Sony Vaio X - Specs, Photos, Demo and Promo Video

Not that Sony's Vaio line is not known for redefining industry concepts of 'thin' and 'light' - remember the superslim half-inch thick Vaio X505 released in 2004? -

Placed beside a Macbook Air, the 6-year old Sony Vaio X505 makes the former look a tad hefty.
[photo courtesy of Francois Verbeeck]

- but Vaio's newest release just pushes the word 'thin' (as applied to ultraportables) even closer to its modern-day boundaries. Meet Sony Vaio X :

Sony Vaio X on top of an Apple Macbook Pro

The Sony VAIO X is, off hand, being tagged as the true successor to the X505, sporting an 11.1-inch anti-glare screen and measuring just half an inch thick, Vaio X is made of materials such as carbon-fiber for the chassis and aluminum for its keyboard. Oh, by the way, Sony Vaio X just weighs 1.5 lbs. (I know. WHOAAAH!!)

Here are the other specs:

Intel Atom Processor(, *which could eventually be ditched by Sony for an Intel CULV processor)
2GB of memory,
31Wh removable battery (that “will set the new standard for stamina.”)
two USB ports,
Ethernet port,
VGA output.
SD/Memory Stick slot,
WWAN SIM slot,
Wifi (of course)
Windows 7 OS

Sony hasn't given word on the price yet but since this baby is already coming out this October, I bet it won't be long before we get an update on that.

Here is the promo video courtesy of Sony:

and finally, here's the demo and aesthetics video courtesy of


UPDATE: Sony Vaio X retails for $1,300 or around Php 61,000 (CCBT)

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