Symbian^3 Features Guide and Design Preview Video

February 15, 2010, Barcelona, Spain – Symbian Foundation finally unveiled the first release of Symbian^3, the new mobile OS they expect to be completed by the end of March 2010. This fresh release features a wide range of enhancements including and not limited to: graphics acceleration in 2D and 3D for games and apps, more advanced usability and faster networking.

Symbian^3 also supports HDMI, so users can just plug their mobile device into a TV and watch a 1080p movie. The new graphics architecture, via hardware acceleration, offers users a totally improved user interface.

The new homescreen supports multiple pages for widgets, which enables users to just flick between each screen. Network improvements will be seen across the board, including the ability to automatically switch from HSDPA to WLAN connectivity automatically, without user interruption.

Handsets running Symbian^3 are expected to ship as early as Q3 2010.

Here's a preview video showing the design and feature set of Symbian^3:

and here's Symbian Foundations Executive Director, Lee Williams, sharing info about SymbianĖ†3:

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