OpenACircle : The Best Way to Meet Virtually

I just wanna share another cool find:

This site is perfect for groups that are looking for effective ways to hold meetings online. OpenACirle features various sections that really make live group discussions and file sharing, among other things, a lot easier:


A circle is a private, persistent team-space, in which members can video conference, chat, share files and virtually collaborate. The circle owner has the ability to delete the circle, any of its members or any shared content. Invited members can edit or delete content that THEY added to the circle. When you “open a circle” it provides a 24/7 fully- equipped environment for you and your team to productively collaborate.


The connections feature allows you to upload and build a list of trusted business contacts. View their profiles, invite them to join circles and attend meetings, or instant message them; all with just one click.

Live Room:

Whether you accept or call a scheduled meeting or an impromptu “Meet Now” meeting, you’ll be taken to The Live Room. This virtual team space combines LIVE video, desktop share, audio, IM chat and note-taking in a dedicated meeting environment. Each attendee can select whose video and desktop they want to view, as well as toggle back-in-forth between any attendee who is sharing their video or desktop. Our live rooms are the ideal place for your team to persistently collaborate and meet with multiple individuals, anywhere in the world.


The dashboard is the landing page for our application and the hub for all your circles. All your data, meetings, messages and connections are integrated into one easy page. Keep all your connections informed by using the “what are you working on right now” feature. This persistent element allows your connections to stay current on your activities through real-time posts to their dashboard wall. Finally, organize your day by using your dashboard calendar. With one look, you can see all scheduled meetings and events, across all your circles.


Within OpenACircle, our meetings are the key to superior team collaboration. You can schedule a meeting for a specific date and time, or click the “Meet Now” button and selected connections will be asked to join on the fly. The meetings tab will display all the meetings you’ve scheduled or been invited to. You may accept or decline any meeting invite.


The Library is a collection of all the files that are a part of a circle. You can upload and view pictures, documents, videos, articles and meeting notes in one central location. OpenACircle gives you the ability to create custom folders in order to keep your files organized. The library also provides you with a personal vault, so you can keep important and personal files save, secure and accessible.

If you're interested, you may try it out and OpenACircle via the link.

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