Nokia 5230 XpressMusic - Philippine Price Update, Specs, Photos, Demo

Just a Philippine price update for Nokia 5230 XpressMusic -- the cheaper non-Wifi alternative to Nokia 5800 XM:

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From having a price tag of roughly Php 11,000 when it first reached the Philippines, you can now get 5230 XM for as low as Php 8,450 at most authorized Nokia retail stores in the country. Just don't forget to look for the NTC sticker.

"Nokia 5230 is an unbeatable offer for many new customers who aspire a device that stars in music, mingles with social networks from Facebook to MySpace, navigates you to where it happens, when it happens, and comes in an array of dazzling colors," shares Jo Harlow, Vice President, Nokia.


ARM 11 434 MHz processor
Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5 OS
2 MP Camera, no flash
3.2 inch TFT resistive touch screen,
onscreen keyboard ,
upto 16GB expandable storage,
accelerometer sensor,
Assisted GPS
3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
microSD supports up to 16GB
Bluetooth 2.0
33 hours of music playback with 1320 mAh battery
available in 2 colors black and white
with swappable back cover (in various colors)

Finally, here's a hands-on video:

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  1. what's better: having 3G on your phone or wifi? i've been reading some reviews that some people choose 3G over wifi. why is that so? i'm planning to buy a phone and i don't want to be disappointed. so yeah, i'm kinda researching.

  2. At Anonymous, I will prefer 3G over WiFi, because, there are limited spots for Wifi and when you ahve that spot, you will be sharing connections with other WIFi users thus the many users there is, the slower your connection. 3G or HSPDA on the other hand may be location based too but when they become available, you will be expereincing its full speed. 3G (384 kbps) HSPDA (3MBPS), though WiFi on some ocations is free, there are others that may require password from the source. I still prefer 3G connection over WiFI though Wifi is still neat.

  3. i have been issued by Smart communications with this phone and it says it is 3G Phone. all the while i thought that when you say 3G, it can automatically video call. To my dismay, there is no video call feature on this phone...

    Where can i get themes of this phone?

  4. nakakatawa lang paano naging Express Music ang Nokia 5230 at 5233?

  5. it is an xpress music.. di mo bah nakikita ang symbol sa itaas na parang x at may mga tuldok..
    meron akong xm na phone at may ganuong logo sa music player..


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