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Property Management is one of the leading industries here in the Philippines and it's not just limited to big time ventures. In fact, a lot of Filipinos do in their own homes without really knowing it's called that. If you've tried renting out a room in your house, then you've been a Property Manager.

Property Management is all about keeping track and organizing property transactions such as collecting rents, tracking payment histories, printing tenant receipts, printing bank deposit slips, managing tasks, and tracking expenses. In the past, Property Management was done with help of pen and paper -- ledgers as they call it -- which is usually cumbersome and confusing. The cool this is that property managers can now turn to technology for help.

Presenting Onsite Property Management Software:

OnSite Property Manager™ property management software will free you from hours of time consuming paperwork that keeps you from effectively managing your property. The property management software automatically posts rents and late fees on the dates and times you specify and also allows you to manage notes, tasks, expenses, rental maintenance histories, and vendors.

The system makes property management simple in an easy-to-use format which you can access online from anywhere. The property reports provided allow you to drill down for detail and make better rental property management decisions.

If you are a landlord or a property manager, why don't you give this product a shot and download the free trial version via the link above.

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