2010 iPod Nano 6th Generation Unveiled - Has TouchScreen !

Following iPod Shuffle 4G, Steve Jobs unveiled the new - totally revamped - look of the iPod Nano.

Check out iPod Nano 6G:

New Nano is almost as small as the new Shuffle (complete with clip at the back) -- but it flaunts a rather diminutive multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, volume buttons, FM radio, Nike+, and a pedometer. It works in 29 languages and supports VoiceOver.

Note though that despite the fact that it has a multi-touch screen and that it can run apps, Nano 6G clearly doesn't run iOS.

iPod Nano 6th Generation has a price tag of $149 for the 8GB version and $179 for the 16GB version.

Like iPod Shuffle 4th Generation, Nano 6G comes in a variety of vibrant colors: