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It's an emergent Twitter feature that caught's on: People ReTweeting entries. And it did so for good reason, sharing is definitely essential in a social network.

Twitter folks have apparently been working hard to make Retweeting a breeze for all users -- plus more. Here's what Marcel Molina of Twitter Platform Team shared on the Google Groups page for Twitter API Announcement:

Retweeting has become one of the cultural conventions of the Twitter
experience. It's yet another example of Twitter's users discovering
innovative ways to use the service. We dig it. So soon it's going to
become a natively supported feature on twitter.com. It's looking like
we're only weeks away from being ready to launch it on our end. We
wanted to show the community of platform developers the API we've
cooked up for retweeting so those who want to support it in their
applications would have enough time to have it ready by launch day. We
were planning on exposing a way for developers to create a retweet,
recognize retweets in your timeline and display them distinctively
amongst other tweets. We've also got APIs for several retweet
timelines: retweets you've created, retweets the users you're
following have created, and your tweets that have been retweeted by

And lookie, he was kind enough to show us a mock-up of the forthcoming Retweet API:

Click to enlarge [courtesy of Twitter]

So as you can see, this new feature will not only make Retweeting easier for all Twitter users but will also help tracking Retweets and "Retweeters" easier for the person who posted the original Tweet.

Great job, Twitter.

*Thumbs up*

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