Can't Find Google Wonder Wheel on Google Local Search - How to Activate and Open Google Wonder Wheel

Henry P. DM'd TP on Twitter this tech question a while ago:
"TechPinas, I've been looking for Google Wonder Wheel on for a good 30 minutes now. I can't find it. Help!"

Hi Henry!

Unfortunately, Google Wonder Wheel is not yet available in LOCAL Google search engines like (or or, etc) -- You'd have to visit the main Google search site (Google.COM) for that.

From the local site, here's what you do to go to the main site:

Click on in English on the lower left corner of the page --

From Google Search main site (, follow these steps to enter Wonder Wheel

1. Click on Show Options link just below the search bar:

2. On the Options page, on the lower right side, click on Wonder Wheel link under Standard View category:

3. Wait a few moments until Wonder Wheel loads (once it does, you may click on keywords on the wheel for more narrowed down results):

There you go. I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. amazing
    thanx alot buddy..its working....gr8



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