Naruto Manga 484 SCANS, Spoilers and Predictions

Note: Naruto Manga 484 SCANS are OUT!


Sakura: …I…I prepared myself for this but…!?

Kakashi: Sakura…!!

Sakura: Ugh…!

カカシ:よせ!! サスケェ!!
Kakashi: Stop!! Sasuke!!

Second Scan

第七班集結!! ナルトが出す「答」は…!!
Team 7 gathers!! Naruto’s response is…!!

Kakashi: Naruto!?

Sakura: …Naruto…

Naruto ナルトネタバレ 484 Spoiler Summaries

Source : 2ch
Credit :Ohana
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From skimming through…

Sakura cries while treating Karin
Seeing Sakura cry makes Karin cry
Sasuke roars

Naruto is running

Naruto recalls something to do with Itachi

He remembers what Gaara said to him
He recalls what the Raikage said to him

Sasuke returns fire with Susano’o
Sasuke’s Susano’o fires arrows at Kakashi

Kakashi uses Mangekyou to send the bow to another space

Kakashi gives some speech

Something is wrong with Sasuke. His field of vision is…
Sakura comes close from behind Sasuke

Sakura….prepares herself to try and stab Sasuke, but can’t

Sasuke notices Sakura and grabs her by the neck
Kakashi tries to stop him~~~his Kamui is delayed though

Sakura tries to stab Sasuke with a kunai but~~~

Naruto appears!!!

(ohana comment)

He (Sasuke) is probably losing his eyesight huh

Sasuke is strange

佐助疯狂千鸟 卡卡西雷切抵挡之 并相互弹开
Sasuke uses chidori and Kakashi uses raikiri to block him. Both are blasted away from the impact
佐助”还有如此大差距吗 雷盾”
Sasuke: “is there still such a difference in power when using Lightning Release then?”
天照出现 并击中卡卡西 将卡卡西全身燃烧
Amaterasu appears and hits Kakashi. Kakashi burns
卡卡西”你真的 下得了手啊”
Kakashi: “You really are able to do it”
突然 从地里钻了出来??(翻译是这个)
Suddenly Kakashi appears from under the ground
佐助”明明被天照击中 什么??”
Sasuke: “You were hit by Amaterasu!!! What the…”
鸣人路上赶来 佐助发觉千鸟不行 万花筒再打开了 但一打开 马上又捂着 并流着血
Naruto is approaching. Sasuke realizes that Chidori is useless and uses his Mangekyo Sharingan, but when he uses his eye, he flinches and blood flows
卡卡西”看来在这之前 佐助你是经过了激烈的战斗呢”
Kakashi: “Sasuke, looks like you’ve already been through an intense battle before this”
佐助”是啊 但我现在一样可以宰了你 你就叹息你自己的力量不够强大吧”
Sasuke: “You’re right, but I can still kill you. Just feel sorry that your power isn’t enough”
佐助出了须佐 佐助痛苦捂眼睛 并跪在地上 痛苦的流汗
Sasuke uses Susanoo but he falls to the ground in pain and sweats like hell
卡卡西”这种异常的力量? 风影所说的暗之力吗??’”
Kakashi: “This abnormal power? Is that what Kazekage meant about the power of darkness?…”
佐助”可恶 这个眼睛快撑不住了吗?”
Sasuke: “Dammit, this eye can’t take much more…”
须佐完全体显现 准备拉弓
Susanoo fully appears and prepares to attack with his bow
卡卡西”佐助 看来你确实已经回不了头了吗? ”
Kakashi: “Sasuke, looks like you really can’t turn back, can you?”
卡卡西再一次劝告”我最后再劝多你一次 佐助!!! 停止复仇旋涡 不然我真的会杀了你!!”
Kakashi: “I’ll say this for the last time, Sasuke!!! Stop the whirlpool of revenge, or I really will kill you”
佐助”我要残忍杀了你 卡卡西”
Sasuke: “I’m going to butcher you, Kakashi”
须佐之弓射向了卡卡西那!!??(翻译难翻 好象击中卡卡西!!??)
Susanoo shoots at Kakashi!!??
鸣人离二人查克拉越来越近”卡卡西老师 别出事了”
Naruto is getting closer and closer: “Kakashi sensei, don’t get killed”

Submitted by: Anon

Submitted by: Minato

Kakashi and Sasuke start fighting, Kakashi reads sasuke’s chakra.
Kakashi makes a raikiri and charges at sasuke, sasuke dodges and cuts kakashi with his regular sword. The kakashi was a Mizu Bushin Jutsu.
Some talk about how the clan died between them both, and Kakashi asks sasuke why is he spiting on Itachi’s legacy. Sasuke is shocked kakashi knows the truth.
Sasuke: Konoha made Itachi betray and kill the clan.
Kakashi: Itachi did it on his own free will, he wanted to do it.
Sasuke forms Susano…
Kakashi in thought, that’s susanoo I must use it…(not clear about this).
Sasuke: Behold my power, the power of darkness.
Kakashi starts his Mks, sasuke is in complete shock. While in susanoo a hole starts to open up inside. Kakashi is targeting sasuke
Kakashi: This is my Mankegyou power, I told you those who seek revenge have a dark end.
Sasuke cannot get lose and his head starts to get sucked in.

Kakashi has a flashback of Naruto and sasuke arguing and Sasuke trying to get the bells from kakashi, He tears up and says I’m sorry Naruto I must do this.
Madara appears from behind Kakashi, and Kakashi loses his focus. He is about to stab kakashi.
Madara: You can tell Naruto sorry when you meet in death.
Madara gets pucnhed hard and flies into a tree his mask falls off, He looks up in shock
Naruto is in a Kyuubi 2 tailed state with sage mode!!!


Written by: shodaime

Kakashi’s ultimate jutsu.
Kakashi: Sasuke , revenge has devoured you. I don’t think that even the 3rd would be able to help you out of this darkness. But I do plan to make you go visit him.
Sasuke: I already said, the one going to join the 3rd will be you.
Kakashi: Talking is over, I’m gonna finish this in a sec.
Sasuke: In a sec, huh.(unable to contain his anger and shouts) Do you think I’m still a child.
Sasuke uses the grand fireball technique. Kakashi blocks by using the same jutsu.
Sasuke: Copy ninja huh, but I’m afraid there are techniques even you won’t be able to copy Kakashi.
Sasuke making handseals.
Kakashi: Sasuke, chidori won’t work on me. I’m a lighting element user as well.
Sasuke : Do you think that I’m that naive. Behold the power of the Uchiha,(Sasuke closes his right eye) “AMATERASU”.
Kakashi (to himself): those hand seals was just a distraction.
Kakashi activates his MS and send the black fire in another dimension.
Sasuke (dumbfounded): What happened? Your sharingan is different than before.
Kakashi: I’m not called copy ninja for nothing, you know. Itachi once used his tsukyomi on me and since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to activate Obito’s MS.
Sasuke: still you have only one sharingan, you can’t even compare yourself to an Uchiha with double MS.
Kakashi(to himself): is there more than genjutsu and amaterasu?? What is that thing? Is that susano? It’s my first time seeing it.
Kakashi: Sasuke you have become really strong, even among the Uchiha only a few were able to reach that far.
Sasuke: I’ll take that as a compliment, now die.
Susano launches his arrow attack.
Kakashi(thinking): such speed, I don’t have enough time to concentrate on the trajectory of the arrow, I won’t make it in time.
The arrow hits Kakashi in the heart.
Sasuke: you were no match for me.
Sasuke falls to the ground on his knees weakened and breathing heavily. He hears footsteps approaching. He raises his head and is shocked to see Kakashi still alive.
Sasuke: how?
Kakashi: Sasuke you’ve gotten really strong but you tend to underestimate your opponent. That has been your downfall; you don’t have any chakra left to fight.
Sasuke (coughing): I asked how?
Kakashi: the moment you used susano I hid myself in the ground and used genjutsu to make it appear as if I was still your target and got hit. When I arrived you were already in a weakened state so I knew u wouldn’t be able to use your techniques for long.
Sasuke: what are you going to do now?
Kakashi: sorry Sasuke as a ninja of Konoha I must carry out my duty. I’ll have to kill you as you are a rogue ninja. But trust me it won’t be painful.
Sasuke: You are going to use chidori, huh.
Sasuke: wha… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Kakashi: the one who sees my face laughs till death. I told you I could have putt an end to this fight in a second.
A familiar voice from behind: Kakashi sensei…
Kakashi turns back.
Naruto: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……
Kakashi: crap I forgot about the mask
End of chapter and maybe end of Naruto as well???
Next chapter uuuhhhhh…… will there be a next chapter???


Written by: Feuer

Kakashi and Sasuke start a small skirmish, involving throwing some kunais, some shuriken etc, even use of some basic elemental jutsus. Each situation ands pretty much in a draw situation. Note that they are both fighting with their Sharingan activated

Sasuke:"Damned, I don't have much Chakra left from the fight with Danzo, I have to ends this soon. The only chance is Tsukuyomi."

*Sasuke activates his right Mangekyou Sharingan to cast a strong Genjutsu on Kakashi*
*Kakashi activates his own Magekyou to counter Sasuke*

Sasuke:"You... It can't be possible, you can't have it..."

Kakashi:"Did you really think you could outplay me that easily?"

*Sasuke falls on his knees, coughs some blood and puts his hand on his right eye, you can see his pain*
*Madara appears behind him*

"I warned you to keep using the Mangekyou, it seems you have reached the limit of your right eye. It's also a surprise to see you with the Mangekyou Kakashi"

*Sasuke puts the hand away from his right eye, the colour of the Sharingan is grey, the eye seems to be dead*

*Naruto appears in Sage Mode, Kakashi and Sakura turn around surprised*

Naruto:"I finally caught up to you, this time I will bring you back to Konoha, Kakashi-sensei, I'm counting on you"
Kakashi:"If you feel fit enough we can go ahead before he retreats again"

Madara:"Say Kakashi, which of your friends did you kill to obtain the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan?"

*Sakura looks shocked towards Kakashi*

Next chapter: Kakashis Past


Written by: Syntaxis

Kakashi takes the offense, he creates a wall of mud behind Sasuke with one handed seals while the other hand powers up Raikiri. Sasuke can't escape but manages to dodge the attack, despite not having his Sharingan activated yet. He stabs Kakashi in the abdomen with his sword, but exactly as in Pain's fight.. it's a lightning clone. Sasuke is scratched some more than he already was and notices - just in time - that Kakashi is behind the mud wall. He barely dodges the 2nd attack, but his sword is cut in half.

Meanwhile, Sakura is busy healing Karin's injuries. She's not mortally wounded, but she has lost a lot of blood that she can't replenish at the spot. Karin is unconscious. Sakura starts to wonder to herself what made Sasuke want to kill his own team-members. She starts crying.

Naruto is still jumping through the trees. In the distance Madara is waiting for him. The chapter shows Naruto getting closer and closer with a determined look on his face. Madara tries to talk to Naruto when he's up close, saying: "Rasengan again..? That won't wo--" when he's hit and damaged by Naruto's Sage powered Rasengan. Madara starts coughing and from below his mask blood starts to drip. He quickly teleports out while Naruto, without saying a word but with a stern look on his face, continues on his way.

The fight between Sasuke and Kakashi has reached a climax: Sasuke uses Susano-o. The ground around him is cracked all over. Kakashi still seems fresh, Sasuke seems more and more exhausted. The chapter ends with Kakashi using his Mangekyou Sharingan, much to Sasuke's surprise.

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