Google vs. Facebook : Google Wants to Kill Facebook ?! Hires Social Media Gurus !

Interestingly, despite Google's vast resources as the world's BIGGEST media company, all of the Search Giant's efforts to dominate the online social networking sphere have been smoked and, in effect, foiled by far-smaller Facebook.

And for good reason: Facebook came to the scene at the right time and had the look and feel of a social network that wants to succeed.

Orkut, Google's biggest social network, can likewise be considered successful -- but only if you're just looking at Brazil. OpenSocial and FriendConnect, on the other hand, are apparently still on the experimental stage. 'Spotty' - that's how some industry experts put it as regards Google's involvement in community sites.

Now though, it seems that Google is finally determined to shape up and take on Facebook with the best community management team it can form. The company recently hired three social networking and open-standards top-guns to work with its developers:

1. Will Norris - one of the principal developers of the Diso Project, working to develop a viable model for distributed social networks. This involves building implementations of many “Open Web” technologies such as OpenID and OAuth.

2. Chris Messina - head of Citizen Agency, a consulting company focused on the effective and appropriate use of social media combined with open source values and practices.

3. Joseph Smarr - Chief Technology Officer at Plaxo — makers of the smart address book.

Here's a video of Chris Messina making his announcement of working with Google:

I hope Google comes out with a really good product this time.

I wonder what they'll name the site? Hmm.

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