Ninja Kunai USB Flash Disk : Made for Naruto Fans ? Plus, Shuriken USB !

Naruto fans, unite! The flash disk that links Geekdom and the Ninja World has finally arrived!
Shaped like a Kunai and holds 2GB of diskspace, you can't get any cooler than this:

Awaken the Ninja -Geek in you with this new Kunai shaped USB Thumb Drive! Here's the best solution for the Ninja spy: this nice device will allow you to get all data through the USB memory hidden in the Kunai. [via]

Look at how it pierces through the side of the machine! Rawr.
Like knife though warm butter! :P

You can get one HERE for only $125.35 or around Php6,000. Oh and while you're there, you might want to check out the Shuriken USB -- because two weapons are better than one:

And kids...

Important Note:Please note that [these products are] not ["real" Shuriken and] Kunai, and cannot be used as such, also we would like to remind you that [these products] may be dangerous due to [their] sharp edges and MUST be [handled] with care, cannot be [held] responsible if you [misuse] this product and hurt yourself or others with it.

GeekStuff4U and its products are not in any way related to Naruto (Manga and Anime) and its creators and distributors.

Why the use of the Naruto photo above? Come on. Who's the most popular ninja these days?

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  1. astig na flash drive to ah.. I want this!

  2. Lupet nga eh. Hehe.

    Thanks for checking out TP, Jehzeel!

  3. The kunai has an etching of Kamui Gaiden most likely from :


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