Typhoon Ondoy Video Footages and News Reports : Surveying the Damage, Highlighting Heroism

For Filipinos overseas and concerned individuals outside the country who are still wondering just how badly most parts of Metro Manila and some parts of Central and Southern Luzon - specifically Marikina, Cainta, Pasig, Malabon, Laguna and Bulacan - were hit by Typhoon Ondoy, here are a few videos and news reports courtesy of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation (uploaded on Youtube by PinasWatchers) documenting the damage brought about by the deluge:

Here's a video that starts with a PAGASA spokesperson explaining
how Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) became this destructive:

One of the many amazing things about us Filipinos is the fact that the most trying and most difficult travails that we go through seem do nothing but bring out the hero in each of us. Here's a video by Camille Magno capturing the havoc of raging floods plowing through parked cars in UERM Manila. The video shows a man risking his own life to save a woman trapped on the roof of her car:

You too can be a hero:

Here's the consolidated list of all places in Manila where you can donate relief goods or offer volunteer services for the recovery of the survivors of Typhoon Ondoy. For those who are outside the country, the list also includes bank account numbers of corporate foundations and volunteer groups where you can donate.

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