HP Probook 5310m - Specs, Photos, Price

Weighing in at just 3.7 lbs and measuring 0.9" at its thickest side, Hewlett Packard calls HP Probook 5310m "World's Thinnest Full-Performance Notebook" (at least, in the company's eyes):

Ain't that handsome?

5310m is highly customizable with processor choices ranging from Celeron to CULV dual-core to Core 2 Duo. It runs on Quickboot, a Linux-based Operating System perfect for on the go executives who do lots of corporate presentations outside the office but you can also get one running Windows 7. Battery life is rather impressive, clocking in at 6.5 hours according to HP. But the best part is the price: You can get HP 5310m with Celeron processor for just $699 (Php33,000++, CCBT) or you can opt for the full-performance Core 2 Duo version at just $899 (Php38,000++).

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  1. correction: this computer runs quickboot and windows 7 simotaniously. they are installed on different partitions of the harddrive.


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