well well, what a good timing, just as we needed some medical help. Or are you here to finish him ?

Sasuke : (Voice shaking) Sa... ku... ra... (faints)

Next : Sakura's Decision


By: Sensei-Q

Naruto 482 - ‘Bijuu Meeting!’

(Naruto Scene)
KillerBee(Hachibi): Bee, try to block my chakra, now!

KillerBee: (Why?)

KillerBee(Hachibi): The fox is trying to take over my chakra!

Raikage: What’s going on! Bee, stop right now!

Naruto: Arghaargh!

Kakashi: (Oh no..) Senpai!

Yamato: Yoshi!

*Jijun Jutsu!*

Kakashi: It’s not working.. Why isn’t it working?!

Yamato: ! (The necklace!) It’s the necklace! He’s not wearing the necklace. I’m powerless without that necklace.

Raikage: Bee, do it!

KillerBee: Damn it kid, ♫Surpress the chakra, you baga!♫

Naruto: I can’t!

Kakashi: If naruto’s cloak reaches 3 tails, he’ll lose control of himself. We need to figure out how to stop it before it gets out of hand!

Raikage: Bee, stand still. I’m going to paralyze you with lightning chakra.

*Raiton – Jibashi!*

KillerBee: Argh!

Kakashi/Yamato: !?

*The Hachibi cloak fades and Bee falls down unconscious.

*Naruto’s cloak fades collapses, but is still conscious*

Raikage: This never happened before.. Why can’t he control his beast? Every Jinchuuriki has a method to do so.

Kakashi: Well, Naruto is a special case. It’s a long story.

Naruto: *Pant-Pant* Oh just tell him Sensei..

Kakashi: Okay.. Raikage-Sama, Naruto is the son of the former Fourth Hokage.

Shi/Darui: ????

Raikage: Hmph, that hair and your face.. indeed similar to Minato. Still, Minato would never bow for mercy just to save villains’ life. I am disappointed..

Naruto: You have no idea of what’s happening to Sasuke right now! You don’t know anything about him!

Kakashi: Naruto, remember what we agreed on...

Naruto: Tsk!

Raikage: Why would he seal the 9tails inside of his own son? (He must have been in a losing situation where he had no choice...)

Kakashi: Since a few weeks ago, Naruto knows who his father was. Before that, he didn’t. It was kept a secret for the good of him and the village.

Raikage: I see.. So you never got to learn about the ‘Key’, am I right?

Naruto: What key?

Yamato: Raikage-Sama, that information is top-classified. How do you know about the key?

Shi: At birth, when the Bijuu gets sealed inside the host, there would be a Key to unlock the full powers of the beast. But before the Key is given, the Jinchuuriki must be in total sync with the Beast. There has to be an ´´Agreement´´ between the two. Bee-Sama is able to fully control his beast. He is the perfect Jinchuuriki. You –points to naruto- on the other hand, have absolutely no control whatsoever.

Naruto: Then how can I do this agreement if the only thing that stupid fox wants, is freedom and destruction?!

Raikage: Then my brother will teach you.

Kakashi: What about the war? We must return to the village.

Raikage: Yes, as the 6th Hokage, you must return to the village to inform the Jounins. We will bring the kid with us. He is of great importance. If Madara manages to defeat us, he has to be able to defend himself.

Naruto: …Alright then, take me to your village!

Kakashi: Naruto.. if anything goes wrong, send a toed.

Naruto: *Smiles*

Raikage: Darui, pick up Bee. Lets go.

*The group jumps away as Kakashi watches Naruto from the back.*

Yamato: What about Sakura?

Kakashi: Don´t worry, they won´t get near Sasuke.

Yamato: Huh… Why?

Kakashi: I knew she would lie to him.. So I prepared us for this.

Yamato: What?!

´Kakashi knew all along? How can this be?! Find out in the next chapter..´

Next: 483 – ´A Step Ahead´


by: N.V.O. [Itasuke]

Naruto 482: Sakura and Sasuke, The Will of Fire Burns!

Sasuke: Ready...
Sakura: Right!
Sasuke: Fire Style: Pheonix flower Jutsu!
Sakura: -Hides herself between the flame shots as she's moving forward with 'em- (...I'll strike when I see an opening!)
??? # 2: Where is she?! -dodges the fire flames- Heh, What?!
Sakura: Cha!!! Cherry blossom impact! -They dodged as she punched the ground hardly causing them to be sent away with some scratches because of the the air blast- Blast! I missed...
??? # 1: Tch...she's troublesome, let's get rid of them.
Sasuke: (Is...that...the Sakura I know...? Guess so many things changed since I left...well what about you...loser?)
Karin: (So much power!)
??? # 3: Got you girl! -Punches Sakura away-
Sakura: Gah! -Sasuke grabs her- I'm ok, *Pant*...*Pant*...That...was nothing...really...
??? # 3: ...(What...did she say...) Gr...Grr...GRR....WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO SAY MY ATTACKS ARE NOTHING HUH!? YOU'RE DEAD GIRL!
Sakura: ...
??? # 3: ...
-Sakura's staring at him-
??? # 1: (-Sigh-...he's so...)
??? # 3: THAT'S IT! -Rushes forward- AH!!!

(Battlefield scene 1)
Madara: *Pant*...*Pant*...(Withdrawing would be best...) Danzo...I'll let you play this fun game. Let's leave. -Poof-
Itachi: ...He ran away...
Kakashi: No matter, will get him later, we'll finish HIM first.
Danzo: I am gonna punish you when we return ba--
Kakashi: You really think that you're the Hokage huh? Well guess again. And besides, there will be no going back, for what you've did, you're a wanted criminal now. Your end is near.
Danzo: ...-Gets in fighting stance-

(Battlefield scene 2)
Black Zetsu: Stop!
??? # 3: Huh?!
Black Zetsu: We must leave. -Poof-
??? # 3: What...I was just about to kill her...FINE. -Poof-
??? # 1: ...Hmph. -Poof-
??? # 2: -Winks- Later Hotty. Hehe. -Poof-
Sasuke: ...
Karin: (Whew...WAIT did she just called MY Sasuke a "HOTTY"?! He's mine!!!)...A-Are you okay?!
Sasuke: No worries, we're fine.
Sakura: They weren't that much of a challenge...
Karin: Actually, being a sensory type, I noticed that, that guy that was mostly just standing there...*reffering to # 1* wasn't even trying to attack...and that hyperactive guy was holding back too, but not as much, same goes for that girl.
Sakura: Well then we'll just have to get stronger!
Sasuke: Yeah...-A sound of Kunai clash- ...! Wait, Kakashi is fighting Danzo!
Sakura: Let's g--
Itachi: Please don't do so.
Sakura: Huh?
Itachi: It's a battle for the Hokage title...although, -Smiles looking at them- we all know who's gonna win.
Sakura: -Smiles gladly- ...Yeah...he'll lose for that title once again! Go Kakashi-Sensei!
Karin: (That chakra! it's huge! it that Naruto we met before as a shadow clone...?!)

(Akatsuki scene)
Madara: You shouldn't have come there!
??? # 1: Oh please, you would have got owned by them if we haven't shown up and stall some time for you.
Madara: ...
??? # 2: I wonder if we'll meet them again...I kinda want to see that kid again...and fight that girl too.
Madara: Oh...things haven't changed...the fate will still remain the same, one way or another...(They Must and Will fight eachother...there's no avoiding that. And..."i" will be one of the things that'll drive them both to fight eachother.)
Is what Madara saying true? What is he planning to do?! Are Naruto and Sasuke really going to fight once again? But what will be the purpose?

Naruto 483: The 6th Hokage!

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