AMD Congo vs. AMD Yukon

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), as expected, is not letting Intel have all the fun in the ultra-thin, ultra-low-voltage category. After a series of setbacks, the microchip company is determined to bounce back and make a strong comeback with AMD "Congo", a Processor + GPU platform running a few notebooks set for release in the next few months. AMD Congo is the next generation ultra-thin notebook platform following AMD "Yukon" released earlier this year.

AMD Congo and AMD Yukon: What's the difference between the two platforms?
Check out this chart courtesy of AMD:

Pretty straight-forward -- Both platforms support ultra-thin notebook architecture and extended battery life. However, AMD Congo features a dual core Neo processor as opposed to a single core Neo processor found in Yukon. Also, Congo supports HD Entertainment with ATI Radeon HD and ATI Avivo HD graphics while Yukon does not.

What is ATI Avivo HD? Via Wiki:

The successor of ATI Avivo is the ATI Avivo HD, it consists of several parts, integrated 5.1 surround sound HDMI audio controller, dual integrated HDCP encryption key for each DVI port (to reduce license costs), the Theater 200 chip for VIVO capabilities; the Xilleon chip for TV overscan and underscan correction, the Theater 200 chip as well as the originally-presented ATI Avivo Video Converter.

However, most of the important hardware decoding functions of ATI Avivo HD are provided by the accompanied Unified Video Decoder (UVD) and the Advanced Video Processor (AVP) which supports hardware decoding of H.264/AVC and VC-1 videos (and included bitstream processing/entropy decoding which was absent in last generation ATI Avivo). While for MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/DivX videos, Motion compensation and iDCT (inverse discrete cosine transform) will be done instead.

The AVP retrieves the video from memory, handles scaling, de-interlacing and colour correction and writes it back to memory. The AVP also uses 12-bit transform to reduce data loss during conversion, same as previous generation ATI Avivo.

Stay tuned for posts on notebooks running on AMD Congo.

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