Google Adsense Lessons - Earning my First Adsense Paycheck as a Tech Blogger

Today, September 8, 2009 - Mama Mary's birthday, I finally earned my first ever Google Adsense paycheck! Yebah!

For those who are not familiar with this ad program, it means that my Adsense earnings have finally hit the $100 mark.

$100 or around P4,700? It obviously won't seem like a lot to most people but for start-up bloggers, like me, the number easily represents more than its economic value. More so, if you consider the amount of time it took me to earn it via this blog. 9 months, baby! (I know! Like the average length of human gestation! Haha!)

TechPinas is no different from your blog or any other person's blog. It had to start somewhere and it's taking its time to grow. I remember installing Adsense on TechPinas back in January. January to September, that's 9 months -- and my dashboard is also reminding me that I've posted more than 600 blog entries since then.

I personally know some bloggers in other categories who earned their first Adsense paycheck in less than 5 months. Well, that's just not the case with TP. In fact, I could only go all green in envy when I hear about their success stories. Grr. I guess, Adsense-wise, it's just harder to be in this category ~ Technology: Gadgets. SEO. Processor Benchmarks...etc. And I'm sure other tech bloggers would agree with me on this.

You see, we cater to an audience who are all too familiar with what Adsense is and how it works. These are people who can spot a Google Ad from a mile away and will avoid it like plague. Hence, the lower CTR's (Click Thru Ratio). Add this to the fact that competition is totally tight in this scene and the more popular tech blogs always get the ads with higher value per click.

So an important question arises: As a blogger who relies on Adsense for passive income, how do you work with that?!

It took me sometime to answer it but now, I think I know exactly how.
One word: Patience.

Yes, I'm starting to sound like a self-help writer but that's just how you get around it:
Be patient.

When CTR's are low, keep posting blog entries!
When you're only earning $0.10 a day, don't give up!
When your blog's future seems bleak, keep working on your SEO!
When you've tried all possible Adsense color formats but your CTR remains low, keep testing!

If it'd help, forget about earning money from your blog and just focus on building good content. Think about your target readers and they want to read about. Doing so will definitely help you be all the more patient.

Let me tell you this: Patience may not directly increase your Adsense earnings but it will do wonders to one factor that could very well do so -- your site's traffic.

Back in January, that's 2 months after I started TechPinas, this blog was only getting around 50 pageviews a day. Now, it gets 2,500 pageviews on a very bad day.

Forget about Adsense Optimization tricks (going borderless, blue title - black text - grey URL, etc..), the one thing that dictates the amount of income you can get from Adsense is your site's traffic. If your site's traffic is high, then your earnings will also inevitably go up. Proof? My Adsense earnings only amounted to around $35 by the end of July. I earned all the remaining amount to hit the pay out in just 2 months since TechPinas' traffic increased quite dramatically.

Remember: No amount of Adsense Optimization can help a blog or website with low traffic earn more.

Yey! Just $100 from Google and I'm now starting to act like a guru. Forgive the farce.
But that's it. Just my 2 cents.

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