Kim Kardashian : Worth $10,000 per Tweet !!

One of the most talked about topics on Hollywood celeb blogs today is the amount of money American celebutante and socialite, Kim Kardashian, gets from advertisers every time she tweets about their products

A whopping $10,000 -- that's how much Kim gets per tweet-ad! And unlike other celebs who get paid to tweet like Perez Hilton, Kim rarely - if at all - disclose to her followers when she's posting a advertiser-sponsored tweet. Case in point (rumored):

I'm craving a Carl's Jr salad! Heading their now, think they will give me a free one?
6:54 AM Feb 14th from TweetGenius

Kim Kardasian gets some of her advertisers from a site called, where she's listed as one of the featured publishers. Derek Rey, the co-founder of, however, disclosed that Kardashian's sponsored tweets are limited to once per day.

With almost 3,000,000 followers, $10,000 per tweet is still a bargain for advertisers
on Kardashian's Twitter account.

Interestingly, not like other celebrity publishers on the e.g. Channing Tatum, Kim opts not to give her ad earnings to charity -- which makes me wonder just how much she's earned since joining the program.

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