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CrazyMonkey's King's Island

Kings Island is a Diablo-style RPG game. You play as a warrior who was given the sole duty to restore order in the kings land by killing all rebels. The game starts of at a slow place for the first level but soon progresses to a much faster and much challenging game play.

You use the mouse to move around. Right-click to attack rebels and pick up gold, gems, potions etc. There are three major screens, the inventory ~ where you can add potions to the bottom of your window for access with the number keys. Likewise, you can equip weapons and addons to your character here. The second is the abilities and characteristics screen, where you can add your points after every level up. Next is the mission objective that tells you what you need to do to pass your mission.

You can press P to pause the game, you need to keep saving the game as there is no auto save, the save function can be accessed from the menu when you pause the game.

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  1. You give nice information on this game.I like this game You put nice video on this game it has amazing plot.I am very excited about this things


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