Play Robot Unicorn Attack Online Game by Adult Swim ! TP Flash Games Series !

TechPinas Recommended Flash Games Series presents...
Adult Swim Games' Robot Unicorn Attack!

Quoting Robot Unicorn Attack fans:

Well... I must say the layout and music would make you second guess the masculinity of any guy seen playing it. But its pretty fun lol. My dad walked by and paused for a second then said "I don't even wanna know" then continued by.

I have never been more pissed off at a rainbow unicorn in my life than after playing this sadistic game. The saddest thing is, i cant stop playing it. It is so incredibly gay, that i am draw to it, and the **meep** song, i love that gay, gay song. That song is so unbelieveably gay, it is like watching Clay Aiken and Ryan Secrest gang bang each other to the song "Its Raining Men" , while Elton John video tapes it, yet i cant get it out of my head. I love this game....this gay, gay game.....


Instructions: You need only 2 keys on your keyboard to play this game --
1. Z - to jump and
2. X - to dash

You play as the raibow colored unicorn. Collect butterfly fairies as you go, leaping majestically from platform to platform and dashing through the glass stars that block your path. You have but three tries to realize your dreams of a high score. Use them wisely.

Play now! Loads in 30 seconds or so... HERE

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