Apple Media Event : Fearless Forecast - 3 Products That Could Be Announced Later

Apple's September 1 Special Event will commence in an hour's time. But before that...

If you will, check out TechPinas' fearless forecast on Apple products that could be announced during this special meet.

1. New Apple TV

Australian MacWorld disclosed last week via its Twitter account that the Apple TV refresh with product code USA MC572 LL/A is set to be introduced during the special event.

It's also rumored that there could be a name change from Apple TV to iTV. Price drop is likewise expected, from $230 price tag of the previous model to merely $99 for the refresh.

2. iPod Touch 4

Rumors about iPod Touch 4 have been floating online since the start of this year. Considering that iPod Touch refresh is usually announced in September, one could expect that iPod Touch 4 could very well be announced later. Learn more about iPod Touch 4 via the link.

3. iPod Nano 6th Generation

Like iPod Touch, iPod Nano refresh announcement is usually done in September. Hence, it makes sense to believe that iPod Nano 6G could be announced tonight. It's rumored that this new iteration to the device will don a 1.7-inch display and will retain a 30-pin iPod dock connector.

There you go. In a few minutes, we shall see how this forecast pans out.

Watch Apple Media Event LiveStream via the link.