Intel Atom N550 Benchmark : Dual Core Atom 7Zip Benchmark

New Intel Atom N550 is the first dual core Atom chip made specifically for netbooks -- but does it really perform a whole lot better than its single-core predecessors?

Let's turn to comparative benchmark scores for the answer.

Notebook Italia recently got hold of a pre-release Asus netbook running on Intel Atom N550 chip. They ran a simple benchmark test - the 7Zip test, which comes with 7Zip file manager and compression software - to see how the netbook stacked up against other systems running on other chips.

Here are the results:

intel atom n550
Intel Atom D550 only has 2 cores but as you can see, it can run 4 threads simultaneously. 8MB for Dictionary Size and 4 Threads for Number of CPU Threads were the initial test settings. (Credit: Notebook Italia)

Looking at the graph, it's clear that performance of a system powered by dual-core Intel Atom N550's trounces that of PC's powered by single-core Pine Trail Intel Atom N450 and single-core non-hyperthreading CLUV Intel Core 2 Solo SU3300. However, it's also clear that Atom D550 system performance is just a tad better than systems running on Intel Atom 330 and Intel Atom D510, which are both desktop (nettop) dual-core processors.

Totally encouraging results, don't you think?

With the introduction of Intel Atom D550, netbook fans can finally look forward to seeing improved performance of their beloved PC's. Hopefully, there won't be any compromise on energy efficiency and battery life.

Please stay tuned for more info on Intel Atom N550.