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Adult Swim's Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies

Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies follows the story of Cody Durkin of Sunny Acre, a boy whose town fell victim to the gruesome attacks of Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies. Cody's father is Sheriff Durkin -- Sunny Acre's only law enforcement officer and the first person on the scene when people started to disappear while strange stuffed animals started to surface.

At first, it was Sheriff Durkin who tried to ward off the wild animals. But when even he failed in his mission and was captured by the radioactive beasts, Cody had to take matters into his own hands.

Help Cody kill all Teddy Zombies and free his town from this nightmare!

Move Cody around the play field using W, A, S and D keys or simply the arrow keys on your keyboard. W (or up arrow) jumps and S (or down arrow) will make him duck to enter and crawl through tight caverns (double-tap to drop through platforms).

Use the mouse to aim Cody's guns and click or hold down the mouse button to shoot.

Press the E or 1 to change guns. Note that you have only two slots for guns. When you pick up a third weapon it will replace your primary weapon immediately.

Guns have two levels of power. When you first pick up a gun it will be at the base-level power. Collect the icon of the same gun when you have it equipped as your primary weapon to fully power it up, which gives you better firepower and a charge shot for some guns. (Collecting it a third time will do nothing, and will leave it fully powered up.)

Press P to pause the game. From the pause screen you can also adjust game sound and video settings (under "Options"). Likewise, if the mouse pointer goes outside the game window during gameplay, the on-screen action will auto-pause until you bring the cursor back into the game.

Play now! Loads in a minute or so... HERE.

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