Thinkpad Tilt Drop or Side Drop Test - Video

Another proof of why, IMHO, Thinkpads are the best laptops created by Man:

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Thinkpad Tilt Drop Test

via LenovoBlogs:

The development of this test goes back as far as the late 1990s. In the process of analyzing the causes of damage to HDDs, we replicated a variety of user scenarios in experiments. We were able to pinpoint side impacts from drops as a major cause of damage to HDD. Our quality teams set out to develop a new test. This test was perfected through a process of trial and error. In the beginning, of course, the tests were done by hand, dropping the computer from 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, etc.

Also, the floor material we use is fine-grained, high-quality black granite. Due to its extreme hardness and low water absorption, granite is even better suited for our test than thick hard steel plates. After apparently receiving inspiration from seeing a gravestone, we even bought our material from a stonecutter.

The turning point for this test came sometime around the year 2000. Protective rubber for the HDD and rubber pads like cat’s paws, as well as other innovations allowed us to easily exceed the standards, and improved impact resistance performance. It was then that our mechanical design team confidently requested that we “raise the bar” and we decided to take the bold step of doubling the standard. In other words, they made their own hurdles to jump over. These are some serious folks… Then a few years ago, the number of models being tested increased, and it was taking a lot of time to test them. In order to improve efficiency, we made the decision to go to a fully automated testing machine.

A friend asked me if he could do a manual drop test using my Thinkpad just to prove how durable these laptops are. Now, I don't have even a shadow of a doubt that my Thinkpad passed this test even before it was packed for the store but I don't think I could volunteer my laptop for any manual drop testing. Err... No. Of course not.

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