iPod Touch 3rd Generation : Cheaper, More Powerful - Price and Video

'It looks just like iPod Touch 2nd Gen but it's cheaper and faster.'

That's probably the simplest way you can describe the recently unveiled iPod Touch 3rd Gen without losing accuracy -- Steve Jobs presented it himself along with the updated versions of Nano and Shuffle.

Not much can be said about this version, really -- save that it loads websites and apps 50% faster than the 2nd Gen (thanks to updated innards: processor and GL) and that it's cheaper. The 8GB model now runs for only $199 (P9,600 +/-), down from $229 (P11,000 +/-). The 16GB model, on the other hand, has been shelved altogether in favor of the $299 (14,000 +/-) 32GB version. Just a bit on the high end, the 64GB model sells for $399 (P19,000 ++) a piece.

For those who have been following supposed iPod Touch 3rd Gen leak notes, it still doesn't have camera but it does ship with a headset that has built-in mic for voice apps, recording, etc.

Check out the first look courtesy of CNET:

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