Globe Tattoo vs. Smart Bro vs. Sun Broadband Wireless : Which is the best? Reader Comments

I always get this question: Among the biggest wireless broadband providers in the country, namely Globe, Smart and Sun, which one offers the best service?

Globe has Tattoo

Smart has Bro

and Sun has, well, Broadband Wireless (I wish they'd call it something cool)

I really want to write a lengthy review for each product but I don't think I'm in the position to do that as one of providers in the list is an advertiser on this site and my reviews might come off slanted. So in the spirit of fairness and true service, I'm just asking my readers who have had considerable experience with any of these products to leave their reviews and comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Hi TechPinas!

    I'm Kerwin, and I've been using the SmartBro Wireless Broadband for almost 3 years now. I'm generally happy with their system: downloads have been quite fast recently, and internet surfing can be quite a breeze. My only problem with their system perhaps happened a year or so ago when we didn't have an internet connection for perhaps 2 weeks. Apparently, the signal was being blocked by a newly-erected building near our place. They were able to increase the signal level by raising the antenna higher, but the entire change was quite expensive.

    After that incident, I've had a stress-free browsing experience. Of course, there are the occasional rain showers that disrupt the signal, but I think that's just par for the course.

  2. Thanks for the review Kerwin. I really appreciate it.

    Smart's action towards the problem is laudable. :)

  3. Been using Sun Wireless Broadband since June :) Works well enough. There are times when sites stop loading though but it gets fixed after an disconnecting and reconnecting. My only problem is with the upload. I get up 2.0 mB/sec on downloads but there are times when I can't even attach a 1 mB file though I guess this is a problem for all 3G connections.

  4. Thanks for the input RK! :)
    I appreciate it.

  5. Since it's said and believed by many that in Makati, Globe signal is the strongest and since I live and work in Makati, I chose to buy the Globe Tattoo prepaid kit over the Smartbro & the Sun.

    It was the worst P1895 I've ever spent in my life. I'm in Salcedo Village, considered a part of Makati CBD and yet there's NO signal. Occasionally though, on very rare moments, I would get a few seconds of a faint signal.
    I've also tried it in Legaspi Village with the same dismal results.

    Frustrated, I had my modem "unlocked" so that I can stick a Smart or Sun sim card in it. Signal with Smart is the same as Globe...weak weak weak weak!!!. At most times signal strength is "0".

    I googled in desperation and based on other subscriber's comments online, I doubt the problem is with my modem.

    In short, I'm truly disappointed and disillusioned by both Globe & Smart. They put so much hype in advertising the wonders and convenience of their wireless broadband but deliver nothing. If only they spent as much on signal strength as they do in advertising then they would have far less unhappy customers.

    For those thinking of buying Smartbro or Globe Tattoo I say to you, Caveat emptor or buyer beware. Best you borrow someone's modem first and see if you can get signal before you become another victim.

    Disgruntled, Im thinking if I should even try SUN.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing, Steve! :D

  7. Two days ago, I bought Globe Tattoo. Since then, I never had a good time surfing the net with this little shitty thing. Connection is tremendously slow. I hate my self for buying this Globe tattoo... waste of money and time/

  8. Ive got a Smart Bro that I use when i visit my parents in the Phil. I get a signal wherever I go... Manila, Quezon City and Makati. I have both the USB donge and a Sbro sim for my N95. Sometimes I get a partial download of sites but it can be fixed by just reload. Its just a bit annoying how they price their service... (10P / 30 min) id rather pay a fixed amount and get an allocated number of gb so I can remain online indefinitely.

  9. Thanks for sharing, JOk,

    Thanks for checking out TechPinas

  10. I've just brought smart bro and it sucks. I mean, they gave away these crappy things to UA&P before and I still didn't see it coming. How stupid of me. Anyway, my brother kept on persuading me to buy SUN instead of Smart but I still insisted smart since its cheaper. heck! I should have brought sun! He told me that he has a friend that owns one and its pretty fast according to him.

  11. I used to be a wired Globe DSL user. One of the cheapest DSL out there compared to other wired services available in Makati area. Due to electrical restructuring at home, I was forced to transfer at my brother's place in Pandacan Manila. Unfortunately, no internet or whatsoever. So I thought about having a wireless broadband.

    Globe Tattoo being the cheapest and lots of freebies wireless broadband, I purchased it. When I tried it, it gave a max of 2bars HSDPA signal. The connection so far is intermittent. It will connect for about 2mins only then it'll stop. Luckily, my brother wanted to have an internet, I sold it to him. I already set his expectation that it's not up to what they advertised at least in the area. He brought it to his GF's place in Batangas to test it. Guess what, it's connecting flawlessly. Suffice to say, it's just the area where it connects.

    After a day of having no internet, I decided to purchase Sun Wireless Broadband. It was a day of continuous thinking about the service. I've read a lot of forums and heard a lot of bad feedbacks from different people, ruling out those who said it's fast. I remember my supervisor telling me to get Sun as it proved to be more than its competitors when it comes to speed. The result is awesome! Stable connection, it reaches almost 1mbps maybe due to network traffic but I'm quite satisfied with the service. Although it took almost 24hrs just to get it activated.

    There's a warning though. Because of what they call "fair usage policy", all torrent downloads and P2P clients are blocked by their servers. Technically, the ports used by P2P sharing are blocked somehow. However, you can still use it at a very low speed. This was the part where I really got disappointed about the service. I used to download lots of info using torrent and now it's gone.

    Just a tip, make sure to double check everything you want from an internet service before getting yourself disappointed. Create a check list of all providers so you can weigh their prices against the services they offer. Be wise! Don't make the same mistake!

  12. Hey, this is Aga.

    I USE SUN.
    I stay on E. Rodriguez near St. Luke's.
    I have signal NOW.
    Before AND after ONDOY, I HAD SIGNAL.
    I STILL have signal.
    My Tita Becky from "Becky's Place" has SUN too.
    She ALSO has SUN.
    ...and she also has SIGNAL.
    I took my SUN to Eastwood on the 10th floor of our condo...
    ...and I had SIGNAL.
    My Tita changed to TATOO.
    My Tita got her TATOO REMOVED.
    My friend's SMARTBRO... DUMBSYS.
    I HAVE S.U.N.
    ...the SUN is always there and ALWAYS above the REST.

  13. i just got my sun prepaid broadband yesterday (after googling which of the three providers has the best service) and i'm pretty much okay with it. sometimes though the pages just stop loading for no reason at all - YM was functioning flawlessly but not internet explorer. i downloaded firefox - it screwed up twice but finally worked on the third try - and while it was faster and slightly better, all of a sudden, the pages would again take forever to load and just show an error message after several minutes.

    so far, my solution has been to disconnect and reconnect again.

    i will try it out though with my magic jack soon. hopefully it works.

  14. Hi Mary, Dudz, Roxy and anonymous guy,

    Thank you so much for the feedback. :)

    I really appreciate it. Thanks for checking out

  15. I am very much confused what to buy, is it smart bro, globe tattoo or sun considering my location in Lower Bicutan Area. Could anyone help me guys...

  16. Currently have both SmartBRO prepaid and SUN Postpaid(given away since the former owner can't receive a signal from within their office).

    Both connects easily and has the same latency increase to a game I was playing (ping from 64-100 raising to 300-500 in Exteel SEA) but Smart seems to suffer from instances where the connection seems to stall. Same experience when we used a Smart SIM loaded to a Nokia 6680 where lose data flow after 30-120seconds after connection randomly.

    Sun Broadband on the otherhand has a smoother experience and I would have given up my DSL connection except that torrents using this connection fail me (not yet tested on SmartBRO)

  17. Thanks for the comment IC DeadPIPOL. :)
    Can anyone please help Haidee? Thanks!

  18. i'm back =P

    yesterday SBW won't even open twitter and facebook. SOMETIMES it opens google but forget about clicking a link from there cause it stalls. maybe the network is just congested but i hope to the high heavens they fix it soon!

  19. Thanks for the update roxy! :)
    I really appreciate it.

  20. @Haidee

    Been reading too many bad reviews about Globe especially in Makati Area ~_~

    If you are near Nichols highway try this review
    Someone near muntinlupa posted his/her speedtest results:

    Next to check would be the date posted if its recent.

    Last resort would be to try 3 different sims

    a.)Buy an unlocked Huawei E160 HSDPA Modem
    b.)Buy either SmartBRO, Sun, or Globe Tatoo then have the E160 modem unlocked (will cost you between P200-500)

  21. been using Sun Wireless (unlimited) for some time now. It has its quirks but for unlimited use at 650 pesos, it's a great-to-have item. :D

  22. im using smart bro in caloocan the signal is ok surfing is ok pero sa youtube ang bagal...cguro kase mahina ang downlaod data nya unlike sa sun @ globe
    nkagamit din ako ng sun same location suprisingly mabilis kahit youtube videos. unlike sa smart.

    i suggest to buy sun wireless n lng kase mas mabilis basta along metro manila lng

  23. I bought a Globe Tattoo Prepaid Kit (Huawei which is currently on sale. Connection is ok for me (Cavite Area). The 5/15 minutes charging is much economical that SMART's 10/30 minutes. It also does not charge for video downloads.

    I also received a free SMART Bro (ZTE MF627) in an event and was able to have it unlocked. I have yet to test SUN Broadband (for postpaid palang kasi ang SIM only plan nila eh) since ok daw sabi ng marami kung sa metro manila area lang. Ok din na unlimited siya for postpaid, tapos yung promo ngayon sa prepaid ay very tempting (free 180 hours!). yun nga lang, SUN broadband ang may pinakamahal na prepaid kit compared to smartbro and tattoo. Hindi ko lang maconfirm kung dahil ba ang modem na binibigay nila ngayon ay HSDPA 7.2MBPS MAX compared sa 3.6MBPS ng smart/globe. I think the 3 networks are now upgrading to 7.2, kaya siguro bagsak presyo or even free yung mga lumang modems ng smart/globe

  24. i use globe tattoo prepaid.

    but sometimes.... i wanted to bombard globe nasty things because of their crappy network.
    they really su ck sometimes.

  25. minsan wala pla signal. tnry ko bnuksan tattoo ko kc kala ko cra. un pla ung globe. pati reps nila cra.

  26. i'm using my globe tatto right now. I could honestly say that it is fast during this time but not in the afternoon and evening(location is Novaliches QC)

  27. so based on the comments posted above, which is really better???

  28. youtube fans ako mabagal ang smart at globe try ko nga SUN. openline pala Huawei USB sticks ko

  29. Globe Tattoo problemado. Lagi ako nadi-DC sa company VPN namin. On/Off siya tsk-tsk. Intermittent sobra.

    Before dumating si Ondoy, hindi ako maka-connect sa VPN namin.
    Everytime tatawag ako sa support, sabi nila tatawagan daw nila ako. Binalikan ko sila 5 times, I even requested for a support ticket ID for reference, well wala pa rin nagawa as in walang information na mabigay. Hanggang ngayon me problem in authenticating. Am thinking to get SUN 3Mbps unlimited.

  30. Hi i also bought Globe tattoo lately... i live in Dominga, malate manila... well, it has been two weeks since i bought it,,, i have no problem with it and the signal is actually like 3.6MBps... it's fast and all... but now... i dont know! since last night i really couldnt connect!! if this persist.. i dont know... does anyone know how much it would cost to have it like an open-sim?? thanks!

  31. HI.iv just bought a sun wb unlimited last week,it was my office mate who convinced me to buy one since 2 months user na cia ng network.yes medyo expensive cia than the other networks but wala pa naman ako na encounter problems as of now.un nga lang nbasa ko on other forums na sa 1st and 2nd month daw talagang maganda signal pro sa susunod makakaexprience ka na ng disturbance.hopefully lang maging stable ang signal strength nya since im here n caloocan at ok naman ang sun dito as experienced sa mobile line ko.

  32. The following was posted also on my blog

    I am a stockholder of 20 shares of Globe and the company just rented a rooftop space for their microwave tower at my mom’s building. I have been a globe cellphone user for years. It’s sad that I have to write something like this.

    Here in Olongapo, the reception sucks even if you live near the Globe Business Center. Sounds familiar? That is because a lot have been posting about how it was the wrong decision to even spend money on the prepaid internet plan. Actually it’s not the device, it’s not even your computer or your location. It’s Globe.

    By comparing 2 3G phones of the same make (Nokia N70 in my case) using either Smart or Globe, you can compare the speed and actual connections of both networks. So how about the prepaid internet via PC? The device is a HUAWEI USB SIM peripheral device. You don’t actually need it as your cellphone can act as a USB SIM peripheral device (Use *99# to connect)! The only upside with HUWAEI is that it can access wireless networks faster than 3G. It seems SMART is faster because of the advanced networks available. Globe is still building up its network when in fact it had already sold a lot of Tattoo units and promises fast internet nationwide. They should really upgrade their services. Their churn rate (i.e. rate at which subscribers are switching to competitors) are increasing every year. They come up with a lame excuse such as providing to quality markets because of their high prices but in reality, people notice that they are not getting what they paid for.

  33. With smart, I get more than I pay for. Perhaps because it's still new and not congested but these kind of speeds (6mbps down, speedtest link on my nick) are worth five to ten times more on dsl. Only issue with smart is youtube, for some unkown reason it is really slow with some youtube streams.

  34. I'm using Globe Visibility prepaid.. the very first offer from globe, minsan kahit wlng load nakakalusot mkapagbrowse, pero iba prn pag may load, but sometimes kht may load intermittnt prn.. I'm thinking na itry ung Sun (sim only),but still uncertain if ok din ang smart dito (Pandacan Manila).. w/c is much better provider sa loc. q??share nmn.. and my HUAWEI modem is locked exclusively for globe... San ba pwd magpaUnlocked?? pls. help..

  35. I'm using smart and its working fine for me. im interested in using sun 649 plan, however im not sure if the connection is good in rizal since i live at taytay. sabi kasi nila metro wide lang daw ok connection.



  36. I currently have all three wireless broadband kits. Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo was given to me for free but I purchased Sun Broadband because the unlimited package is P200 cheaper. I haven't used Globe Tattoo yet. I currently use Sun for my normal internet browsing and it is quite fast compared to my previous internet provider which was Globe but it was a fixed modem. However, when using Sun to download torrent movies from Mininova it is quite slow. I don't know if the firewall or router blocks the speed. When you check on Mininova the speed is around 10kbps but when you check Sun's application it is around 100kbps. So when I download torrent movies I use Smart because the highest speed that I have achieved downloading is around 150kbps. Almost all of the plug it modems have a problem with their connections (automatically disconnects). If you would like to save on money and only do normal web browsing I would suggest to buy Sun but if you are a movie downloader like me I would suggest to buy Smart. I hope Sun fixes the downloading rate first because I am no considering Smart to be my primary. I haven't tried to troublshoot Sun's connection because I'm quite busy. =0

  37. abot kaya signal ng SBW d2 sa clark air base??? im planning to buy one kasi e...

  38. Stick to a DSL line... Trust me its cheaper in the long run

  39. Tried Smart BRO in Subic Villa hotel. Signal was good near the pool area but bad in the rooms (was facing a mountain)

    Sun intentionally blocks torrent so its really not recommended if you are primarily concerned with torrents

  40. Hi Its my birthday today! im always on the go and im here in Bohol right now. iL be staying here for the next 7 weeks. Im just a week old here and i want to buy any of these three should i know what's best??? No one here uses these in short, i dont have any clue if these are usable here. Any tips perhaps? Some of u been here before?? and perhaps using these kits? Please help. I hate staying in these cafe's.

  41. sun tayo mga bro...

  42. my God i really dont know what to buy, with your comments is seems like bro and tatto are both worst, and at the same time sun is very expensive. but i really like to purchase one, you know before nung hindi ko pa to nababasa, im on to smart bro but now nagdadalawang isip na ko :( im very much desperate and stress about it urgh

  43. It depends on your location and capability of these telecom providers!

  44. Hi, i work in different parts of the country, and being always on the go, i found wireless broadband a necessity.
    I've tried Globe Tattoo (even back when it was still called "visibility"), PLDT weRoam and SmartBro.
    I've used it in batangas, laguna, makati, QC, bukidnon, cagayan de oro and paranaque.

    1) PLDT weRoam was quite reliable, but pretty slow in most areas. at least i didn't get disconnected.

    2) Globe Tattoo on the other hand is very inconsistent. I would get HSDPA connections in laguna yet very slow connections in batangas, and more surprisingly, in the metro manila area.
    it was also disappointing to use something that would not connect easily despite having a very good signal.
    most disappointing about this was that it would disconnect very quickly despite the good signal and connection speed.

    in short: it was unreliable, and did not cover a lot of areas.

    3) After using those 2, I shifted to SmartBro primarily because my coworkers found out it has HSDPA connection in most provincial places i've been to, or at least had a decent connection.

    "Nationwidest" may not be an exaggeration after all, since we could use it in the mountains at Bukidnon.

    I'm quite happy using smartBro now, compared to my previous experiences with globe and pldt, the primary reason being SmartBro has good connection speeds almost anywhere i go.

  45. i bought my sun last june has a very good connection almost all the time it has 2mbps connection speed that time. im here at intramurosl,manila....usually i do torrent downloads b4 and the download speed usually goes from 100kbps to 200kbps... and i can buffer several animes online all at the same time...THAT WAS BEFORE UNTIL THE END OF JULY

    AUGUST AND ONWARDS the connection dropped terribly from a daily 2mbps to 700+kbps daily and now its usually 300+ kbps below but it sometimes goes to 2mbps connection if ur lucky on 3am-6am..i do my torrent downloads at that time..but if i do any download on any other time of the day like now im downloading a 32.2mb video from megaupload..the speed of download is 6.1kbps...and its 11.8mb/32.2mb now and my downloader tells me that i still need to wait for 56mins to finish my download.

    I do recommend SUN BROADBAND to all if you can take the slow connection and the manila area only coverage...its ur choice...just sharing my experience....


  46. ive got three of this broadband kit
    (for my backup temp net at my office)
    check the different, base on my experience.

    ive already used this three in: araneta cubao, frisco quezon city, chino roces makati and antipolo (proper)city.

    1. Globe (prepaid)
    Purchase date: mid 2008
    Download: min:40kbps max:90kbps
    Upload: 20kpbs
    Signal: HSDPA/3G
    Advantage: even 5,10php you can use the internet.
    Disadvantage: not speedy as well (enough for youtube(at least 30kbps) habit)

    2. Sun (postpaid) Package: Standard
    Purchase date: Oct 2008
    download: min: 30kbps max: 240kpbs
    upload: 50kpbs
    Signal: WCDMA/HSDPA
    Advantage: affordable monthly net/high speed net
    disadvantage: sometimes on/off if runs 10hours and up.

    3. Smart (prepaid)
    Purchase date: Aug 2009
    download: min: 20kpbs max: 2.6mpbs
    upload: 10kpbs
    Signal: HSDPA/3G
    advanatage: you can reach up to 2mbps and up (wow)
    disadvantage: there are so many blocking port that you need to report first to open the port. (ex: pop3/smtp application) and always on/off connection



  47. additionally,
    for smart bro you need a minumim load of 150php.
    for globe at least 5 or 10php.

    thanks again


  48. Hi Jayvee12, ZeroMD, Marv, NameDan, RV, Xelir, McCoy!

    Thanks for the very informative comments. :)

    Maraming salamat!

  49. I'm still confused! Well, my location is Navotas and I study at UE Manila. My girlfriend lives in Binangonan Rizal which is not covered by Sun WB. So I'm left with Globe and Smart. Between Globe and Smart, I probably choose Smart.

    Oh gosh... I'm still confused...

  50. I work in a Telecommunication Company, I'm sorry I can't tell you where.
    smart bro would be the greatest here in the Philippines because smart is tied up with PLDT so they have the same connection, and you also know they are the leading company in Telecommunication and alike.

    SUN-I really can't beleive this but this network had the most genius engineers and technical team because their network can now compete with other BIG networks. middle ground and affordable.
    this one rocks!

    Globe - the worst ever! Its been released as Visibility by then and was renamed as Tattoo but to think its been in the market for so long as still haven't improved, they should think about re-hiring genius engineers. they can't even troubleshoot their own product, try calling to 222 and if a csr would answer you, regarding your tattoo they can't transfer you to their technical dept. and they will troubleshoot it by themselves w/o even having the knowledge coz they've been hired for a customer relation concerns not technical concern.

    Hopes this helps, I hope I explained it not in jargon words. (coz I was trying not to be so technical)


  52. Anyone got any feedback as far as using Globe and Smart in Lucena and Olongapo City?

  53. Globe admits the slowness of the wireless broadband. Mahal nga lang yung SUN wilress 1895 pesos.. yaiks!

  54. Globe admits the problem with their Wireless Nroadband.
    Check this site:

  55. I am living on one of the condos at Eastwood. Tried pre-paid Smart Bro for a while, been frustrated with slow speed and intermittent disconnection. Within a week, my 300 pesos load was gone!
    Now i switched to Sun Broadband Easy, cost me 799/mo and 888 for the modem. Im pretty happy with the speed, HSDPA connection would usually give me around .416 Mbps on Also, tech support is much better that Smart Bro. When i have a connection problem i easily guided me to the correct setup. Kudos to Sun Broadband!

  56. Smart now offers USB plug it modem for 999 (free 5 hours surfing) and Globe Tattoo USB for 895 (free 5 hours surfing).

    Today Sun announced in ads in Philippine newspapers that they are now selling their SUN BROADBAND USB KIT NOW P888 with one day unlimited iinternet. Offer valid November 14 to December 31

    SUN has announced a 50 peso load for all day surfing such a deal if your in area that SUN is decent.

  57. I am very much satisfied with smartbro's performance these months. I haven't encountered serious technical problems, even though typhoons passed us. Their system is great. They do not possess splendid connections, but compared to other lines, Smartbro's certainly very good.

  58. I'd go for smartbro! way way good kesa sa globe at sun.

  59. haha.. i found this hilarious.. super bitter sa globe.. pero i'm honestly saying na may point xa. tulad sa mga sinasabe ng mga nababasa kong comments..

  60. @jamie
    yep i read about that, last month siguro.
    yes i agree, actually totoo naman mga sinasabe nea. may ibang experiences sya na naranasan ko den. and i am a globe user eversince. but then pag dating sa broadband nila.. wala na talaga.

  61. o dba? im glad im hearing other sentiments, dont get me wrong, its just that na, kikilos sila pag marami nang negative feedbacks. pero matgal na dn kasi to.. kea ngsmart n lng ako ng walang alinlangan.hehe :p

  62. yun na nga.. kahit gabundok na yung negative feedbacks sa knila.. still income pa dn nila iniisip nila.. whats new? hehe. bitter tayo.

    nagsmart na dn ako.. minsan palpak dn.. pero mas madme globe!haha

  63. really? pumapalpak b smart sayo? minsan my inaadjust or minsan sa plug ins problema pag mejo bumabagal.. idk.. try mo igoogle..:)

  64. ay nakausap ko friend ko. oo nga daw my gnagawang kalikot dito minsan. wag na daw umasa sa technicians kasi madmi ding ngrereklamo kaya mag-aantay pa ko ng matagal.

  65. yeah. my instances na ganun.. minsan dahil din s mga plug-ins. try google it.. may mga tips about that matter.

  66. After all of reading lots of lots of reviews for almost 2-3 months i finally decided which prepaid kit would i get. Just today i purchased a SUN BROADBAND prepaid kit in GREENHILLS mall branch. Since it's on the way to open pinoy pc shop that i also bought a notebook cooling stand. For a moment i really have a little hesitation about the product (SUN) but anyway i really want to have it now. For a second connection since i got DSL at home. And if doesn't work on my location MAKATI PRC pwede naman i pa openline or unclock hehe... now i tested it and using it now for 2hours no disconnection at all and working so well in my area... Hoping tuloy tuloy ito... Coz i'm very happy coz i think i really made a right decision. Well sana nakatulong itong post ko sa mga super naguguluhan na tulad ko. Basta it's really depends on area or location. Basta dito in Makati PRC, JP Rizal o Pasong Tirad it works so well for me. Thanks Sun!

  67. who knows the location of a wireless center/outlet of sun broadband in makati area?

  68. ALL INTERNET USERS: We should know what is the 80/80 rule to use as guidelines for QOS (Quality of Service) from all service providers.

    80/80 rules meant is having 80% of publish speed (i.e. 1.6mbps of 2.0mbps top speed like SWB 2.0) at 80% ALL THE TIME from these 3 major internet providers with less than 1% downtime all the time.

    In the Philippines, I have 3 sims from the 3big providers and i am getting a 15/50 services meaning getting a speed of 300kbps 50% of the time and the rest atleast 40% is mostly below 300kbps and the 10% of the time above 1mbps..

    my conclusion is the Philippines wireless industry is behind the curve with other countries who is getting 80/80 QOS.

    The DSL/CableBroadband/Fixed wireless here in the Philippines atleast where able to deliver 50/80 QOS but that is way below the 80/80 rules that is use by other countries.

    So come on fellow Filipinos, we should petition the big 3 and demand the 80/80 rules to be on par with other high tech nations!

    btw, internet in the Phil. is still considered slow even if they able to deliver 80/80 rule on 2.0mbs since other countries have an avg. of 5mbps or more and upgrading and offering upto 3x or 4x the speed of 5.0mbps bcoz of the introduction of HD video via internet...

    Hope this helps..

    Bong aka Yurs Truly

  69. For those who have a postpaid plan with SUN (maski plan 350 lang), you can go to Sun Shop to borrow the gadget for 3 days trial (if available, you can get it right away, otherwise, you can request to be scheduled). That's what I did. It's free anyway, and no obligation to subscribe or not. After I'm satisfied that the locations I'll be using it for are covered, that's the time I UPGRADED my plan P350 to P990 (mobile / broadband). I've been using it since late December of 2008, and so far, the speed is ok and I'm quite satisfied with it.

  70. I have tried the 3-day trial of Sun.It's really good. I subscribe to it after a few months. But I didn't expect that after a while, all I can get is lots of disconnection.

  71. My advice before you purchased any of the three wireless broadband is that you should determine first which among of the three Telecom Co. has the best signal in you area. Better if you can borrow from someone that has already a modem from your friends and try it your area.

  72. I would like to add the importance of network traffic besides getting a strong signal.

    I have strong signal in different location i had tried (greenpark, cainta, murphy/cubao and antipolo by sumulong hwy overlooking)but sad to say w/ all 3 providers, the congestion of their network is the main culprit after getting a constant strong signal..

    the latency of these big 3 are terrible most of the time meaning you could be connected w/ a strong signal but not able to access the net constantly when u needed up to the point of being disconnected...

    in the next few weeks, i will experiment w/ the big 3 providers for being online 24hrs ... (hahahaha).. will update you guys...

    Bong aka YursTruly

    p.s. dont forget the 80/80 rules.. we should all demand it from the big 3..

  73. whew. thanks for the tips! hehehe.

    Yep. Keep us posted. :P

  74. wow makes my heart warm when you guys say thanks :)


  76. Smart Bro has a Boosting Speed Up to 512Kbps-1.7Mbps not 2Mbps.. pero affordable nman kc free internet.. secret q na un qng bakit.. Ang Tatoo naman ay 300Kbps-1Mbps kso hndi xa stable.. Ang Sun naman stable na 64-67Kbps.. wow prang Dial-Up.. Tested q yan d2 sa Munti.. may place na mlakas ang isang provider at dun mo xa dpat ggmitin kaya I recommend Smart Bro d2 sa Munti.. USB Modem Unlocking?? Alam q un.. qng cnu man mlapit sa Munti contact me I-unlock q Modem nyo para pd mag Sun,Tatto sa Bro Modem nyo.. parang CP lng db?? Openline.. want to know how to mess with your kit for free internet and boosting HSDPA?? contact me or go to may Shop JINJURIKI Computer Shop Near sa Munti Palenke.. xempre may Fee pg gus2.. qng ayaw kht wag.. 09396653252 -DM

  77. hi,im from dumaguete city..i use smartbro prepaid plug it, the ZTE model.i got an HSPA signal on our place and im satisfied with its service..i think the signal depends on where you are located and if the place is covered by HSPA or 3G.

  78. What the fuck is wrong with Globe Tattoo! I was expecting that it would be more stable compared to Sun (ZTE modem usb) but I was wrong!

    I'm using Huwawei USB and my laptop is running on Win 7.

    I just spoke to a rep from Sun in SM Blumentritt and he said that they have been getting issues with HUWAWEI running on Windows 7. I think it's also the same with Globe because both are manufactured by the same company!!


  79. I am planning to get one but can't decide would would best work at Boracay Island and Baguio? Any suggestions guys?

  80. I bought a Smartbro modem a month ago & was able to make it work on Win7. I tested it in the two places that I always stay at. QC and Cavite and the connection is just so good. Fast and stable. I already learned the places in my house where Smartbro has excellent HSDPA signal and I can't be happier w/ the connection. I think with these 3 broadband services,what matters most is ur location. I heard that Smart has a lot of cellsites/base stations all over the Philippines so I bought it. And I never regret doing so. I already have a processing application for unlimited plug it subscription (999). Now that I already learned how good the service is,I know I won't regret that subcription either.

  81. I've been using Sun Broadband Wireless for almost more than 6 months now and I can say that their broadband service is way better than what I've expected (judging from their mobile phone services). We used to live in Mandaluyong city where we had a SmartBro connection. Our services with SmartBro was fine as well however, we had customer service related problems with them so we chose to try out Sun. Our Sun broadband connection is pretty fast however, sometimes you really need to refresh the page or reconnect first before some websites pull up. But overall, Sun Broadband performs well for me... There was also a time when we had to transfer to Bacoor, Cavite and I was really pleased when I tried to check the Sun Broadband connectivity in Bacoor because when I checked, they've just opened their Sun Broadband connection in our area here in Bacoor and I was very happy to know that I can immediately use my current Sun Broadband connection when we move. It has saved me money, effort and time having Sun Broadband Wireless as my connection. Lastly, when there is a typhoon like Ondoy, almost all of the internet providers were down but Sun Broadband Wireless was still working and it was somehow a little bit faster than usual... No kidding! =)

    NOTE: By the way, I love the Sun Broadband Wireless service but I'm somehow dismayed with their customer service... =)

  82. Hi, can anyone here say something about which works best in the Bulacan area? Heard Sun was good in Metro Manila only.

  83. Hi, can anyone here say something about which works best in the Bulacan area? Do any of the three networks have HSDPA coverage there? Heard Sun was good in Metro Manila only.

  84. Selling Smart Bro Prepaid Kit 995 ang price

  85. im from tondo, whats the best among these 3 providers?

  86. hi...ive been using sun broadband since april of this year (i am currently staying in malate area)...i am glad to say im pretty satisfied with its performance...the best point for sun i guess is its being unlimited...i can leave my laptop open to download mp3s and movies w/out the worry of paying large bills at the end of the month...the only problem ive noticed is that when im in my unit (26th floor), the signal tend to weaken, and the DL/upload speed decreased (from the usual blue light of the USB modem, it turns green when im in high altitude)...ive also noticed it in my sun mobile phone (choppy signal when im in my unit)...other than that, i have no problem with sun broadband...also ive heard they'll go nationwide (???)...thanks.

  87. putang inang sun yan 5kbps lang ang signal, bakit naman ganun.. im from makati,, badtrip dude.

  88. i just bought smart bro 2days ago and it sucks!!!
    opening google took me almost 1min!! whew!! 500bytes per second!!!

    dont buy smart bro!! its the worst broadband ever!!

    smart company is just all about getting money.
    Smart is scammer.


  89. Hey, I use Globe Tattoo and I love it! At The Fort, it works well and I rarely get disconnected. Well, syempre minsan sumasablay pero ganyan talaga yung nature ng wireless e.

  90. I've been using Smartbro for the past year. Ok siya.

    Last night, I used Smartbro to do a voice call via Skype, with Facebook (with Farmville) on, desktop sharing on, tsaka I did a little surfing on the side.

    I've tried Smartbro sa Metro Manila and sa Metro Davao, mabilis pa rin.

    Glad I have it handy.


    jan sila nag kakatalo......

  92. We have SMART BRO SHARE IT, SUN BROADBAND and GLOBE TATTOO. All separate units.

    In Cubao area, where I live, Smart Bro is the fastest. Sun Broadband and Globe Tattoo are more or less the same speed. Smart Bro Share It is still pretty fast even when 3 computers are connected. Normally, only 2 computers are constantly connected, but it works okay with another computer, and even a fourth connection using a PSP.

    In FEU NRMF in Fairview, Sun Broadband is very fast. It reaches almost 2MPBS. Fast downloads and fast page loading.

    In UST, Sun Broadband does okay. Not fast, but not too slow. It reaches up to 400KBPS, but normally 100KBPS, more or less. Globe Broadband, last time I checked, does poorly, but this was right after ONDOY, so I'm not sure. Sun Broadband, during and even after ONDOY worked just fine.

  93. In Cainta-Junction - I've used Smart, Sun and Globe.
    Winner: Smart, consistent speed.
    2nd place: Sun, similar speed as smart only for browsing, restricted torrents
    Last: Globe, wala talaga!

  94. Sun broadband is ok...I throw it away... 5kbps-so so so slow!!!! and now my account is closed.. Now im happy with smart broadband... really... really great and the customer service agents are friendly and well trained, unlike with sun you'll wait 30 mins. before they answer..-----Joseph Martin

  95. im selling smart bro broadband kit for only 950! contact me at

  96. Here is my experience on the three.

    Smart Bro = Best coverage, also best speed on often used sites like Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Also works best on Online games. Worst one in regards to downloading.

    Globe = Slightly worse coverage than Smart, but best downloading, the worst in streaming videos though.

    Sun = Worse coverage, if you're in a province, expect near zero connection. Speeds slightly worse than Globe regarding download speeds, but slightly better on popular sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

    So to summerize, if you're in the province, Bro is your only choice, if you're the download guy, get the Tattoo, Sun is the middle ground, but due to 3G signals being near unexistent in provinces, I'll judge it the worse of the three. Hope this helps. =)

  97. 2 months ago Sunbroadband wireless is the best my speed reaches up to 3.2mbps. but lately it 'crawls' maybe it is affected by many subcribers availing the service due to positive feedback recently,they are not ready of the sudden surge of subscribers, their sites are still limited they just have good engineers that tweaks the network to par with smart and globe.yes it is effective before but now the network is already congested so it sucks, smart is still the best, not the fastest but consistent country wide. Globe? they have the best ads good service but slow connection.

  98. Hi! I live in Makati and I tried all three by borrowing from my friends. I first tried SmartBro and Globe Tattoo and SmartBro won the bet. However, when I tried Sun, it seems to be a little faster at my location and it has a good signal. However, since P2P downloads are blocked by Sun's Server, I'm afraid that I'm losing heart at buying this and I feel like I would like to cancel the plan. Its up to you if you like to use Sun since its only fast for browsing and such.

    It pains me that I didn't try downloading torrents using Tattoo or Smart. Better get going and try p2p downloads.

  99. In Batalay and globe (Edge/3G) seems to work faster than smartbro (GSM/GPRS). In Virac smartbro better signal...not sure of sun have not tried. Still think it is based on tower infrastructure in provincial area

  100. Ive been using sun wirless broadband plan 799 and happy with it..

    Faster than our pldt dsl plan..

    But the signal is the morning you get to use 200kbps to 400 kbps of download speed and at night you can get 500-800kbps..

    if the signal is strong enough and not been used by many, you can get as whooping download speed of 2.14mbps..

    the lowest signal that i have received was 190 kbps on streaming sites such as youtube and vimeo.. I'm in makati so i guess the signal here is congested..I've tried using it in magallanes, and its faster there! around 1.4mbps but sometimes drops to 200kbps if you are in a closed room..

    Sun Bro wireless is still the best around NCR and I'm really hoping that they'd go nationwide..

  101. and downloading files using P2P apps such as torrent, limewire, etc.. using sun Bro wireless is really good! 190kbps download speed on torrent and 50kbps on limewire are really good download speed..again..the speed vary on how much signal you are getting from those antennas..but its quite an experience downloading super fast..

  102. check the signal of ur celfon before buying any internet prepaid kit.

    good signal strength means better connection.

  103. im from olongapo, i have tried using globe and smart, globe tattoo is good in terms of reception but once it establishes the connection the 3G signal starts to weaken until you can no longer do browsing anymore, i have the latest smart bro share it and have no problem on signals but the speed sometimes vary depending on what time you do the internet surfing if only smart could add some more bandwidth it would be better, got to try sun here in olongapo, any body using sun here?

  104. naku po. super bagal ng sun. 5kbps!

  105. dati ok yun sun. i've been using sun broadband for almost 3 months. nun una ok, mabilis. pero lately, super bagal. 5kbps. naaku po. ni hnd ako makapag upload ng picture at makanuod sa youtube. super bagal kahit google. napaka unprofessional pa ng mga staff nila lalo na sa alimall sun shop. pinapatayan ako ng cp at iniignore yun complaint ko. at 3months na ko di nakakapag laro ng petsociety sa fb kapg sun ang gamit ko.

  106. I've been using Smart Bro Plug-it since DEcember 2009. I live in Alabang and the signal there is awesome. There are times though that the signal becomes weak. But I do get speeds of up to 1000+ Kbps.
    I also thought that in Makati, Smart ain't that strong. And when I tried it in Legaspi village, it gave me dismal performance. But when I switched the band to w850, the speed picked up. I tried checking the actual speed in bandwidthplace and I got a download speed of 732 Kbps and upload speed of 284 Kbps. Not bad at all. But there are also times when the connection gets cut a lot of times.
    I have upgraded the firmware and I guess it helped improve the speed of my Smart Bro connection. I am happy with it.
    Smart's performance is in contrast with the Globe Visibility (with Huawei dongle) that we have. There are just a few places where I had experienced decent speeds using Visibility. (It was awesome in Marquinton, Marikina) It is sluggish even in Makati.

    I hope this helps. I never tried Sun Broadband though.

  107. I love sun broadband. its pretty cool than smartbro and Globe tatoo.

  108. my boyfriend is about to open his internet cafe. yes, about to. he can't really open yet because the damned globe broadband has this systems update ekek which takes forever! the internet was down last saturday night (march 6) and until now (march 9) those call center agents give the same old f*ckin' reason - systems update!!!

  109. hi, can please someone help me. what prepaid broadband should i buy if i am here in Binakayan, Kawit,Cavite.... iheard others that it is good to have tatoo but others give some negative feedback.. and all these rumors are in the same location.. anu nga ba dapat...

  110. Hi! I've just read all of the reviews. Yes, all of these. And judging from your reviews, I think SUN is the better connection from the lot.

    I first called SmartBro but when they came to our house, they said that they have to make a hole in our roof for the antenna. So, of course, we're not willing to have them do that. Their reason is because my room is an underground, and the houses around us are a lot higher than ours so they have to extend the antenna to the highest point. So, with that, it's a no-no for SmartBro.

    Now, I've read a lot - and I mean almost all are negative reviews of Globe. So I'm not including it on my list.

    Next, I called PLDT DSL, and after 3 days, I followed up my application, and said that they have to change the cables and our number. We have been using that number for a long time and we are not willing to have it changed.
    Freaking, WTH. So I crossed out DSL on my list too.

    Now, I am thinking of buying Sun. Do you think it is worth it? I repeat, my room is an underground and our neighbors have high houses. I live in Project, 4 Q.C.
    Err, please help?! :D

  111. Buying any of the three would net you slow and inconsistent access and that's the fact of it. Unless you are desperate for access, then it is really not worth it. I've gotten a hotspot that has more consistent connection and higher download rate than my Sun Wireless (and I believe them all to operate similarly). On the worst day, my download rate is at 0.02kbps and it keeps dropping, and at best, I get 0.25 kbps. Great for sending emails or small pieces of text, but embedded pictures (on websites) take awfully long (most websites have pics, animations and some videos, imagine that), so video streams would take you until next Tuesday before it finished buffering. Again, unless you are desperate…

  112. ang masasabi ko lang sa mga tao lahat dyan ay WOWOWEEEEEEEE na TAYO LAHAT. BETTER GET LINE CONNECTION instead of wireless ekeke. mas mapapamahal pa kayo dyan pag gami nyo ay wireless mapa SUN, GLOBE or SUN pareho pareho lang sila may mga negative sa mga service nila unlike pag naka line ka mas STABLE. STABLE. or better mag unsecured wireless network kayo. diba libre pa. waaaaaaaaaaa

  113. Who got a VPN service? I dunno but SmartBro can't connect to VPN. How about the Tatoo?

    The above email chain too long to follow with.
    My question is:
    Without VPN connection, which has better speed?
    Cheaper Price? Status symbol? etc?

  114. Im Currently Working abroad and I got my GF a f*cking Smart Bro USb so that we can both communicate with each other thru chat & video call even when she travels around the phil. Unfortunately smart seems to be doing false advertising.Their Broadband speed is a disappointment,it even comes to a point were you cant connect at all.We nearly broke up coz of this. So I told her dump the sh*ty Smart Bro Usb and Just stopby any Netshop if shes really cant Rely on Smart Bro when you go mobile.

  115. Im still in doubt on what to buy,, SUN or Smart bro.. i live here in Gensan.. can u... help me pls???

  116. any idea kung alin mas ok gamitin, smartbro, sun or globe in ibaan batangas city? thanx,

  117. Pwede kayo bumili kahit anong klase ng modem, then pwede siya ipa openline para magamit sa different networks (sun, globe, smart).

    - asyon

  118. i use smart bro here in bgy. muzon, san jose del monte bulaca.. the speed here is quite reached 6+ Mbps in 1 and a half hours of surf gld i chose smartbro wireless... Glenn Wesley

  119. i'm from Naic cavite...I'm using globe broadband..

    at first months of using's pretty fast..

    but must sleep first for a site to load. = it's speed is 0.2 mbps

    and sometimes an error occurs...
    my friends use smart,,they said it's pretty fast...

    this is jst a warning...

  120. i just bought my new laptop and it has a free smart bro plug in kit.

    i used the smart bro when i went to batangas and it gave me a good connection, like using it for having a video call from other country, the conversation was good the video has a good quality, the voice was clear...

    well better use smart

  121. i purchased a globe tatoo at first the signal is very weak because im using 3G signal but when i found out that HSDPA signal gives you stronger signal,so i change it and ive got stronger signal using HSDPA connection. In OBANDO BULACAN Smart Bro Prepaid Kit has no signal because my cousin's smart bro cannot receive any signal so they borrow my GLOBE TATOO and we therefore conclude that GLOBE TATOO is better than SMART BRO in OUR PLACE

  122. Hi,

    I am a SUN Broadband Postpaid user for 8months now, eversince I've started using SUN, I have a very consistent connection in my place Makati, then as an experiment tried using it in different locations, Fairview Quezon City, I had a good connection though at times I get disconnected but after connecting again, signal would goes up again. I asked SUN Customer Service if I can already use it in Batangas, they said their covering areas are only Rizal and Metro Manila.

    So I guess Im sticking to SUN for now.

  123. hi! pno mag pa-openline ng modem? ksi khit ako naguguluhan nrin kung ano bibilin ko. those 3 kits has positive and negative feed backs and i think everybody's comments are equal and the same. so para mkatipid and di n kailangan bilin un 3 modem magpapaopenline nlng ako. can you help me? thank you! =)

  124. Hi! I have been using Sun postpaid for 5 months now & it never disappoints my connection to the internet. Everytime I would connect my USB plug-in to my PC or notebook, I would normally get HSPDA signal of 4 to 5 bars.

  125. I just availed of Sun's 799/month - unlimited. I'm around Muntinlupa area. Connection is pretty much good during off peak but really gets slow on downloading/streaming during peak hours.

  126. i live in eastwood. w/c is should i get. sun or smartbro.. i need a reply soon.

    tatoo here sucks i can only have access at around 3am. and could u say S-L-O-W..

  127. Globe tattoo here is extremely fast here in batangas city, i use my laptop at school and my buddies who were using smart bro suddenly switched to globe tattoo when they saw that the connection is flawless. i get the fastest internet connection during lunch like 12 to 2 pm... oh by the way, one of my buddies using smart bro said to me that her connection really sucks then she decided to switch to globe... ps... i love it

  128. grabe, for me ha smart is a waste of time, nag avail ako noon ng smart plug it, way back feb 2007 yata, tapos 799 per month for 40 hours, tapos charge ka nila if lumagpas ka ng 40 hrs 10pesos yata per 30 minutes, eh paano ba namang hindi lalagpas ng 40 hours ang internet ko eh ang bagal ng connection and all the waiting consumes time, grabe, my mom said that the contract ends after 2 years, ang tagal na pagtitiis noon grabe! chorvalung eklabu! then natapos ang 2 years nag offer sa akin ang smart, yung bago nilang usb stick na modem, i refused to take the offer, then yung nakita ko yung commercials ng globe tattoo, ayun sabi ko try ko nga ng bonggang bongga, then ayun nag avail ako tapos i'm really satisfied with the services... in fact bonggang bongga ang signals nila here in lipa city! kaya kung ako sa inyo! mag globe na kayo para hindi habey na habey ang connection nyo ... mwah diane!

  129. hI, im fr0m nueva ecija? BuT s0on i'lL be stUdyng at bAguio, i am aCtUALly planNing to buy smart bro, do u thInk dis would be a great deal? Help?

  130. siguro it really depends on your location. dsl person ako pero dahil i decided to move to an apartment near my workplace, kapatid ko nalang ang nakikinabang sa internet na binabayaran ko buwan buwan. yesterday an officemate lent me his smartbro plug, tinry ko siya sa lambak ng montalban where my boyfriend lives, at mabilis siya. pumapalo ng 3mbps pag off peak. problema lang pag dito na sa apartment (timog), siguro dahil sa sobrang dami ng pader nahihirapan akong makakuha ng signal, at mabagal ang mga pron torrents ko :(

  131. I just bought a smartbro and im currently living in a prime location (Ubelt) still im having shites all over browsing, i never even saw it reached .7mb and whats worse? im losing connection every after 20mins, not really disconnected but zero/0 for about 3 to 10 minutes. theres no way its gotta be "im not getting a signal" kasi im on the 9th flr. im sorry guys but im really pissed off right now. im so so not happy with this. buti pa sun na constant talaga. bad thing i lost it. bought it for 888 just last month tas ngayon 1800+ na, me reason naman ata coz smartbros a rubbish, mediocre system. i dunno bout globe.

  132. excuse me.., kakabili ko lang po ng sun postpaid broadband kahapon, dito po ako nakatira sa laloma. pwede nyo po ba akong turuan ng mga techniques para mas bumilis pa yung broadband ko?maraming salamat po. turuan nyo po sana ako kung anong mga gagawin ko

  133. nakabagal po ba ng signal ang maraming pader sa paligid kasi nung nasa kwarto ako medyo maraming mga pader tapos ginamit ko yung smartbro plug in noong na mabilis, kaso after ng 30 minutes bumagal na. noong ginamit ko naman sa batangas yung smartbro plug in mabilis naman kahit 2hours mong gamitin mabilis yung connection kahit manuod ka sa youtube.

    ...?ano po ba yung mga nakakaapekto sa signal ng smartbro plug in?...

  134. What would be the best broadband for my locations (in Muntinlupa and Diliman QC)?...... I'm thinking between SMART BRO and SUN BROADBAND.. Im using GLOBE BROADBAND now, it pisses me off, to say it bluntly. Pls Help.. tnx

  135. SmartBro is very slow here in Vista Verde in Cainta. I'll try Sun when I find the time to buy one.

  136. Wi-Tribe 4G Technology now Metrowide. For demo and signal testing just text @ 0927.945.3770. Type Name, Location and Email address.

    Wi-tribe offers:

    * Unlimited surfing and unlimited browsing
    * Consistent and superior bandwidth speed (up to 1mbps)
    * Portable
    * Plug-and-Play
    * Competitively-priced packages
    * 24 x 7 Customer Support

    just text @ 0927.945.3770. For more info
    Type Name, Location and Email address.

  137. want to ask which is better to use my location is Rosario/Tejero epza cavite...thanks

  138. Want to ask which is better to use my location is Rosario/Tejero epza cavite...Globe tatoo...Smart Bro? Thanks

  139. My sister gave me her tattoo prepaid. Thank god I did not pursue buying my own wireless internet access. Speed is terrible... yes there are bursts of speed but they are spaced far apart. On the average I get better speed with the free vibe dial up that comes with my landline bundle. I would rather upgrade that to a DSL ASAP and install a wireless router for laptops at home rather than get tattoo, bro or sun wireless. My usage pattern doesn't require broadband anyway as I usually surf at home.

  140. Im currently using sun broadband and it works quite well enough. I have some problems in loading pages, especially at night (maybe because of the traffic) but still still tolerable. I used to have a smart bro - fast for the first 1 to 2 weeks then after, the connection sucks, really sucks, then after that, it returned again to being fast but then, it still have slight problems. We used to have a Globe broadband (postpaid), but this is like 6 years ago or so, all i can say is that it sucks.

    *It really depends on your place actually, Smart and Sun has a good signal here in Las Pinas when it comes to broadband.

  141. I have had my SmartBro since july last year and has never failed me. Im located here in betterliving, paranaque. Signal is way up there, regardless of rain or shine. Browsing is smooth and fast. I recently unlocked it and tried using my SUN sim on it. It's the same, signal is great, browsing is excellent. It really depends on your location, where each network's signal is the strongest.

  142. Aling ba po connection ang mabilis dito sa Sta.Rosa Divine Mercy church Marilao.

  143. In our area both Globe tattoo and sun wireless broadband provides better internet service check this review Sun wireless broadband and Globe broadband tattoo , which is better?

  144. Hi!

    i live in Robinsons Ermita... since there are no available pldt slots in the area and they only accept pldt lines, i guess am stuck with broadband options..

    Any suggestions? for that particular are?

  145. it always depends on the area. i have sun and im ok with it.

    i am trying to buy either tattoo or smart bro cause in the province...walang sun :( huuhuhu

    cheers everyone!

  146. Simple solution...Suck balls

  147. HI 4runner,

    I am using SmartBro too since first week of April this year and I may say it is okay. I live in Pasig area and I just wanted to ask where did you has your stick unlock and how much?


  148. Hello,

    I am currently using Smart Bro prepaid plug it, at the same time, I am using the unli surf which is quite saving in the budget. I am here at ParaƱaque City, which is considered as 3G area but unfortunately, I am having diffulcuties on the connection. Sometimes the browsing is Fast as well as downloading and streaming BUT most often the loading times of the browser takes too long or so the connection will be terminated. I do not know the main reason, maybe it is on the server or the problem is in my stick itself. Moreover, I am disconnecting the device if it was still hitched on my computer then put it back again whenever I am ready to use it. Whenever I do this experiment, it kept my DL speed, browsing and streaming stable as it is maybe this is only meantime but I am still not convinced to stay in this broadband.

    "You should try to disconnect the device and wait for at least 10 seconds to reconnect to the computer then wait until the application autostart or the device become ready before surfing the net everytime you log on or restart your computer."

    -- ultimate

  149. globe tat can suck my balls right at the heart of ortigas!(pearl drive)

    *thumb down*

  150. Hi...
    Last 2009 my personal ranking:
    1. SUN - fastest
    2. GLOBE - super bagal
    3. SMART - 3G lang super bagal

    This June 2010 (Nagbago ang Lahat)
    1. SMART - 5 bars HSDPA!
    2. SUN - Malakas signal yet MABAGAL na pag peak hours...6am - 9am lang mabilist
    3. GLOBE - palpak as in walang signal!

    SUN - congested kasi maraming ng tiga-Zabarte Rd. Camarin, Caloocan City (puro subdivision) nag-switch to Sun Broadband! Ayun, we are sharing on a limited resource!

    Hope SUN could improve their servers, bandwidth so that maintained ang quality of service!

    SMART - prompt action sa request for signal...ANG GALING! Broadbandest talaga!
    Hindi halata ang capping sa download kasi 35-50 kbps per direct download kahit sabay-sabay!

    Sun - mabilis sa BROWSING but for YouTube and direct download - NAPAKABAGAL (7 kbps lang) ang DirectDownload

  151. Hi! Iv been using Sun Broadband since first i was hesitant to apply a postpaid plan because of the bad coverage of its cellular network...but its a good deal to think for a monthly bill of 799 unlimited!

    After a week of convincing myself to own a unit, i ended up owning ONE at FIRST! After a year i gave my unit it to my sister because she used to own a Smart Bro but the expenses of usage is way higher than Sun Broadband, then i applied for another unit for myself! In my years of experience using sun broadband..its been very good and convenient for me all this years! reliable and no false advertisment!

    And yes..I know all networks have thier own downfall..but it is normal and iv been very patient and optimistic with my Sun Broadband, becuase in my own opinion they are trying to catch up and compete with thier competitors and give better service in the FUTURE!

    In my years of experimenting Sun Broadband, iv been testing its limitation of coverage, limitation of usage and limitation of portability.

    * First, Limitation of coverage:
    "2008 to Present day!"
    *Makati - coverage & speed is good! (2008)
    *Batasan QC - coverage & speed is mediocre! (2008)
    - coverage & speed is good! (Q1-2009)
    *Fairview QC - coverage none! (2008)
    - coverage & speed is good! (Q2-2009)
    *Pasig - coverage and speed is good! (2008)

    "Outside Metro Manila"
    *Bulacan - coverage none! (2009)
    *Subic - coverage none! (2010)
    *Batangas Malvar - coverage none! (2009)
    - coverage & speed is good! (2010)
    *Boracay - coverage none! (Q2-2009)

    * Second, Limitation of usage:
    I have never had a problem about its usage. Always on-line 24 hours a day or more, no sudden disconection. P2P downloading, surfing and streaming music and videos. Never tried uploading though!

    * Third, Limitation of portability:
    For its portability...well in my opinion its very portable, convenient and its hassle free! I bought a Sapido GR-1102 router to have a wifi connection for my nokia n900. I used my sapido and sun broadband in my car to have a mobile hotspot anywhere i go drivin.
    The long road of EDSA north to south have a good coverage and speed! Never been disconected!
    Going to SLEX to Batangas Malvar on a road trip, to my has a good connection, coverage and speed!! Never been disconnected too!
    So yesterday i bought a Energizer energi to go XP18000 power pack for more ease of use of portability even when im not in my car!
    To anyone who dont know it yet...if you have a 3G mobile phone you can put your Sun Broadband sim into your mobile and just change the apn name to #fbband. It works perfect! The only problem is, it sucks the life of your battery!

    For my last statement, opinion and expectations for Sun Broadband is...its gonna be Nationwidest!!! Good to Better and Best service of coverage and speed in the future and always will be 24/7 broadband usage! Quality not Quantity!

    *Im hoping that they will lower the rate of the 3mbps plan in the future! Im planning to upgrade my plan soon!

    Thank You!!

  152. if your house is 2 storeys high, then i recommend you to put your desktop in the 2nd floor then go and get a smart bro. DL speeds are good. ranging from 30-90kbs at normal speed (btw, that is torrent download speed, pretty nasty eh).
    surfing? flawless.
    streaming? unless u are downloading some file while streaming, it'll be slow. so pause that download for a while then go streamin'.

  153. hello ive been using SUN BROADBAND PREPAID usb type! its cool in our place i reach 3.6mbps faster loading of webapges! i can chat surf do anything i want on the net! i assumed that kumukuha sila ng signal sa mga networks mahina kasi signal ng SMART and GLOBE sa amin but SUN full bar ang signal so i preferred buying the sun sim broadband which is 50 pesos lang with free5 hrs internet! sulit naman! i used my OPEN LINE usb! hehehe

    chat tau on YM: creature83ph

  154. hi! need help. will Sun broadband works well in Cebu? i am using Globe Wired Broadband, their sevice really sucks!

  155. where can i buy the Huawei E160 HSDPA Modem?

  156. So far I've only tried Smart Bro. Here in my area in Cainta/Pasig boundary between Sta Lucia Mall and Makro, I get speeds of 2-10 kbps. Which might have as well translate to 0 kbps as I actually cannot load any internet page at all. Pages won't load, I need to refresh 5x before anything appears after 5 mins/page. Do not even attempt to buy for the area mentioned, you will only get frustrated and mad. The servioce may be good for other areas, but not as mentioned.

  157. Sun Broadband wireless is the best!

  158. i bought a Globe Tattoo very recently. With signal strength of 80 - 98% here in Lapu-lapu city cebu, the download speed is good. The pages quite open faster too, compared to the Smart Bro i borrowed from my sis. but this only happens in the morning. at night from 6 - 11 pm (11 pm is the latest i stayed to test), i can't connect at all even though the signal is really strong. i have not tried sun yet.

  159. guyz it really depends on the location and the time of traffic..before buying any broadband modems be sure what network has the strongest coverage of 3g in your place...but in terms of technology and backbone has the docomo of japan also help smart in installing these broadband services...they actually planning their 3g network to upgrade to 4g...for smartbro users this is actually what we are waiting for...globe only implemented wimax which is inferior to 4g...sun is only metrowide (NCR)..globe plans to upgrade their bandwidth until 2012...

  160. my link speed is 3mbps..location fairview...actual download speed 100kBps-600kBps(realtime using IDM)without download accelerator my speed is 60kBps-140kBps..don't believe in crappy speed test..test should be real time signal is strongest in morning
    problems with megaupload and rapidshare? go to and are premium link generators for those who has no account for megaupload and rapidshare...I'm a smartbro user mf627...prepaid....

  161. I think smart is the best...great offer for 200 pesos 5 days unlimited..I can use 80% of my 2mbps is fastest during 4am until 4 evening due to peak hours of usage by users congestion is speed is great...3-5 bars of signal everyday..

  162. I've been reading all the post, and my conclusion is not to buy any device from the three internet service providers. And stay in the stone age..^_^kidding..

    My Story:

    early 2007, I was in Cebu. I heard about this mobile internet.. and I tried setting it up on my phone. I was using Globe Sim on an SE T610 cellphone(RIP)^_^. Lucky to say, I can browse on mobile internet for free, even with 0 balance.^_^, I was always online on YM through WAP Browser. hahaha, my friends always tell me na mayaman na daw ako, coz they think that I have a lot of load, coz I was online 24/7 on YM. What they don’t know its for free.^_^.... The handset is only GPRS capable, GPRS in Globe has a speed of 53.6kbps browsing and has an average of 5kbs download and upload. In Smart it's 56kbps in browsing peru parehas ang download at upload sa globe. But I can't get a free browsing on Smart so I stayed on Globe.^_^..

    Post 1 of ?..

  163. Late 2007, Back to my birthplace, Eastern Samar. Mobile Internet has been widely known. To my knowledge Globe is offering a 15mins/5pesos browsing fee, but every connection is a different session. So if you were disconnected in 10 mins browsing, its already considered 15 mins consumption. And if you connect again, its another 15 mins fix.^_^. Unlike with Smart, even if your disconnected, your time continues, though the minimum is 30mins/10pesos. But I still stayed with Globe, free parin kasi ang browsing and download, kaya lang kailangan 4 pesos below lang ang load ko para free, kasi pag 5 above kukunin talaga ng Globe ang load ko.^_^..

    Post 2 of ?,,

  164. 2008, my SE T610 rest in peace.^_^ So I bought a camera phone which is 3G/GPRS Capable, SE K800i... Wireless broadband comes to my knowledge, but still offering it as prepaid. It was like a cellphone without an LCD screen.^_^.. some people ask my advice if its ok for them to buy that kind of device. I answered them to the best of my knowledge.^_^. I told them that using that internet device from smart or globe is the same with their cellphone which is capable of GPRS. Considering that the available internet signal in our place is only GPRS.. But they insist that the internet speed for that device is 512kbps or some 2mbps. That's right, I said, the devices is capable of 512kbps or 2mbps internet speed, but the available signal in our place is only GPRS which has only the speed of 56kbps browsing for Smart and 53.6kbps for Globe.. But they wont listen, and still buy those kind of device. Maybe it was because of the sales agents of smart and globe that are good in sales talk... wahahaha. What for they are asking my advice.. F***.^_^.. anu ngayon nangyari sa kanila, experiencing a very slow internet ang mahal pa, 30mins/10pesos for smart and 15mins/5pesos for globe. wahaha.. anyway, mayayaman naman ang mga yon...^_^.. Not being convinced with the new products, I stayed with my SE K800i, 3G/GPRS capable. Using it as my internet modem. But this time it’s smart, smart is really faster in my area.

    Months passed, 2008 parin.^_^.. I stick with my K800i, but I was so alarmed with my expenses in using the internet, 30min/10pesos. having it 1hr it will cost me 20 pesos. but I spend 3 to 4 hrs a day in the internet. that's 60 or 80 pesos a day, times 30 days a month that’s 1800 or 2400. That’s big for a slow internet.. So I browse in the smart site for their products, and they are offering Plan 999 Unlimited. 999 pesos a month fixed and Unlimited. Unluckily, its not available in my area, kasi daw GPRS lang ang available na signal sa lugar ko. wala akong magawa, I stayed with my SE K800i... In that time, browsing in smart site on mobile is free, so I always visit their mobile site regularly for new products.. diko napansin...

    Post 3 of ?..

  165. 2009 na pala..wahahaha.. and still no offer from smart and globe for unlimited internet in my area..

    Late November of 2009, I visited the Smart Mobile Site to see if there's something new. Luckily, there was, its called Smartbro Plug it Plan 999. So I directly call *1888 to inquire kung pwedi dito sa lugar namin, I was so happy na pwedi. But the customer service representative was so friendly to warn me that the available signal in my area is still GPRS.. I told her its ok, as long as my internet expenses is fix and the internet service is unlimited. But I never run out of problem, malayo ang Smart Wireless Center sa lugar namin. It's a 4 hrs travel. So mag travel pa ko every month just to pay my internet bills. So research again. Luckily, pweding magbayad sa LBC, and LBC is 32km away from my place, good enough... So having things researched carefully, I decided to have Smartbro Plug it Plan 999. December 21 on the record, I bought my Smartbro Plug it 999 unlimited. Much better, kisa dati na 1800 a month ang expense ko for internet with 3 hrs a day usage. ngayon unlimited na. it's like 33.3 pesos a day compare before 60 pesos for only 3hrs a day... ang problema nalang e parihas pa rin ang signal.. I've been using it for 6 months now. Another gud thing, I can use the smartbro sim on my SE K800i. so nakakapag internet ako mobile, using Opera Mini... Sana one day pag gising ko, malakas na ang internet dito, di nalang GPRS... The place is Eastern Samar...

    Yon lang thanks...

    Post 4 of ?...


  166. that was a story of yuriemaw...

    internet speed for me varries on some factors:
    1. Network Traffic (How Many are using the internet in a certain place at the same time, consedering the available signal) or (how many are accessing the a certain website or certain file for download at the same time)...
    2. Place (Concrete walls that may black the signal or how far is your place from the ISP Tower)
    3. Specs of your unit (PC or Laptop with higher specs process internet data much faster)
    4. Amount of Data (heavy website like youtube, will load slow compare to visiting a the google site.^_^).. kaya mag google ka nalang kaysa youtube..kidding..
    5. Comming Soon...........^_^

  167. last 3months or more i experience a problem with my sunbroadband zte model, im using it for 8months and stop using it for 3months because of it's connection my modem was a prepaid... i admit that sun broadband was the coolest broadband i used because the speeds were amazing i downloaded movies at the same time buffering animes or in youtube, it was so fast in the past 8 months! and i encountered a problem that shits me as an asshole! damn it! at the window of the sunbroadband it says it was connected and the speed indicates 2.30kbps to 5.something kbps! the speed playing between of that two and no connections! what happen to their connection, they tell me that my modem is fine but the connection is shitting me... i dont get the hell what they are doing to this shit!

  168. I am not happy with the service of Sun Broadband wireless especially when I am doing a Skype Call. I get an HSDPA connection, still it isn't good enough. Checkout my blog.

  169. Any one who tried this new product of Sun it's called Sun Cellular Digihome.

  170. may signal po ba ang sun wireless broadband sa baguio city?

  171. I am planning to buy a wireless broadband connection. My location is here in Batangas City, which is best, smart, globe or sun?

  172. i wonder why sun's prepaid broadband is faster than the postpaid. :/
    also, it's more stable.

  173. here in MIA area, Paranaque, i think the best would have to be SmartBro.
    I started using Globe Tattoo July of last year. the connection was horribly slow.. well, it had its fast connection moments, so i was able to withstand it for quite some time, until last june this year when there were times the download speed would be totally 0kbps and get charged for it! customer service was no help either. so i decided, finally, to get another.
    since i've heard lots of positive feedback about sun wireless, i bought one. man, my biggest disappointment EVER. and i thought globe was the worst. i stand corrected. SUN is the WORST wireless broadband in our area! download speed was sooooo slow like less than 100kbps. i'd be lucky to get a 100!!!
    i haven't bought a smartbro yet but i borrowed one from a friend and i was amazed with the speed, really. i was getting 2mbps dl speed!! first time ever with a wireless broadband.

  174. Can anyone tell me if Magicjack works with SmartBro 3g connection (USB)?
    I was just checking if Smart is blocking certain ports...
    BTW SmartBro is extremely slow in the Tondo area from what my GF told me.... hmmmm probably why MJ seems not to work correctly, in any-event, please reply if MJ ever work for you using SmartBro....

  175. Globe Tattoo sucks and has sucked for years. Tried it at various times of the day on different days throughout 2 months in different cities. The best I got was an incompletely loaded in 13 minutes. It was free anyway so I only lost time.

    I've been using Sun since early July 2010 over at UST/Dapitan as well as in QC near GMA station. It's postpaid at 650 a month. Here's a list of my comments:
    --STABLE. NEVER disconnects.
    --Always has 5 bars on HSDPA (always 90%++ signal strength)
    --Fastest past 12MN. May go up to 3MBps

    --Almost invariably maintains a bandwidth of 300KBps throughout the day (~~20-25kb/s download rate)
    --In other words, slow throughout the day. May spike to incredibly fast speeds sometimes during daytime.

    Here is a graph from the device software as of just now:
    **Take note of the max bandwidth of about 300. I was downloading some files earlier. The drop midway is due to inactivity.
    **The graph's Y axis is automatically set by the highest speed attained throughout the current connection.

    Overall, it works well enough for typical schoolwork, email, even low-res Youtubing. Yes, facebook. Sometimes, however, some pages may need to be refreshed to load completely. Worse yet, sometimes, pages won't even load (google, facebook, gamespot) especially at night.

    Sun's WB passes in by books.

    I haven't tried SmartBro but a friend of mine has it here in the UST area and it's rather fair. A tad slow though. Sometimes disconnects but I think it was the building preventing a good stable reception.

  176. I live in the Washington area in Makati. I've been using Globe Tattoo that came with the laptop I purchased last week and so far, no major problems. Best performance is during the wee hours of the morning (I work nights), though not totally abysmal at daytime. I had to disconnect and reconnect occasionally, but I get to still enjoy my time online. I'm planning to subscribe to Sun Broadband Wireless, so I'll hit you back with my experience on it.

  177. Based on all the comments here..I guess smart/globe/sun broadband works fine,it depends on your before you buy any of that, take a survey on your neighbor/freind/classmate who is using wireless broadband..

  178. I think SUN is the Best!!!

  179. sun is the great one

  180. where are you located?

  181. i'm confuse what to buy! grrr... which is the fastest ba???

  182. when i was in UK, i tell you, the minimum speed there was 2mbps for a dongle/usb and for wired connection, it's 10mbps. And they offering 50mbps which cost only 50pounds (P3500). AMAZINGLY fast especially if i use Google Chrome. Chrome is the fastest browser.

  183. And im here in Lipa, i would say, Tattoo gives me pain in the ass Sometimes. ( and when i go to Taysan Batangas, it show GPRS which is f****n slow and most of the time, it doesnt work!) I haven't tried smartbro or sUN. But according to my friend, smartbro and sun are better than tattoo coz you can set it to 3g or hsdpa unlike tattoo, never. And globe is the greediest of all network i should say!

  184. i am planning to buy a wireless broadband connection. My location is here in Jimalalud, Negros Oriental, which is the best, smart, globe or sun...

  185. Which is really faster SMART Bro or Globe Tattoo?
    I'm confused, please reply... I'm from Butuan City

  186. Which is really faster SMART Bro or Globe Tattoo?
    I'm confused, please reply... I'm from Butuan City

  187. I just wasted almost P1,500 because of the stupid SMARTBRO. The connection is very very very SLOOWW!!!!!! And I am living in BF HOMES, PARANAQUE CITY. unbelievable! Don't buy it cos you'll just regret. I think it only works in the provinces.

  188. I bought all 3 to make sure I would be connected whereever I was. At Dasma Makati Globe Tattoo is the hands down fastest followed by Sun. At Bel Air Globe Tattoo then Smart Bro. In Tagaytay Highlands: Sun BBW followed by Globe Tattoo. Smart bro has zero signal. In Baguio? Smart Bro.

  189. Dito sa mandaluyong ang bagal ng globe tattoo .Tutubuan ka na ng balbas di ka pa nakakaconnect sa globe , nawawala pa ang signal pag nakaconnect ka.

  190. If you have a SmartMoney account, you can probably pay your internet that way, right from your phone. They are cheap and easy to get, if you have a Smart SIM.

  191. I'm from taguig, i'm using smartbro (plan 999) for three years and i can say it didn't give me a terrible headache when it comes to connection. I would like also to try the postpaid from sun. anyone here who can share their experience when it comes to its performance? thanks!

  192. Formerly I am a postpaid subscriber of Sun. It was ok during first few months but started March 2010 the speed is becoming a pain. I live in Mandaluyong (marked as Sun's prime area on top of Pasig, Makati and Quezon City) but the speed is so inconsistent from 28kbps to 56kpbs vs the promised 1mbps. On top of that, their customer service sucks, their first layer CSRs give you canned responses like due to system congestion (hell yah, they should upgrade their system) or even ask you to go a different location to surf (wtf, they ask me to go outside my place and be sitting in the street while surfing). They also promise to call you back for updates or resolution but weeks after no calls from them and when you make a follow up they dont have update yet. They must have a single engineer answering all tickets, no wonder it took them so long to isolate and address the problem.

    I cannot tolerate the speed it is far below what I am paying for, plus the false advertisement that they are expanding nationwide. The correct term is expanding Luzon-wide because they dont service VIZMIN yet.

    I also tried, SmartBro as a prepaid subscriber, same thing it is quite slow around 56kbps to 126kbps. But what differentiate them from Sun is their customer service. They have well trained CSRs and they know how to treat customers (even irrate ones) very well.

    I have no experience using Globe tattoo.

    I am now using wi-tribe and I am satisfied so far. It is not portable though but you get the published speed or higher most of the time my connection is 1.5mbps. They have the USB modem but havent tried it yet.

  193. dati galit na galit aq sa smart kasi ang bagal bagal
    ngayon hindi na kasi mabagal nga pero nakakapag surf na aq ngayon ng libre dahil sa fun free fifteen salamat sa smart broadband kahit up to 20kbps lang

    pero kung mag babalak lang kayong bumili ng broadband mag sun o globe na lang kayo dahil may mabilis o kaya mag pakabit na lang kayo ng internet o wifi ang wifi 100Mbps pa!!

  194. sana maging 2 Mbps talaga ang Smart Bro kasi sa akin 0.10 kbps lang talaga sobra na yan!!

  195. in Baguio... Globe is fast can reach 150 Kbs(on average 1000bks) anytime of the day but the supersurf has 800mb limit, after that you'll need to wait the next day (So not really unlimited, sometimes you can even reach the limit less than 2 hours). If you're fun with youtube, watching clips over the net, webcam or downloading big data, I don't recommend it. If only for surfing like facebook, research with minimal youtubing or watching clips go for it.
    For smartbro, no data download when you need it most. from 4 pm to 9pm, you can connect but no data transfer is zero. slow from 8am - 1pm. but 2:30am to 5am, speed can go as fast as 2.2 mb. I hardly recommend smartbro. Only to those who download big data on early morning can benefit from this.
    Haven't tried sun yet.

  196. mas maganda kung mahihiraman ka ng lahat ng yan(globe tattoo, smartbro, and sun), para ma test mo kung ano mas mabilis sa area mo, bago ka bumili..

  197. sun is the best.... ung iba kunwari lang... natest ko lahat .... globe... minsan nag chachange from hspda to edge.... minsan gprs... anong klase.... ung smart inconsistent.....


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