TP Poll # 1 Results - Which brand of cellphone do you plan to buy this year ?

Here are the results of TP Poll # 1 -

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Created Date: 01/06/2010 (3 weeks ago)
Last Voted: 02/01/2010 (7 hours ago)
No. of UNIQUE Votes: 1016
Survey Question: Which brand of cellphone do you plan to buy this year ?

Top 20 Countries that Participated in TP Poll # 1

The results are pretty straightforward - with Samsung leading by quite a large margin. This was caused by a lot of on-site factors (and perhaps, some off-site factors). Most important of which is the fact that TP Samsung Phone features are some of the most read posts on this blog.

Nokia is at # 2 with 238 votes, trailing it is Apple with 140 votes. Celeb favorite RIM Blackberry, on the other hand, landed on the 4th spot with 98 votes.

Note that the results of TP Poll # 1 only represent the sentiments of participant TP readers on the survey question for the above-mentioned time frame. Results of TP Poll # 1 do NOT represent anything else than that.

TP Poll # 2 coming soon. :)

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